Thursday, May 2, 2019

Theatre Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Theatre Assignment - Essay ExampleThe plot of this film is good. The terminations are interconnect to bring forward a systematic story that unfolds as it is presented to the hearing. The script of sevensome brides seven brothers makes a lot of sense and simple to understand and follow. Though it is difficult to predict the next event or scene, the play is comical and is ensemble into perfect showcase. The theme as presented relates to marriage and the message brought break through relate to cultural differences of backgrounds that affect the way of life in societies.The film is unrealistic. The seven brothers are depict as overly wild and as manner less. It is impossible to convert the waywardness of the brothers in their own surroundings. The basics of production involve incorporating the audience in the formation of the film Edwin in his first chapter states the fundamentals of an audience when developing a film (Wilson, pg. 38). He urges students to be active theater goers s o as to have a go at it the techniques of production and the role of the audience. The actors in the movie are well presented and the characters brought out in them portray the theme. Millie for antecedent is brought out to portray a young, diligent and enthusiastic lady who desires change and smooth transition from her urban life to farm life. The character of an enduring and dutiful wife portrayed my Millie is believable and good on stage. The setting of this movie in the wilderness brings out the rugged terrain and the environment of a farm where the bride is not used to. The lighting of the movie is great and the mise-en scene is real. The costumes used in the play show a transition of both urban and farm life and bring out the distinguishing features of both surroundings. The performance is through with(p) in a open space so as to show the vastness of the farm. Spacing amongst the events is also suitable and the music used in

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