Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Aiming Toward A Hydrogen Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Aiming Toward A Hydrogen Economy - Essay ExampleThus, when discussing the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the hydrogen fuel engineering science enthusiastically researched and developed in Iceland, the inevitability of the political, economical, social and technological implications continue to remain unabated at each step and level although their form may differ from country to country and region to region, depending on each countrys political, economical, social and technological status, political system and relationship with the world community. (China Energy Industry - oath Framework Analysis)The main advantages of using Iceland as base for Hydrogen Fuel Technology are her superabundant natural resources, her desire to appropriate technology to tap her resources through research and development without upsetting her bionomical and environmental balance, and her potential to return to her pristine, original and idyllic landscapes through sustained innovation a nd tie up with major slide fastener corporations such as Shell, DaimlerChrysler, etc.Till the 1970s, Iceland was dependent on whatever energy she could muster from fossil fuel her lackluster economy could afford. The shift to Hydrogen fuel energy brought somewhat a sea change economically, socially and corporately. It not only catapulted Iceland as a case discipline of immense potential and promise for other nations to emulate but also rejuvenated the nations economy and social scenario. (Ken target area and Jordon Mitchell, p12)Icelands proximity to affluent Western European nations, as also its own skilled and dedicated serviceman resource provides it the potential to harness the latest and the best in terms of human skills and technological resources. With this prove record of pollution-free energy use Icelands credentials as trend-setter in the important energy empyrean can only grow from strength to strength in the international arena. WeaknessDespite Icelands conquest with Hydrogen fuel technology, a universal change everywhere to this form of energy is not feasible as of now. Globally, hydrogen fuel technology is in its infancy and the world has a long itinerary to go before its usage could be made safe and cost-effective enough for the end-user to switch over to the same extent as in the case of Iceland. It is difficult and unsafe to store hydrogen in gaseous form. In its independent state, hydrogen burns out. In its liquefied form it is necessary to hold open it at -217C. It is not possible to store and distribute hydrogen fuel in the existing infrastructure. A new infrastructure has to be created for its storage and distribution. Geothermal production of hydrogen is not possible

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