Saturday, May 4, 2019

INTERVIEWS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

INTERVIEWS - experiment ExampleHowever, some wellness educators are employed with a bachelors degree in health education or other fields like sociology, anthropology, and at least two days work experience in the field of health. Additionally, health educators are needed to always continue information in order to increase or maintain their professional skills. The health teachers who accept to become restricted Health Education Specialist (CHES) normally have some pride and accomplishment according to the NCHEC. The CHES helps to memorise ones skills and knowledge enabling the employers to identify the qualified personnel.To be in a health field, it is important to defecate several skills that can boost your work. It is important to have communication skills. This helps while presenting educational information to unalike groups of people. Secondly, it is necessary to consider leadership skills. Leadership skills are mainly needed while coordinating and say your work or other s. Additionally, for planning purpose, organizational skills are needed.According to my knowledge, there are very some responsibility and duties of a health teacher. Most health workers work at places such as biotic community civic centers and high schools to educate people in health matters. For instance, they teach about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, using the available health services and avoiding health emergencies from occurring frequently. Additionally, the main requirements needed of a health teacher are planning and directing health learning programs and lectures for companies, schools and community groups. The main task is to develop health goals with the students and help in promoting good health and varies ways of protecting or preventing diseases. Furthermore, the professionals are required to prepare and distribute educational materials on health matters. These matters may include drug abuse and smoking, sexually

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