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Advantages Of Unit Banking Essay Example for Free

Advantages Of Unit Banking Essay 1.Local Development:Unit banking is localized banking. The unit bank has the specialised knowledge of the local problems and serves the requirements of the local people in a better manner than branch banking. The funds of the locality are utilised for the local development and are not transferred to other areas 2.Promotes Regional Balance:Under unit banking system, there is no transfer of resources from rural and backward areas to the big industrial commercial centres. This tends to reduce regional in balance. 3.Easy Management:The management and supervision of a unit bank is much easier and more effective than that under branch banking system. There are less chances of fraud and irregularities in the financial management of the unit banks. 4.Initiative in Banking Business:Unit banks have full knowledge of and greater involvement in the local problems. They are in a position to take initiative to tackle these problems through financial help. 5.No Monopolistic Tendencies:Unit banks are generally of small size. Thus, there is no possibility of generating monopolistic tendencies under unit banking system. 6.No Inefficient Branches:Under unit banking system, weak and inefficient branches are automatically eliminated. No protection is provided to such banks. 7.No diseconomies of Large Scale Operations:Unit banking is free from the diseconomies and problems of large-scale operations which are generally experienced by the branch banks. 8.Easy Management and Control:Under unit banking system, it becomes very easy for a single office to manage and control efficiently. 9.Close Management and Workers Relationship:Under unit banking system, there prevails a close and cordial relationship between employer and employees. 10.Quick Decision:The owners or the management of unit banks can take quick decision and prompt action in times of emergencies. 11.Use of Local Resources:Local financial resources are used for local development. 12.Lesser Fraud and Irregularities:Due to the less scattered affairs of the bank, there are very little possibilities of fraud and irregularities. Disadvantages Of Unit Banking: 1.No. Distribution of Risks:Under unit banking, the bank operations are highly localised. Therefore, there is little possibility of distribution and diversification of risks in various areas and industries. 2.Inability to Face Crisis:Limited resources of the unit banks also restrict their ability  to face financial crisis. These banks are not in a position to stand a sudden rush of withdrawals. 3.No Banking Development in Backward Areas:Unit banks, because of their limits resources, cannot afford to open uneconomic banking business is smaller towns and rural area. As such, these area remain unbanked. 4.Lack of Specialization:Unit banks, because of their small size, are not able to introduce, and get advantages of, division of labor and specialization. Such banks cannot afford to employ highly trained and specialized staff. 5.Costly Remittance of Funds:A unit bank has no branches at other place. As a result, it has to depend upon the correspondent banks for transfer of funds which is very expensive. 6.Disparity in Interest Rates:Since easy and cheap movement of does not exist under the unit banking system, interest rates vary considerably at different places. 7.Local Pressures:Since unit banks are highly localised in their business, local pressures and interferences generally disrupt their normal functioning. 8.Undesirable Competition:Unit banks are independently run by different managements. This results in undesirable competition among different unit banks. 9.Limited Size of Operation:Unit bank business can not be operated on large scale because of its limited area. Being the small organisation, division of labour can not be applied. 10.No Economy of Reserves:Under unit banking, bank can not transfer its funds to any other branch. So economy in cash reserve can not be secured under this system. 11.Limited Financial Resources:A unit bank has limited financial resources so it is not able to provide full and adequate banking facilities to the industry and trade of the area. 12.Investment of Idle Funds:A unit bank having no other branches, can not utilize its idle funds in profitable ways.

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Free Essays on Homers Odyssey:Discussion of the Final Volume, Book XXIV :: Odyssey essays

The Odyssey: A Discussion of the Final Volume, Book XXIV Homer’s epic, The Odyssey is the classic story of the homecoming of the warrior and king Odysseus. It is one of the most enduring pieces of literature known to man. The lessons and tales from the epic are unforgettable. However, there are several difficulties that the contemporary reader has with The Odyssey. These include issues such as difficult language, tangential stories, and the verse style it was written in. However, the focus of this paper is the final volume of the epic. This volume, Book XXIV, is usually noted as rather anticlimactic. Many believe that it is simply an epilogue (having the epic really ends in Book XXII when Odysseus killed the suitors.) Some scholars believe that the final book is not even Homeric. This essay shall discuss why Book XXIV is a good conclusion and how it relates to the rest of the story, which would provide a case for it being Homeric. In Book XXIV, entitled "Warriors, Farewell," Homer does not seem to want to have a grand ending, but rather neatly wrap up all of the loose ends. There are three major parts to this book, they include: the voyage of the suitors’ shades to Hades and dialogue between Agamemnon and Amphimedon; the story of Odysseus and Telemakhos visiting Odysseus’ father, Laertes; and the start of tje feud between the families of the suitors and the house of Odysseus and Laertes (which could have torn the country of Ithaca apart) which was stopped by the Zeus and Athena. Homer starts Book XXIV in Hades as Agamemnon and Akhilleus greet the shades of the suitors that Odysseus killed in Book XXII. One of the shades tells Agamemnon of how Penelope was faithful and how Odysseus returned to take his revenge. Agamemnon, who upon his homecoming after the Trojan war was killed by his adulterous wife, was surprised by this tale. This is perfectly consistent with the earlier depiction of Agamemnon in Hades (Book XI) in which he tells Odysseus to beware of Penelope for she may have been unfaithful. This meeting between Agamemnon and the shades of the suitors makes sense since the story of Agamemnon was one often referred to during the epic. This sort of finishes off the Agamemnon story. The introduction of the suitors’ shades also serves to yet again reinforce the theme of hospitality.

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Metrics for GGI

The marketing approach for the implementation of the GGI procedure can be measured using several metrics. In this aspect, it would be more available for the business owners to realize how to go about the recommended processes in increasing the commercial exposure of the products. As what has been recommended previously, the significant marketing plan for the GGI commodities is advertising dealing with media facilities such as direct marketing, TV ads, radio plugs, print distribution and electronic promotions. In order to measure how each of these promotional plans are performing with respect to total profitability outputs, certain marketing metrics can be applied. In the case of GGI, items are sold through different channels of dealers, sub-dealers and retailers. However, to get hold of the natural response of the consumers to the promotional scheme, it would be advisable for the company to target measuring the metrics based on the lowest scale of transactions-the end users or the retailers. In this way, the overall flow of the products and the profit value being acquired can provide the most exact metric data for the business. The implementation of metrics needs to be separated in each of the marketing plan approaches. Advertising does not really measure how many products were sold, but can actually measure how the products’ commercial appeal will project metrics (Curtis, 2002). Electronic Approach-The best possible measuring technique for this advertising process is to measure the amount of positive responses based on e-mail replies from the consumers. Since mail database promotions were used, the actual response rate of the end users can be tallied or structured in a database which can count the frequency of the response in a limited time frame. The basic recommendation which the team can apply to this metric is that if in a succession of time frame the hits on websites and the e-mail responses increase with respect to the previous measuring interval, then additional investments can be made to make the channels more visually or commercially appealing. In terms of the website promotion, the metrics which can be used to measure the efficiency of the channel is to integrate a visit counter within the web pages. In this aspect, the company will be able to monitor how many hits per day are initiated by the online consumers on the website. Of course, it does not readily equate to sales, but the very aspect of monitoring the visits can create a very good projection of sales values. TV and Radio Advertising-In terms of the conventional mediums of advertising, the survey method can be used as the primary metrics for the efficiency of these media units. Of course, it may be difficult for the company to increase their processes within the broadcast network’s ability to expose the GGI products. But what can be done is to regularly set up survey procedures at least once a month. The metrics to be used should focus on how the respondents were greatly influenced to buy the products based on their exposure to TV and Radio advertisements. By the time the results are obtained, the team may be able to recommend purchasing additional time slots for these media ads. But before it can be done, survey results must first provide whether there is a direct relationship between consumer purchase and TV and radio ad exposures. This can be statistically measured using correlation and regression computations. Flyers, Posters, Retailer Promotion-The last suggestion for advertising is under the scope of non-electronic mediums. This is the most basic form of measuring metrics since the retailers and dealers themselves will get to construct their respective databases on how much sales they were able to produce. Moreover, each store will definitely have tallied numbers of purchases of specific items distributed by GGI. Therefore, the company will be able to immediately measure the success of the ad campaign in a given time interval. To make use of these metrics, the most effective process is to identify the market share earned by each partner retailers. Also, each of these units may capture the true flow of consumer preference by seasonally implementing Customer Relationship Management. Fabricated scorecards are always available in the market to help the retailers produce a reliable set of sales data (Miller, 2007). In an overall scale, the best metrics to use for GGI is to take note of its ROI or Return of Investment Values. This can only be computed if the company was able to dispose all of the products in a batch for a particular time frame Also, it is only possible for the business to measure such metric if all the initial investments were already acquired back. The remaining accounts receivable balance will then project the initial profit margin of the company. This will provide greater prediction strengths whether the marketing campaign was successful or needs improvement. Therefore, GGI might first consider improving its promotional campaign on the lowest level of advertising in the retailer units since these partners are the primary remitter of investment and profit value shares. At the present stage of GGI which is supposedly very young, the best metric to maintain is the ROI analysis. Since the investment values are still very fresh and somewhat conservative, it would be ideal to limit the creation of secondary analysis such as surveys and database management because these require additional investment expenses. Even though ROI exceeds surveys costs most of the time (Yun Lee, 2007), additional expenses will not be ideal for a starting business. With ROI, the only required tools are the company files and financial utilities based on the flow of products and acquisition of sales money. Apparently, knowing the most effective marketing metrics can save the company time and effort in allocating budget allowances (Cohen, 2007). References Cohen, J. 2007. Make More Money with Marketing Metrics. About.Com. Retrieved December 26, 2007 from Curtis, E. 2002. Commercial Exposure. Dental Editors. Retrieved December 26, 2007 Miller, S. 2007. How Important is Productivity Measurement in Retail Stores?. Ezine Articles. Retrieved December 26, 2007 from Yun Lee, M. 2007. Conducting Surveys and Focus Groups. Retrieved December 26, 2007 from

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Essay on Modern Western Political Thought - 1157 Words

â€Å"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.† with this now famous quotation Jean- Jacque Rousseau begins his work The Social Contract. The purpose of The Social Contract was to establish how people could enter into civil societies without sacrificing their individual freedom. Rousseau envisions a social contract that would bind people together. To analyze The Social Contract we must examine how Rousseau addresses the four problems of political philosophy order, freedom, justice, and history. First the problem of order will be addressed. To determine how Rousseau handles the problem of order it must be decided whether the state Rousseau describes is natural or artificial. Rousseau believes that man is born into a state of nature.†¦show more content†¦Thus, the origin of the state comes from the desire of man to free him from the physical nature of the state of nature to preserve himself and his property. The final aspect of the problem of order is how the state will itself will be ordered. Rousseau doesn’t provide specifics on how the state should be ordered; instead he provides some generalities on how the foundation of the state should be formed. Man enters into a social contract with other men to form a civil society. These men form the sovereign of the state. The sovereign is its own individual entity but is comprised of each citizen of the state. The sovereign is the ultimate authority of the state. The sovereign then passes fundamental laws, these laws lay the foundation for the form of the state. These foundation laws are based on the general will of the state. The general will of the state, which is a reflection of all the individual wills in the state, is the will of the whole of the state, the general will should be for the good of the whole. The fundamental laws the sovereign passes, based on the general will determine the form of government that the state will implement. Rousseau does not prescribe a specific form of government which each state must use. Instead he allows each state to form their own government whether that is a democracy, aristocracy, monarchy, or a mixed form. HeShow MoreRelatedThe Evolution of Western Thought Essay1502 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout modern history no other period of human evolution has had a greater effect on the way people think than the enlightenment. The philosophers and great thinkers of the enlightenment changed the logic of the human mind for the better and propelled a period of mass advancement in all aspects of society. Western thought progressed over time to help build a more intellectual society. Modern philosophers such as Max Horkheimer and Immanuel Kant incorporated their views of Western Thought into theirRead MoreThe Transition Of Medieval Western Civilization970 Words   |  4 PagesThought Paper #1 The transition from medieval western civilization to the Modern Age placed Western Europe in a position of global, political, and technological dominance and most importantly gave rise to the core of western thought: humanism and individualism. This hallmark thought however, would be nonexistent without the arts. The arts and artists of the Renaissance period and the Enlightenment reflect the prevailing values of not only Western Europe but in fact the Western world as a whole. PriorRead MoreThe Rise Of Modern Republicanism1476 Words   |  6 PagesWith the rise of modern republicanism since the seventeenth century, the word â€Å"citizen† was gradually detached from its municipal boundary and became attached to the state (Heater, 2004a). As Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) revealed, the people of a state are both citizens and subjects: citizens when devising the General Will – for the community’s best interests, and subjects when obeying those decisions. To en sure the equality between citizens, Rousseau proposed a social pact or contract. AccordingRead More Fukyama V huntington Essay722 Words   |  3 Pages Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Huntington are two of the most controversial and influential modern political theorists of our times. Fukuyama’s book, The End of History and the Last Man, and Huntington’s book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, pose two very conflicting theories on international relations. In this paper I will summarize and compare/contrast the two theories. Both theories, written since the fall of communism and updated since the first gulf war, have been widelyRead MoreThe Secularization of the Western World Essay1680 Words   |  7 PagesSecularization is a controversial form of social change in modern day society. Secularization is a concept derived from a Latin word meaning â€Å"the present age,† the term is generally associated with modern, technologically, and advan ced societies. â€Å"Secularism is a political tradition that has been evolving for eighteenth centuries. It shares important relationships with other traditions, sustaining complex ties with Judeo-Christianity, and maintaining a long-standing relationship with Islam† ( HurdRead MoreIslam And Western Imperialism In Islam998 Words   |  4 Pageschallenges throughout history, Islam’s encounter with Western imperialism during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has had the greatest impact on contemporary Islam. These encounters with Western powers influenced and shaped the Muslim world by introducing Islam to modernity. The Islamic world’s varied reaction to these challenges of modernity affects a wide range of issues in Islam today. To understand how the Muslim world reacted to Western influence, we must understand what they were reactingRead MoreApathy And Its Impact On Society850 Words   |  4 Pagesnature. In ancient Athens, Aristotle declared that ‘man is a political animal’, meaning by this that a full human existence demanded active participation in the public life of the agora. Apathy in this respect would mean being condemned to a subhuman existence. For Christian thinkers of the Medieval Age, by contrast, the highest good is outside politics, being the purely personal quest for religious salvation. From this standpoint, political apathy might well be a desirable thing, since politics isRead MorePolitical Islam And The Middle East1330 Words   |  6 PagesPolitical Islam is an interesting phenomenon that impacts law, policy, and international relations with the Middle East. In order to understand what Political Islam is one must first understand, as much as possible when starting from a Western Christian worldview, what Islam is. In addition to simply describing Islam a comparison to another similar or related religion, such as Christianity, is helpful. Once an understanding of Islam is established one can begin to see how it touches on every facetRead More Roman and Greek Philosophys Influence on Todays Western Culture780 Words   |  4 Pagesworld and the universe. This is why Greece is often referred to as the birthplace of Western culture. The ancient Greeks viewed the world in a way that one would today perhaps describe as holistic. Science, philosophy, art and politics were interwoven and combined into one worldview. Moreover, those who look carefully will find subtle, but intelligible parallels between early Greek philosophy and Eastern thought. The Heraclitean fire resembles Buddhist impermanence, while the Greek Logos resemblesRead MoreTradition And Heritage Of The Middle East1278 Words   |  6 Pageswide spread of the modern Middle East. As Americans, or any allies of the Middle East, it is important to understand the tribal system in order to interact with the Middle East. The purpose tribes serve in the modern Middle East is protection. This protection comes in many forms such as protection from the government, protection from vigilantes, protection from other tribes, protection for survival, and to ensure the tribe can prosper and flourish throughout time. In order for Western societies to have