Saturday, May 11, 2019

Fire Protection Systems (MGM Grand Hotel, Paradise, Nevada, November Term Paper - 1

kick up Protection Systems (MGM stately Hotel, Paradise, Nevada, November 21, 1980) - Term Paper ExampleThe MGM Grand elicit accident also undone a lot of property, including adjacent restaurants. While the tragic nature of the MGM Grand Fire cannot be downplayed, it served as a silver lining behind the dark cloud of the accident. Particularly, the MGM Grand Fire accident helped stack grasp the danger of smoke inhalation as something as dangerous as the actual flames, if not more. This is because, as many as seventy-five died from carbon dioxide poisoning and smoke inhalation.Before the MGM Grand Fire accident, it was required that all commercial edifices should have raise sprinklers installed. It is for this reason that the constructor, Orvin Engineering Company made recommendations to MGM Grand that it should have move sprinklers so that MGM Grand should even assume liability of the unsprinkled areas within the building. Nevertheless, the MGM Grand Chairman, Fred Benninger resisted the extort to install the fire sprinklers.It was also required that commercial buildings such as the MGM Grand Hotel have building code enforcement procedures throughout the building process. It is for this reason that the County Office of structure and Safety sought to ensure that a system of onsite resident inspectors was used after being hired by the Clerk of County Office of Building and Safety. The County Office of Building and Safety did this in lieu of the fire department simply because at the time, the fire department was not endowed with the authority to enforce building authority. It is for this reason that fire protection and biography safety in the MGM Grand Building became so peripheral that MGM Grand did not install fire sprinklers.Johnson, G A and Calkins, A. (1999). Prehospital triage and communication performance in small mass casualty incidents a eagre for disaster preparedness. The American journal of emergency medicine, 17 (2), 148 -

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