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Operations in the News Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Operations in the News - Research Paper Example For example, top law firms target the rich and large co-operations. The type of service delivered is different. According to Ayers (1), if people want top class service, then they should be willing to pay dearly. Some firms insist on feedback after service delivery and even check on their customers to see how well they are moving on. This sentimental approach creates a good rapport between the consumer and the company. Firms ensure that their products and services are delivered in time (Gillette 1). When their products are delivered in time it shows that they are reliable. It is a clear indication that they are dedicated to serving the consumers. Also, firms that offer services make sure that their employees uphold high discipline standards (Gillette 1). This is in order to ensure that their clients are treated with the respect they deserve. Good employees who display a high level of etiquette create a good working environment, and clients can recommend the services of the firm to their friends and family. This plays out as a leading strategy of marketing as people tend to believe their fellow family members and friends (Gillette 1). Firms also try as much as possible to uphold a good track record and avoid scandals as much as possible. Scandals tarnish the name of the firm and the outcome a disaster. Not only do clients fall back, but also investors to (Miles and Bennett 1). This is merely by the fact that no individual would like to be associated with unlawful acts. So maintaining a good track record helps to keep clients. Firms have different competitive strategies depending on what their core business is. Though different, they relate to each other in an impeccable manner. For example, the use of social media to market products has been taken up by many firms (Miles and Bennett 1). This is because of the emerging trends in the market whereby about 60% of the consumers use social

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Time and Person Essay Example for Free

Time and Person Essay There are people in my life who have greatly influenced me into the person I am today. The three people I chose were my mom, dad, and my friend. I chose these people because they have changed my life and made me a better person. I chose my mom because she is one of my role models and is always there for me every time I need help. She has a great influence in my life because she keeps me into getting into trouble and always encourages me to do my best. Another person I chose was my dad. I chose my dad because he is the one who gives me good advice and gives me the courage to stride for my best. The last person I chose was my friend because this person gives me great advice and is always there when I need support. This person teaches me to have fun I in life and to enjoy everything I have. All these people have influenced me into being the person I am today. 1. There are people in my life who have greatly influenced me into the person I am today. The three people I chose were my mom, dad, and my friend. I chose these people because they have changed my life and made me a better person. I chose my mom because she is one of my role models and is always there for me every time I need help. She has a great influence in my life because she keeps me into getting into trouble and always encourages me to do my best. Another person I chose was my dad. I chose my dad because he is the one who gives me good advice and gives me the courage to stride for my best. The last person I chose was my friend because this person gives me great advice and is always there when I need support. This person teaches me to have fun I in life and to enjoy everything I have. All these people have influenced me into being the person I am today. 1. There are people in my life who have greatly influenced me into the person I am today. The three people I chose were my mom, dad, and my friend. I chose these people because they have changed my life and made me a better person. I chose my mom because she is one of my role models and is always there for me every time I need help. She has a great influence in my life because she keeps me into getting into trouble and always encourages me to do my best. Another person I chose was my dad. I chose my dad because he is the one who gives me good advice and gives me the courage to stride for my best. The last person I chose was my friend because this person gives me great advice and is always there when I need support. This person teaches me to have fun I in life and to enjoy everything I have. All these people have influenced me into being the person I am today. 1. There are people in my life who have greatly influenced me into the person I am today. The three people I chose were my mom, dad, and my friend. I chose these people because they have changed my life and made me a better person. I chose my mom because she is one of my role models and is always there for me every time I need help. She has a great influence in my life because she keeps me into getting into trouble and always encourages me to do my best. Another person I chose was my dad. I chose my dad because he is the one who gives me good advice and gives me the courage to stride for my best. The last person I chose was my friend because this person gives me great advice and is always there when I need support. This person teaches me to have fun I in life and to enjoy everything I have. All these people have influenced me into being the person I am today.

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Comparisons betwen the movie One Flew over a Cuckoos Nest and a visit to a mental institution :: essays research papers

In this paper I will be comparing the visit to the State Mental Institution and the movie One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest. I think the two aspects of metal illnesses has had a effect on the way I see people who are not mentally stable. The three topics that are being compared are; staff concerns, spiritual development, and treatment methods. In the movie One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest the staff concernments was different from the staff concernments at the mental institution. In the movie nurse Ratchet was an bad influence to the patients who needed to be helped in the social groups. Instead of nurse Ratchet listening to the patients, she patronized and compressed them into their own kind of thinking. I think instead of helping them, Ms. Ratchet only mad the worst come out of the patients because of the way she downed their inner feelings and did not treat them as real people . From the visit at the State Hospital, the staff seem to real care about the patients and their mental stableness. I think with most mental illness people can really get help from people who actually care. If the staff really listen to what their patients have to say, then a patient can only be lead to better health. I think in any mental institution spiritual development with God should be allowed regardless of anything. In the movie, there really was not anything spiritual that was talked about. I think that if the nurse's and the patients had a spiritual side to them, then the sessions that took place could have been more helpful to the patients. In the State Institutionone staff memeber, told us that spirituality was show in the institution, but not to much because the staff members do not want to force their religion on the patients. The ways of treatment to the patients was an huge difference between a movie and reality. In the movie the shock treatment was heavily used for the patients who would get out of hand in the sessions. I thought that was nurse Ratchet crazy way to deal with the patients mental illnesses. In the movie there was also a time called; Medicine Time, where the patients would line up to take their medicine. In the State Institution we really did not see any patients lining up for their medicine, because they were treated like people.

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“Good Old Country People”-Pride Is Stronger Than You Think Essay

â€Å"Good Old Country People† –Pride is Stronger Than Most Think Pride throughout literature has been to a great extent manipulated by writers in positive and negative visible radiations to reflect their intended intent. In the bulk of Flannery O’Conner‘s narratives. characters who have pride exude more haughtiness than they do assurance. and as a consequence these characters condescend towards those of lower criterions. In â€Å"Good Country People. † O’Conner onslaughts pride to be a negative influence on society in which the cardinal character Hulga has so much pride that she condescends towards others. Here. Hulga condescends towards her female parent. Mrs. Freeman. and the bible salesman by handling them as idiots and is finally punished for it by losing her leg. O’Conner defines Hulga’s pride but lets the reader determine and assail how negative it is and hence how appropriate her penalty is for her actions. A clear illustration of the pride in herself that Hulga ( besides known as Joy ) displays is seen by the manner that she believes she is better than the state. â€Å"Joy had made it kick that if it had non been this status. she would be far from these ruddy hills and good state people. She would be in a university talking to people who knew what she was speaking about† ( 175 ) . Hulga clearly indicates in this statement that she would instead non hold to cover with naif state people. and would instead speak to those which are every bit smart as she is. O’Conner merely describes Hulga’s feelings about the state but leaves it up to the readers to make up one's mind whether such feelings are the right 1s to hold. The natural reaction of the reader that O’Conner would be seeking to bring on is one that rejects the feelings. Ideally the reader would see that Hulga is non handling the state people as peers to university pupils and hence see that Hulga is condescending in a manner that makes her experience superior while exudating negative pride. Another illustration of the manner O’Conner lets the reader make up one's mind how negative Hulga’s pride is can be shown when she talks to the bible salesman. When Hulga is confronted by the salesman about non believing in God. the salesman claims that she isn’t â€Å"saved† because of it. Hulga so pompously replies that â€Å"I’m saved and you are damned† ( 182 ) . This statement entirely clearly shows how much better Hulga thinks she is than the naif bible salesman. She thinks that although she doesn’t believe in God she is much smarter than the salesman. and therefore she is blessed for being smart and the salesman is damned for being dense. The reader is so one time once more enticed to dislike Hulga’s personality and the pride that goes along with it. In the terminal she is punished for her iniquitous self-importance when she loses her leg. O’Conner so lets the reader non merely make up one's mind whether the penalty is right after seeing Hulga’s disdainful nature. but besides to what extent Hulga should be punished. Should she stop up acquiring aid back to her place or merely creep her manner back? Throughout â€Å"Good Country People† . Flannery O’Conner finally is assailing pride. and she does do it clear that she is making so. However she does this through the emotional and mental rejection of such pride from the reader.

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Nutrition and Childhood Obesity

There is a lot of talk these days about childhood obesity and why it seems that today's children are more overweight than the previous generations. The fact of the matter is that we live in time where things are constantly changing such as our jobs, the way we spend our time, and the way that we look. Obesity has been a major issue for many years in the United States. Children as well as adults suffer from obesity and the rates are increasing every year. Obesity can be a result of heredity, overeating, psychological disorders, other medical conditions, etc. but no matter what the cause is, it can lead to other problems. One out of five children in American schools are obese due to poor school lunch, fast food restaurants, and sedatary lifestyle without exercise and lack of parental involvement. Adult and childhood obesity have increased substantially in the last 30 years. Currently, 31% of adults and 18% of children are obese, as defined by their body mass index (BMI). One of the mai n factor that is causing obesity in children, is the quality of food in our school systems.School cafeterias are serving canned foods with high sugar content, fried chicken nuggets and soda machines in the hallway. The meals that are currently available to our children are not healthy enough to eat. . The school cafeteria are feeding children food that has high amount of fat and carbohydrate content, not to mention the vending machines that are stocked with potato chips,candy,soda and baked goods that are loaded with high calories and sodium. The children need full course nutritious meals to help them function in class and keep their energy levels high.In order for our children to make healthier choices, the products in the vending machine should be replaced with snacks such as fruit, crackers, raisins and yogurt which are all healthy alternative. What I also see as a major contributor to obesity in children and adults is Fast Food Restaurants. Today people are so busy and they just aren't taking the â€Å"time† that's needed to prepare a healthy dinner. People are constantly on the go, and find it very convenient to pick up a Whopper at Burger King or a Hot Dog from Sonic. The Fast Food Restaurants are a billion dollar industry and a quick fix for people on the go.The convenience of the fast food industry allows working people to gather food for their family, when they are in a time crunch. The people view this as a time saver, but in reality, they are harming themselves and their family by not cooking healthy meals. The calories and high fat content in fast-food helps American to gain weight faster, also leads to health problems that include heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke to avoid these problems as American we need to stop eating out and try to prepare healthy meals at home with organic food or regular food like in previous times.In my opinion they need to replace some of these restaurants with healthy organ ic restaurants around the world to eliminate some of this epidemic in obesity to keep Americans living longer. Another reason that our children are obese is that our children tend to stay inside and play video games and watch television for hours on end, rather than stepping outside and having fun or exercising. In many schools throughout the United States, there has been a decrease in the amount of free play or physical activity that children receive during school hours.Only about one-third of elementary children have daily physical education, and less than one-fifth have extracurricular physical activity programs at their schools. In order to live a well-rounded healthy lifestyle physical activity should be incorporated into a child’s daily activities. Exercise helps children build strong bones and muscle and helps fight against obesity. Parental involvement in the prevention of childhood obesity is very important.The problem is that many parents don't fully understand the problem themselves nor have a good understanding of what it takes to start your child off right with a healthy life. Parent involvement is very important in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. The positive influence helps to teach the child healthy behaviors that will help them to make healthy food choices. Teaching your child healthy eating habits is one of the basic and easiest childhood obesity prevention tips.When your child knows the importance of eating proper amounts of food, drinking enough water and then playing well, you won't have to bother about obesity at all. Parent has to become involved by monitoring their children’s eating habits. The parents can prepare healthy meals by eliminating bad fats from their children’s diets. The parents could prepare lunch using meats lean meats and products low in fat and salt like ham, turkey, fish and chicken, while make sure that they are not forcing them to eat too much.Childhood obesity prevention, can start by preparing delicious foods such as French fries, potato skins, pizzas, nachos, desserts, etc. , at home, to keep them from overeating these foods from outside. Kids get tempted to eat junk very easily, and in order to control this, prepare these meals at home so you won't have to bother about junk cravings! Last but not least, we need to address all these programs out-hear that is associated with weight loss; weight is approved for safe weight loss by the food and Drug Administration, weight loss supplement is a joke.Some companies advertise all these weight loss programs that do not work on Americans but getting rich off the poor and wealthy, â€Å"pills and diet plans promising to help shed pounds in days have made the weight loss industry more than $62 Billion a year business. The Doctors knows some of the plans don’t work but they don’t care all they see is a dollar sign in front of their face, as Americans we need to educate our self on what plan works fo r use not what others say.In today society as Americans we need not to listen to some of the Doctor or advertisement, we will be in some much debt about time you realize that you are broke and some of these diet plans didn’t work at all. In my opinion as American we need to do this plan the old fashion way without medication to help use loss weight. (1) Cardio is the key work keep the hearting pumping in-order to loss the weight (2) weight-train help you to get tone and burn fat. (3) Swimming is the best exercise because it works all the muscle (4) Eat six times a day, morning meal, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack

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Stryker Corporation Case Essays

Stryker Corporation Case Essays Stryker Corporation Case Paper Stryker Corporation Case Paper Stryker Corporation Deciding whether to keep outsourcing or in-source PCBs Stryker Corporation has 3 different options regarding the supply of needed PCBs. Option 1: contemplates the fact of keeping the same suppliers but with significant changes in order to assure continuous supply of PCBs and quality. No investment is needed. Option 2: establishing a partner with a single supplier. This way there would be a sole supplier for Stryker established in a new facility near them, this would give more certainty and control over continuous supply and quality standards. Again, no investment is needed. Option 3: in-source the PCB’s, there is a project for investing and owning a plant for producing their own PCB’s, this way they would assure a continuous supply and have 100% control over quality standards. In this case, there is a big amount of capital that should be invested, which is needed to be analyzed in order to see whether it is viable for the company or not. The case present several information regarding expected production costs for in-sourcing and expected purchases for outsourcing. Since there is no projected information of Income Statement, then the only cash flow analysis that can be made is by comparing the efficiency gained by in-sourcing the PCBS compared to the costs of keep buying the PCBs. The case contemplates the projected comparison from 2004 to 2009 of the costs of buying PCBs from an external supplier and the costs of making the PCBs. What we will analyze is the positive cash flow that is derived from the cost improvement of making the PCBs compared to outsourcing them. The sum of these annual savings should be a positive cash flow for the company via a cost reduction. In Exhibit 2, the case presents the comparison of the costs incurred between outsourcing and in-sourcing the PCBs. The in source cost of production contemplates Depreciation Expense as a part of Fixed Cost, what we will do is subtract out of the Fixed Cost all of the Depreciation Expenses because they are not actually part of the cash flow, Depreciation Expense is only an Expense that is recognized because of the lost of value of Assets as Equipment, but it actually doesn’t imply an outflow for the company. Another thing to consider is the re investment in Assets such as Furnishings and non-manufacturing equipment, and Communication Equipment and IT infrastructure, both are expected to fully depreciate in 3 years, so there has to be a re investment of both assets. We will calculate the NPV, IRR and Payback Period, but we need to see the cash flow, but first we show the depreciation calculus: Cash Flow The payback period is less than 5 years; we can see it in the next graph, where the line crosses the X axis in the point 4. 7, which is the calculated payback period. We can see that the NPV is kind of low, but having control of the supply chain in terms of timing for the materials and the finished goods is a plus, also the quality would be higher as new equipment is more reliable and precise adding the strict manufacturing methods of Stryker Corporation, would achieve these results. About the IRR we can say that it is high compared to the contemporaneous interest rate data for the year 20 03, where the highest interest rate is 6. 8 for Moody’s Baa Long-term investment. This is also a good point for the project. We can conclude that the project for in-sourcing it’s a good option to be implemented as the financial calculation has showed us, Stryker Corporation also has the means to do that investment as 6 million is low compared to the 329 million that the company had in 2002, to avoid sourcing and quality problems in-sourcing is the best option.

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Empowerment And Participation Essays - Human Resource Management

Empowerment And Participation Essays - Human Resource Management Empowerment And Participation Empowerment and Participation It is interesting how the word communication can change life at home and at work. When everyone is aware of what is going on around him or her, they can function better. What a concept! All of the readings I have done taught communicating is the key. We read about ridding the stigma of upper management, getting their hands dirty, understanding their position, and why it is important to the rest of the company. This chapter takes it one step further and says talk about the company finances as well. It is important for employees to understand the business in its entirety. That includes the finances of the job. All of the readings in this chapter had something to offer. I feel taking a bit from each will provide a work place of splendor. Finances include a variety of things: From hiring a new employee to purchasing a new tool to make the job easier. It is those decisions we make which can make difference of saving, spending and making money. It is these decisions that can make or break a company. The old school tells us not to share finances with anyone else in the company but those directly on top. The new school is saying that this philosophy is all wrong. If one want an employee to do the best he or she can do, and feel important, give them the company information. Let all the employees know what role they play. Allow them to make decisions that will make their job easier. As implied before, who betters know the job than the employee performing the job? The reading, Zapp! The Lightening of Empowerment suggests managers help their employees take ownership of their jobs. This requires trust, listening to the workers, and giving feedback. The novel concept here is to treat people like humans. Like any relationship, one needs these qualities to survive. If one gives positive reinforcements people tend to respect them. Employers hire people everyday with the hopes and trust they will do their job. But when people do not understand the role they really play in the company, they may not give their full effort. Hence, we have Saps, people who lack the main ingredients of relationships discussed earlier. We must let the employees know we trust them to make good positive decisions. Give them the empowerment by letting them know they are valued, and commending them on jobs well done. Open Book Management suggests we share our finances with the other employees no matter what their status, and give them a stake in the company. After all, this is a good suggestion, why work if one can't reap the benefits of their work? It also suggests that many employees are business illiterate, and if we want them to understand business we need to teach it to them. In conclusion, all of the readings I have done so far make management more then just problem solvers. They have become part of the problem. To solve their own problems managers need to be teachers, coaches, and a wealth of knowledge to be shared. Businesses need to be a team, and to this they need to share every aspect of the team. When the business succeeds all should have a share in the profit, and when it fails all are responsible. Bibliography Pierce, Jon L. John W. Newstrom. The Manager's Bookshelf. 5th ed. Prenticw Hall: 2000, 1996.129-173.

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Biography of Sojourner Truth, Abolitionist and Lecturer

Biography of Sojourner Truth, Abolitionist and Lecturer Sojourner Truth (born Isabella Baumfree; c. 1797–November 26, 1883) was a famous African-American abolitionist and womens rights activist. Emancipated from slavery by New York state law in 1827, she served as an itinerant preacher before becoming involved in the anti-slavery and womens rights movements. In 1864, Truth met Abraham Lincoln in his White House office. Fast Facts: Sojourner Truth Known For: Truth was an abolitionist and womens rights activist known for her fiery speeches.Also Known As: Isabella  BaumfreeBorn: c. 1797 in Swartekill, New YorkParents: James and Elizabeth BaumfreeDied: November 26, 1883 in Battle Creek, MichiganPublished Works: The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave (1850)Notable Quote: This is what all suffragists must understand, whatever their sex or color- that all the disfranchised of the earth have a common cause. Early Life The woman known as Sojourner Truth was born into slavery in New York as Isabella Baumfree (after her fathers owner, Baumfree) in 1797. Her parents were James and Elizabeth Baumfree. She was sold several times, and while enslaved by the John Dumont family in Ulster County, she married Thomas, also enslaved by Dumont and who was many years older than Isabella. The couple had five children together. In 1827, New York law emancipated all slaves. At this point, however, Isabella had already left her husband and run away with her youngest child, going to work for the family of Isaac Van Wagenen. While working for the Van Wagenens- whose name she used briefly- Isabella discovered that a member of the Dumont family had sold one of her children into slavery in Alabama. Since this son had been emancipated under New York Law, Isabella sued in court and won his return. Preaching In New York City, Isabella worked as a servant and attended a white Methodist church and an  African Methodist Episcopal Church, where she reunited briefly with three of her older siblings. Isabella came under the influence of a religious prophet named Matthias in 1832. She then moved to a Methodist perfectionist commune, led by Matthias, where she was the only black member, and few members were of the working class. The commune fell apart a few years later, with allegations of sexual improprieties and even murder. Isabella herself was accused of poisoning another member, and she sued successfully for libel in 1835. She continued her work as a household servant until 1843. William Miller, a millenarian prophet, predicted that Christ would return in 1843 amid economic turmoil during and after the panic of 1837. On June 1, 1843, Isabella took the name Sojourner Truth, believing this to be on the instructions of the Holy Spirit.  She became a traveling preacher (the meaning of her new name, Sojourner), making a tour of Millerite camps.  When the Great Disappointment became clear- the world did not end as predicted- she joined a utopian community, the Northampton Association, founded in 1842 by people interested in abolitionism and womens rights. Abolitionism After joining the abolitionist movement, Truth became a popular circuit speaker. She made her first antislavery speech in 1845 in New York City. The commune failed in 1846, and she bought a house on Park Street in New York.  She dictated her autobiography to womens rights activist Olive Gilbert and published it in Boston in 1850.  Truth used the income from the book,  The Narrative of Sojourner Truth, to pay off her mortgage. In 1850, she also began speaking about womens suffrage. Her most famous speech, Aint I a Woman?, was given in 1851 at a womens rights convention in Ohio. The speech- which addressed the ways in which Truth was oppressed for being both black and a woman- remains influential today. Truth eventually met Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote about her for the Atlantic Monthly and wrote a new introduction to Truths autobiography. Later, Truth moved to Michigan and joined yet another religious commune, this one associated with the Friends. She was at one point friendly with Millerites, a religious movement that grew out of Methodism and later became the Seventh Day Adventists. Civil War During the Civil War, Truth raised food and clothing contributions for black regiments, and she met Abraham Lincoln at the White House in 1864 (the meeting was arranged by Lucy N. Colman and Elizabeth Keckley). During her White House visit, she tried to challenge the discriminatory policy of segregating street cars by race. Truth was also an active member of the National Freedmans Relief Association. After the war ended, Truth again traveled and gave lectures, advocating for some time for a Negro State in the west. She spoke mainly to white audiences and mostly on religion, the rights of African-Americans and women, and temperance, though immediately after the Civil War she tried to organize efforts to provide jobs for black refugees from the war. Death Truth remained active in politics until 1875, when her grandson and companion fell ill and died. She then returned to Michigan, where her health deteriorated. She died in 1883 in a Battle Creek sanitorium of infected ulcers on her legs. Truth was buried in Battle Creek, Michigan, after a well-attended funeral. Legacy Truth was a major figure in the abolitionist movement, and she has been widely celebrated for her work. In 1981, she was inducted into the National Womens Hall of Fame, and in 1986 the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in her honor. In 2009, a bust of Truth was placed in the U.S. Capitol. Her autobiography is read in classrooms throughout the country. Sources Bernard, Jacqueline.  Journey Toward Freedom: The Story of Sojourney Truth. Price Stern Sloan, 1967.Saunders Redding, Sojourner Truth in Notable American Women 1607-1950 Volume III P-Z. Edward T. James, editor. Janet Wilson James and Paul S. Boyer, assistant editors. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press, 1971.Stetson, Erlene, and Linda David.  Glorying in Tribulation: The Lifework of Sojourner Truth. Michigan State University Press, 1994.Truth, Sojourner.  The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: a Northern Slave. Dover Publications Inc., 1997.

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Upload later Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Upload later - Essay Example Despite this, it is difficult to align the strategic map of the business with the corporate strategy that defines the operations of the organization. Corporate strategy, on the other hand, is the improvisation of the organizational working efficiency towards the attainment of the strategic plan through the elimination of waste and production at lowest possible costs (Demeester, De Meyer & Grahovac, 2014). The operational resources are critical in the attainment of the operational strategy. These resources include the tangible and intangible resources, the operational processes and capabilities. The tangible resources consist of the equipment, materials, facilities and human resource that perform the practical work. The intangible resources, on the other hand are the skills, market relationships and knowledge that determine the quality of production. The operational processes combine the intangible and tangible resources to formulate a coordinated framework of the production procedure (Hill & Cuthbertson, 2011). The first challenge that the organization encounters in the alignment of operation strategy to the corporate strategy is the agreement on the model of operation. A company can be integrated like McDonalds’s, Holding Company like Tyco International or an Allied Company like the Unilever Company. This choice of operating model defines the relationship of the business and the amount of investments allocated to the company. It is important to understand the operating model because it involves the allocation of funds to various business entities. In the process that the senior management decides to implement the corporate strategy, competitors will launch a model that capitalizes on the company’s large investment in efficiency improvement (Boyer And Lewis, 2002). This may amount to sever losses in the company. More often, it is a challenge to map the business strategy to the functional alignment because of the

U09d1 Sarah and Michael Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

U09d1 Sarah and Michael Case Study - Essay Example s good, there is a conflict on interest in the case as the couple have already decided how they would prefer to spend their last days and it is a personal will rather than one forced by others. It is also clear by law that an individual has the rights to make a decision for how they aim to spend their last few days. This is one of the few issues that have been presented in the case. Secondly, the end – of – life directive enables the medical assistance to discuss the wish of the parents with the children. This however is a major issue as the cases are generally very sensitive and discussing this with the children can prove to be very difficult. This is mainly because the amount of stress, trauma and emotional distress that children and family members go through when an elderly person is ill is very high. Hence it would be difficult for the health care providers to convey the news as well as the family members to hear the news of the will of the parents. This again causes a second of ethics in the case (Garrett, Baillie, & Garrett, 2009). Considering the end of life decision in my life or for someone I know, I feel that it is incorrect to allow anyone to take the decision to end the life of others. This is inappropriate and is completely inhuman. A person should be given the right to live as long as they can and as long as their body is able to accept the life. Using technology to keep a person alive or trying to kill a person against the flow of nature is not right and should not be accepted anywhere in the world. Life is given to all and mercy killing is not ethical in any manner and should not be permitted. Giving an end – of – life decision for someone irrespective of whether it is a mother or father of brother or sister is incorrect and is against the law of nature. Hence it is essential that this is not provided as an option ever as according to the ACA code of Ethics it has clearly been presented that, ‘counsellors must strive to take measures

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EMC Plc Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

EMC Plc Strategic Management - Essay Example What’s more, existing companies have barriers to new entrants such established market strength and shares of the already established firms, cumbersome process of registration, high initial capital outlay, and developed brand loyalty amongst existing customers. As such, new entrants are likely to find it difficult to penetrate into such existing markets and industries calling for efficient and effective strategies. Regarding established industries and market, automotive industry and market is one of the deeply established with many players but controlled by few. Some of the great players within the industry include GM, Ford, Daimler, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Hyundai Motor, Mazda, and Fiat amongst others (Nieuwenhuis & Wells, 2005; p 69). European Motor Company (EMC) operated as part of a large industrial conglomerate with interests in the aerospace, defence and medical sectors before is acquisition several years ago to an automotive group who made significant investment in the company for a few years. Nevertheless, the automotive group felt unable to support the business any further because of a rapidly declining market share. The following is an analysis of EMC Plc and the automotive industry. Main analysis of this paper focuses on both internal and external market factors. Attaining such an analysis is possible through various strategic management tools and models such as PESTLE, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, and Critical Success Factors that have so far been of importance to the organization. In addition, this analysis focuses on strategic direction of EMC Plc covering a period of 5 years (Nieuwenhuis & Wells, 2005; p 75). Such strategic direction employs the use of strategic defining tools and concepts such as mission, vision, overall target markets, strategic rationale, as well as financial objectives. The analysis winds up by providing strategic development and progress coupled with reflective portfolio. In order to attain these, the paper is divided into three parts with different sections. Part 1: Initial Strategic Position and Intentions 1.1 External and Internal Initial Situation Industries and firms face different factors both from within and outside. External environmental factors refer to those that business organizations and industries have no control over for instance, political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, legal, and environment. On the other hand, internal environmental factors are those that a firm or industry may control such as the strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities (Watson & Head, 2009). The following discussion uses various tools to explain automotive industry’s environmental factors and their effects on EMC Plc’s operations. 1.1.1 PESTLE Analysis EMC Plc is likely to experience political, economical, socio-cultural, technological, legal, and environment as illustrated in Appendix 1(a). EMC Plc experiences political stability and advantages from various political factors such as degree of government involvement in business activities, the serene political atmosphere that European

Tourism as a Tool for Reducing Poverty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tourism as a Tool for Reducing Poverty - Essay Example Mkangi and Mbindyo, Kenya is an extremely fertile country, which stretches from the sea level in the eastern part to the snow-covered mountains to the north. Mountains that can be found in Kenya include Mt. Kenya, Mt. Elgon and Mt. Kilimanjaro, which also borders Tanzania. Its greatest feature includes the Great Rift Valley, found in the central and western part of the country. Also, there are a number of lakes and rivers found in Kenya, which include Lake Turkana, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Bogoria among others while rivers include River Nzoia, Gori, Ewaso Ngiro, and Yala among others, which form part of Kenya’s Geography. Kenya does not perform quite well, but it is the largest economy in East Africa. The economy, based on the market with a few infrastructure enterprises owned by the state, also maintains an external liberal trade system. Adholla, Mkangi, and Mbindyo (2008) state that 70% of people in Kenya is employed in the agricultural sector in which half of th e sector focuses on subsistence farming. The growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Kenya has decreased over the last decade from 6.5% every year to 4% every year since independent and then to only 1.5% per year during the 1990s. Politically, Kenya has always been considered a stable country despite all the changes in its political system and conflicts in the neighboring countries. Tourism is the second largest export earner in Kenya after agriculture, which forms a crucial foundation for its economy.... A  unique  tourism features in Kenya include wildlife and beaches, which have enabled it to  out  space  all its neighbors in East Africa due to  excellent  planning  and  leadership. In addition, solid infrastructure and  devotion  to conservation of wildlife has driven Kenya to the forefront of the  regional  tourism industry. In Kenya, tourism dates back in the pre-independence time i.e. as early as 1930s, when explorers from abroad started visiting Kenya. The explorers and visitors mainly visited Kenya for  solitude, as well as big-game hunting expeditions, which the Swahili people started referring to as safaris. Some of the  early  visitors included Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Earnest Hemingway, and Theodore Roosevelt among other celebrities. About 10% of Kenya  has been set  aside for wildlife conservation and biodiversity. Since most visitors to the  country  are  mainly  interested  in seeing animals especially the  big   five (rhino, elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard), game viewing is a  popular  practice. Also, there are other small and  unique  animals present in the country, which attract tourist too. Moreover, there has been a  remarkable  rise in the number of tourist since the beginning of tourism in Kenya. For instance, in 2003, Kenya received over one million tourists, which lead to rise in  bed  capacity, in classified hotels to over 73,000. Tourism in Kenya has employed over 219,000 people, which is approximately 11% of the total workforce in the country. Currently, Kenya is still in a state of  growth is still a developing country. However, there are many factors that are inhibiting

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Future Trends in Purchasing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Future Trends in Purchasing Paper - Essay Example As such, procurement has and continues to help in the evolution of supply chain management in that procurement ensures the security of supply, market expansion, and reduces operational costs while maximizing profits. In essence, this is the direction that supply chain management is headed towards as it evolves from just a profit making venture into a practice requiring adherence to legal, ethical and consumer demands. Callender (2013) gives the example of how the global market now prefers GM-free foods and seeks to shun child labor. E-business can be described as the practice of using technology in order to improve business, essentially by conducting business processes on the internet. The adoption of information technology in the conduct of business has its own advantages and shortcomings, just like the traditional ways of conducting business. According to Popescul & Genete (2007) e-business is advantageous in that it reduces the amount of time required to transact business, while also reducing the costs involved. In addition, the incorporation of information technology in business transactions means that a company is able to market itself on global arenas. On the negative side of doing e-business, companies are exposed to hackers who can swindle the company and its clientele their money. In relation, consumers may fall prey to fraudsters who use information provided online, to steal credit card information. In other cases, There is also the risk that the company’s employees may be unable or unwilling to adapt to the applications used and may thus put the company at risk of losing its consumer base. It is also major concern for companies that the telecommunication bandwidth may be insufficient; meaning that access to online platforms may be hampered thus negating the need for e-business. The practice of using information technology to

Stonehenge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Stonehenge - Essay Example This book describes the questions and explains the answers, and situates them all within the relevant time periods. During the Renaissance, an answer was obtained for the question: What is Stonehenge In the Victorian period, scholars answered the question: By what kind of men The question of when Stonehenge was built was answered during the reign of the second Queen Elizabeth. One question, however, still remains unanswered: Why was Stonehenge built There are many theories - there always have been, and it is likely that there always will be - at least until the real truth is known. Stonehenge Complete takes the existing facts, compiles them, and attempts to explain them in a way that will educate and entertain readers, as they seek to decipher the mysteries of Stonehenge. Ever since the beginning of recorded British history, visitors to Stonehenge have tried to explain its origins and purpose. Their interpretations are shaped by their own experiences, and cultural and temporal influences. The author researches and reports on an extensive collection of these interpretations, and divides out the historical truths from the legends. The book is laid out chronologically, for the most part. Quite appropriately, it begins at the beginning. The first written record of Stonehenge, by the archdeacon of Lincoln, Henry of Huntingdon, dates back to 1130. The bishop, Alexander of Blois, commissioned him to write a history of England. Stonehenge figures prominently in this history, as it is named one of the country's marvels. Further evidence of Stonehenge's literary and historical popularity can be seen in extant writing from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, the legend of Stonehenge and its creation became intertwined with the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It was a popular story that flourished despite evidence to the contrary, and was put into verse in Edmund Spenser's "The Faerie Queene." Some dramatic representations of this connection exist in Thomas Rowley's 1620 play, "The Birth of Merlin" and John Galliard's 1734 musical pantomime, "Merlin, or the Devil of Stonehenge." Thus, Stonehenge became forever ingrained in the political and literary consciousn esses of the English people. For several hundred years it was believed that Merlin the Magician was responsible for creating the stones and setting them in place. Subsequent theories for the origins of the stones included: remnants of volcanic rock that were shot up from underground; solid masses that were thrown into place by the fluid earth's rotation; and even meteoric deposits from space which just so happened to fall into a particular pattern. This belief was held in the beginning of the 19th century. Modern geology has identified the true nature of the sarsen rock, but even it cannot explain just how Stonehenge came to be constructed in the way it was. In the eyes of the Renaissance thinkers, no one native to the British Isles could have been responsible for creating such a magnificent structure. At one time or another, the Romans, a mythical race of giants, the Dutch, and the Phoenicians were all considered to be possible originators of the ancient construction site. In the mid-1600s, when John Aubrey

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Future Trends in Purchasing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Future Trends in Purchasing Paper - Essay Example As such, procurement has and continues to help in the evolution of supply chain management in that procurement ensures the security of supply, market expansion, and reduces operational costs while maximizing profits. In essence, this is the direction that supply chain management is headed towards as it evolves from just a profit making venture into a practice requiring adherence to legal, ethical and consumer demands. Callender (2013) gives the example of how the global market now prefers GM-free foods and seeks to shun child labor. E-business can be described as the practice of using technology in order to improve business, essentially by conducting business processes on the internet. The adoption of information technology in the conduct of business has its own advantages and shortcomings, just like the traditional ways of conducting business. According to Popescul & Genete (2007) e-business is advantageous in that it reduces the amount of time required to transact business, while also reducing the costs involved. In addition, the incorporation of information technology in business transactions means that a company is able to market itself on global arenas. On the negative side of doing e-business, companies are exposed to hackers who can swindle the company and its clientele their money. In relation, consumers may fall prey to fraudsters who use information provided online, to steal credit card information. In other cases, There is also the risk that the company’s employees may be unable or unwilling to adapt to the applications used and may thus put the company at risk of losing its consumer base. It is also major concern for companies that the telecommunication bandwidth may be insufficient; meaning that access to online platforms may be hampered thus negating the need for e-business. The practice of using information technology to

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Marine Finance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marine Finance - Assignment Example Research – Mainly concerned with providing research work on marine industry. The Shipping Industry The shipping industry comprises of the largest marine sector. However there has been a decline in the shipping industry since 1974. This can be primarily attributed to cyclical developments which got worse with the structural changes in the shipping industry and the world trade that made adjustments a time consuming and complex process. The extreme changes in the revenues, cash flows and values of assets during the present financial crisis have bought in difficulties in the regular order of financing shipping companies. While bank loan will continue to be an important source of finance, the newly regulated environments are forcing the shipping banks to shift their risk from balance sheet to capital markets through instruments of loan securitization. Due to this shipping company will look for capital markets as a source of external debt. Risk management will be a key issue in the shipping companies under the current situation. The other changes witnessed by the shipping industry is that traditionally it was structured by function and performance but now it is undergoing drastic changes as traditional functions are now merged with number of other services. Another major change witnessed by the shipping industry is involvement of the government in its ownership, operation and regulation. Thus the shipping industry has evolved over time from traditionally being an owner operating, free trading, and unregulated industry towards a public oriented, highly regulated and institutionalised industry (Frankel, 1987, pp. 1-15). Role of Financial Management in Risk Mitigation of shipping Industry The shipping industry encounters a number of risk namely changes in equity prices, interest rates, exchange prices, commodity rates and the changing freight rates. The risk of the changing freight rates will be discussed at length in this section. This is a kind of marketing ris k the shipping industry faces on a regular basis. The freight rates historically have proved to be very volatile. The effect of unpredictable geo-political events and slow adjustment of supply to demand has resulted in drastic changes in the freight rates. In financial management the best used risk assessment model is the Value at-Risk Approach. It was developed by JP Morgan’s Chairman Dennis Weatherstone. In this approach he asked his staff to provide him with one page report on a daily basis popularly known as the â€Å"4:15 report† which indicates the risk and potential loss in the next 24 hours in the bank’s portfolio. The approach used the estimates of standard deviation and correlation between the returns of different traded equipments. General methodologies of estimating the Value at Risk Approach are analytical methods, Historical Simulation and Monte-Carlo Simulation. This very approach is used in the assessment of freight rate risk in shipping industry . This approach first considers freight rates as risk factors which are assumed to follow random walk and are modelled using stochastic processes. These stochastic processes reflect some of characteristics of freight rate dynamics. The cash flow forms the key measurement of risk. For

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K-Pop Research Essay Example for Free

K-Pop Research Essay K-Pop ê °â‚¬Ã¬Å¡â€ (an abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music): is a musical genre consisting of dance, electronic, electropop, hip hop,[2] and RB music originating in South Korea.[1] In addition to music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults around the world.[3] Although in a bigger scope K-pop may include other genres of popular music within South Korea, outside of the country the term is more commonly used for songs sung by Korean teen idols, which covers mostly dance, electronic, rap, hip-hop, and RB genres. [4] Starting in 1992, dance and rap music became popular due to Seo Tai-ji Boys, which is seen by many as the beginning of modern K-pop.[4] Genres such as ballad and rock are still popular today; however, the term can be debatable. With the rise of social media networks during the mid 2000s, the ability of K-pop to reach a previously inaccessible audience via the Internet is driving a shift in the exposure and popularity of the genre.[5] The Korean Wave has spread K-Pop to the Pacific Rim, the Americas, Eurasia, and North Africa. As an important part of the Korean Wave, K-pop has come from humble beginnings to gain a huge fan base not just in Asia but also other parts of the world. As South Korea continues to develop its IT infrastructure, K-Pop music is being shared over the internet and through mobile devices more rapidly than ever.[6] According to The New York Times, attempts by K-pop stars to break into Western markets had largely failed prior to the proliferation of global social networks. However, K-pop artists are now gaining more international exposure through social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, making it easier for K-pop artists to reach a wider audience.[7] Fans come from all around the world[8] and K-Pop is considered by some to be South Korea’s greatest export because of its popularity and growing influence.[9] Kpop bands as highly produced, sugary boy- and girl-bands with slick dance routines and catchy tunes.[10] Many K-Pop music videos have colourful visuals and a catchy beat.[11] K-Pop multiple vocal genres, especially hip-hop and rap, emphasize performances and strong visuals.[12] Dance is an integral part of K-pop. When combining multiple singers, the singers often switch their positions while singing and dancing by making prompt movements in synchrony. K-Pop is also recognized for pretty-boys and girl groups[13] that are young and considered attractive. I couldn’t stop humming the beat; it had been cemented in my head. At first it was just a mere song that I would play to make fun of, but I couldn’t help it. Over and over again, I played it. There was something intriguing about, something different. It pulled me in and drew my brain. My ears craved the tune again. I did my best to resist the urges, afraid that I’d be swept into its trance and be associated with those who would listen to it. I eventually went back to listen to it, disgusted with myself for enjoying listening to the repetitive track. The chorus was ridiculous, the Engrish was unbearable, yet I was still called for by it. It was different than most of the type of music I had indulged in. K-Pop. I was herded into the world of delusional fandoms that couldn’t bear insults towards their oppas. The world where Engrish is a normal thing you would sing along with. Besides the occasional fan wars and drama (not the K-Dramas, but actual drama), I felt like I had a family within my own fandoms. It was simple; we were all interested in that particular group, and we all respected each for that. It gave us common grounds. But it’s even more than that, we all still shared the general idea: We all liked K-Pop. Most people who are used to western music made fun of this genre. This is probably the biggest thing that binds us together. Most of us non-Korean listeners have probably dealt with being made fun of for liking K-Pop, and this makes us even closer.

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Operations Management Assignment Concept Design Services

Operations Management Assignment Concept Design Services Concept Design Services (CDS), Linda Fleet, marketing director of CDS is working with design house, providing end-to-end product design, manufacturing and high-quality designer goods distribution integrated service provider. All three types of operations management responsibilities have been working, the implementation of CDS which helps them succeed. Direct responsibility, is directly related to the service and delivery of products and production activities. Before that, they used to do industrial moldings as aerospace and some cheap household goods. According to Linda fleet management, they found that they could also become one of the main advantages of high produce profitable business. They all went to the companys customer service, so retain revenue customers and win new customers the ability to contribute. Indirect responsibility is involved in activities with other parts of the CDS interact. However, CDS new products need more complex mechanical and longer working hours. As the company grows, enlarged the demand for their products, operations management is to achieve time efficiency is very important. This is crucial, because it makes the right production plan through coordination between sales, manufacturing activities and design. Promote the companys costs, so if effectively managed, can reduce the cost of the entire enterprise. Broad responsibilities involve scanning is a political environment, social and business in which the existence of the organization is to understand the broader context of its mission. In its production process and the complexity of delivering services require good management, if they are to meet their customers needs time to succeed. Through proper operation and management, stock appeared greatly accurately forecast sales lead to lower delivery costs reduced. If managed properly, could damage the product and customer traffic adversely affect the companys reputation. In any case, the role of operations management can be highlighted by achieving business goals. Minimize costs, maximize revenue and avoid excessive investment, and the development of future innovation capacity. Operating performance objective is to ensure the proper operation of resource allocation, there are performance necessary to monitor, review the operation and record. A solution role in this process is the performance that relates to the internal and external factors that are associated with the appropriate measures to identify administrative competitiveness. This enables organizations to describe performance goals to measure its results of operations of the five basic operations are performance objective are quality, speed, reliability, flexibility and cost. Quality is very important in our list of performance objective, as many authorities believe it is the most important. The meaning of quality is a service and product, as it should be. In other words, it is consistent with its specification. CDS external influences customers complain less, this will make it easier for customers and good quality satisfaction. This brings more revenue CDS. If the CDS high quality consistency for all business processes and activities will progress is being made very few mistakes. This usually means that, CDS costs are saved, and increased reliability of the response speed increases. Speed is saying responsiveness of speed shorthand. This means that the external or internal customer requests a product or service, and they get it to the interval. CDS external speed is important, because it helps to quickly respond to customers. This is usually a positive consumer will be more prospective to return with more business observation. Sometimes it is possible to charge a higher price when the service is fast. Have a great impact on the speed of the internal relationship between cost reduction will mean faster throughput customers reduce costs. When the material system in the long hang around, as well as more opportunities for them to get lost. Dependability refers to the time customers receive their products or services on. External Dependability is generally considered a good thing by the customer. Of course, late delivery of goods and services can be considerable stimulus customers. CDS can guarantee its sustainability and success is also equipped with an increase in customers provide more opportunities for companies and of brands CDS return. CDS internal reliability is to save time, save money directly and through a CDS stability to enable it to improve its efficiency. Flexibility always means to change the operation in some way. Flexibility subdivided into different types of products or services flexibility , delivery flexibility, mix flexibility, volume flexibility. For external flexibility to benefit CDS, CDS they can let consumers to customize their new product or service and they want to deliver by the CDS. It also allows CDS to make a huge number of products or services in order to reduce costs. (Slack, 2007). It allows the internal impact of CDS, to meet our customers faster response in dealing maintain the reliability of the change based on market demand and contribute to the provision of goods and CDS save time and money. First, the cost structure of different company can vary significantly. Note how the costs of different types of four different examples. Second, and most important, the other four performance objective are caused by internal, to reduce costs. CDS must manage their own products, a large number of products produced. It can save more costs, it can make more profit. Price is very important for each customer. If cheap, you can get good quality products, every customer will buy as much as they can. Volume: It is considered high. While this case study does not specify the amount of production, it can be inferred yield. Another sign of mass production is, CDS from its key line subcontract to other mounding company, so they can focus on producing its own concept. Variety: It considers the reasons for the high cause CDS market is a highly competitive, innovative design which determines the corporate life. CDSs capacity of develop products that are stylish, and its adaptability to change, because change is the key to the fashion business survival. Change: It also believes that the reasons for the high variety, CDS is forced to continue to produce innovative design, will retain their customers are interested in, and therefore maintain a high demand for the same reason. Visibility: You can consider is the high and low. When there is the visible part of the operation of final product I do not think theyll like this better if they insist they know best plastic molding, specializing in it, which makes standardized speed up production processes and reduce their unit costs. In operation, I believe that if they separate from other business cooperation activities, but mainly decided to do or from a central executive body, it works to their advantage. This is because, through the provision of priority, designers, which caused delays and friction within the company as well as to customers waiting. For the CDS must also improve their business, they need to develop a more accurate and reliable sales forecasts in order to achieve : higher utilization , better customer service and cost savings. Provide cross-training between designers and marketing departments in order to improve sales forecasting additional activities can be carried out. From product testing to scheduling and forecasting work closely with all aspects of those unit costs will be reduced, because the waste reduction will be minimal, and provide feedback to the designer. This will let them know what the feedback of marketing products out there getting greetings, EM brass and what is and what is not. The company seems to be more and more clients from a narrow El has been re -based accounts, which is why the separation operation, so that more concentration should be placed on them to ensure they select and hire guaranteed, and tell them they are a priority for some can easily change their states that its operation is visible, but not to their satisfaction. As for the other part of the normal activities of daily orders and can be set to meet the flexibility and scope of these commands so that you can request from that seems to take longer, so deal with a wider range of color variations speeding customers who may not have weighty order to allow both types of client needs treatment.

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What is Business Studies? Essay -- Business

What is Business Studies? Business studies is the study of how businesses are set up, financed, organised and controlled, how people are employed, managed and paid, how goods are developed, produced and sold, how goods and services are priced and how the local, national and international government help or hinder businesses. In studying the setting up of a business there are many aspects that need to be considered. Such as the type of business ownerships which are suitable for the entrepreneur, where the capital will be coming from, what goods or services could be considered to sell and where the business should be located. The extensive amount of research, which is carried out before the business operates, is also studied. There are many sources of finance open to the entrepreneur, which also need to be studied in depth. The business owner has to set the right price for its goods or services - a price which is of convenience to the consumer and which is affordable for the owner. This is possible by using break-even analysis, and again market research. Owners ... What is Business Studies? Essay -- Business What is Business Studies? Business studies is the study of how businesses are set up, financed, organised and controlled, how people are employed, managed and paid, how goods are developed, produced and sold, how goods and services are priced and how the local, national and international government help or hinder businesses. In studying the setting up of a business there are many aspects that need to be considered. Such as the type of business ownerships which are suitable for the entrepreneur, where the capital will be coming from, what goods or services could be considered to sell and where the business should be located. The extensive amount of research, which is carried out before the business operates, is also studied. There are many sources of finance open to the entrepreneur, which also need to be studied in depth. The business owner has to set the right price for its goods or services - a price which is of convenience to the consumer and which is affordable for the owner. This is possible by using break-even analysis, and again market research. Owners ...

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Education Reform Essay

It is undeniably clear that we have serious problems with our education system. Talk to any teacher and you will hear the same complaints; overcrowded classrooms, lack of supplies and text books, unfairness of the grading system, discipline issues, drugs, underpaid teachers and the list goes on and on. The result; our children can’t read, spell or solve basic math problems without a calculator. Many students can not even find their own country on a map. In the midst of debates going on in many different levels, the big question is how can we fix these problems? The National Commission on Excellence in Education delivered a devastating assessment of American education in 1983. According to the commission’s findings; 23 million American adults were illiterate by the simplest tests of reading and writing. Almost 13 percent of all 17 year olds in the United States were functionally illiterate. Illiteracy among minority young was a scaring 40 percent. Scholastic Aptitude tests ( SAT ) showed that average verbal scores fell over 50 points and mathematics scores dropped 40 points from 1963 to 1980. International comparisons of student achievement revealed that on 19 academic tests  American students were never first or second and compared to the other industrialized nations, were last seven times. ( http://www. ed. gov/pubs/NatAtRisk/risk. html (3 of 10 ,2005 ). These findings alarmed the nation and in 1989, an education summit involving all fifty state governors and president George H. W. Bush resulted in the adoption of national education goals for the year 2000. The same year, National Council of Teachers Of Mathematics published the Curriculum and evaluation Standards for School Mathematics, a standards based document. ( Schwardz, 2000 ). Standards based  school reform has become a predominant issue facing public schools. In the 1990’s , The Standards-based National Education Goals were set by the U. S. Congress. This movement resulted in the famous No child Left Behind Act of 2001 which is still an active nation wide mandate in the United States ( Schwardz 2000 ). A standards-based system measures each student against the concrete standard, instead of measuring how well the student performed compared to others. The main goal of this reform is that no student by virtue of poverty, age, race, gender, cultural or ethnic background,  disabilities or family situation will be exempt from learning the required material. ( Robinson,2000 ). The school income from property taxes and the federal funds are based on the student attendance. Every public school is required to take attendance every day so the budget can be given to the state accounting department and the money made available. If a child stays home even for one day, the attendance shows less need for money. Because of this system, we have overcrowded classrooms. The government legislators should realize that fewer students means better classroom management and better education. The fight for the control of public schools also contribute to the problems we are facing with our education system. In the United States, schools are regulated by laws and regulations at the district, county, state and federal levels. The most of day to day activities have been influenced by district level government usually by a district bureaucracy led by a superintended and controlled by a locally elected or appointed school board. ( Smith, 2001 ). State and federal governments often mandate programs and reforms or prohibit certain activities by criminalizing them through legislation or court  precedent or restricting state and federal funds to schools which are not in compliance. ( Robinson, 2000 ). In the early days of our nation, our constitution left education matters Mostly in the hands of states. In those days founding fathers did not want the federal government running education. But times have changed. Now we have a mobile society, new technology, and a global economy which has erased district, county and states lines that once had meaning. Nowadays, whether raised in California, Florida, Colorado or Virginia, all children in America need the same knowledge and skills that will help them  compete in both national and the international marketplace of jobs. Tight local control of public education under the influence of provincial attitudes and ideologies can leave our children ill prepared to survive in this very challenging global environment. Federal government leads the way in important areas such as food, drug, product, financial and environmental regulations and policies. Should not education, one of the most essential contributors to the success and well being of our nation, be naturally included in that list? The violation of the separation of church and state issue has also been an ongoing  debate in our public schools. In our constitution, the first amendment states â€Å"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, this indicates that a person is free to study any form of religion and that the government will not adopt any religion as the official religion of the state or nation nor will they favor any religion above another ( First Amendment to the United States Constitution, retrieved June 29, 2010 ). There are conflicts over school praying and most people agree that allowing some  groups of children to pray inside the classrooms could offend other children with different religious backgrounds or the children with atheist parents. Author Randall Eberts ( 2007 ) states that if we take a look at any humanities course, we will find religion somewhere. He also states that religion is in science, literature and art. The battle of evolution vs. creationism vs. intelligent design never stops. Science teachers can teach about the planets, stars and galaxies but they have no answer regarding how it all started. They can come up with several theories but it is difficult to satisfy many students with  various religious background. In art classes, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel are among the greatest pieces of artistry which are both religious in nature. In order for a student to be able to analyze these types of artwork, they must be able to refer to the religious themes portrayed in the pieces. In literature, Dante’s Inferno is a good example of how religion is approached in a high school literature class. In the text, Dante has established series of rings of hell and categorized which sins would banish a soul to that region for eternity. Since not all students believe in heaven and hell, teachers must be extra careful how to approach this topic so it won’t appear as if they are trying to enforce their viewpoints on the topic. There has to be a fine line between teaching religion and teaching about religion. According to a study by Christian Smith, ( Smith, 2002 ) religion affects students many ways including the following: Religious students are more likely to be involved in community work. Religious students are less likely to be suspended or expelled. Religious students are more likely to be involved in student government. Religious 12th graders are less likely to misbehave at school. Religious 12th graders are less likely to skip school without permission. There is a positive correlation between religious students and their involvement in extracurricular activities. Researchers mark Regnerus and Glen Elder ( Regnerus, 2003 ) conducted a research and found out that â€Å"when youth from low-income neighborhoods attend church, their academic performance improves primarily due to social influences of the church. It seems like most problems in the schools are the result of inability to make important decisions about the future of education in America. Valuable time is wasted by infighting and indecision. We seem powerless to fix the problems. All parties involved should have a common agreement about what some of the basic needs of students are. Our culture and the state of society is rapidly changing. In the light of these changes, new ideas about education can be useful to improve our education system. But they should be investigated for their effectiveness. The key to our future depends on highly educated students who are prepared for the 21st century. Our economic future and ability to compete in the world marketplace depends on it.

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Columbia Coffee Study Juan Valdez

1. Procafecol S. A. Basic information 1. 1. Development and History CH2. Participants in international business – Say if Procafecol is Multinational enterprise (MNE), Small and medium-sized enterprise, or the born global firm CH1. Why Colombia trade coffee? Theories advantages, etc. Coffee was introduced in Colombia in the late 1700s and the first commercial production began in the early 1800s. Despite these early developments, the consolidation of coffee as a Colombian export did not come about until the second half of the 19th century.The great expansion that the world economy underwent at that time allowed Colombian landowners to find attractive opportunities in international markets. Little by little, the United States became the most important consumer of coffee in the world, while Germany and France became the most important markets in Europe. In 1927 the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC) was created to help the Colombian coffee growers on structuri ng a very traditional and atomized sector.In 1959, during a crisis that came about due to instability of the coffee trading price, the FNC decided to work with Doyle Bernback, an advertising agency (ex DDB) with the goal of building a strong symbol, highly identi? able, that would allow them to promote the speci? cities of the Colombian Coffee and sell the production at a higher price than the current market price. Presently, Colombia is the second largest coffee producer in the world (after Brazil). It accounts for almost 12% of the world’s total production. Coffee accounts for 8% of Colombia’s GDP.A personi? ed brand since its creation Following the advice of the advertising agency, Juan Valdez was personified since its creation. He would be the symbol of a Colombian coffee grower worldwide. A mere six months after the launch of the campaign, 87% of the American people associated Juan Valdez with Colombian coffee. In 1961, Juan Valdez was launched on the European mar ket with similar success. Since then, a limited number of actors have personi? ed the emblematic coffee grower focused on protecting the traditions that make his coffee the â€Å"best in the world†.Between 1959 and 2000 more than 750 million dollars were allocated to develop the image of Juan Valdez and to promote the Colombian coffee. Transformation into a commercial icon After a particularly dif? cult political and social period it was really important for the FNC to help the Colombian coffee growers in both economic and social aspects. Procafecol SA was created in 2002 by Fedecafe Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, being the major shareholder along with Colombian coffee growers which own 13,000 shares.Since 2004, the company has been fully responsible for the operation of Juan Valdez ® stores in the country and in 2006 began the distribution of packaged coffee in retail and horeca (hotels, restaurants, catering) channels. Juan Valdez is also offered to passeng ers of Avianca, the most important airline in Colombia. In a coffee market where prices and margins are really low, a diversi? cation strategy is indeed really pertinent considering the gross margins of gourmet coffee houses (Starbucks, Colombus Cafe†¦ and even more if we consider its direct relation with coffee growers as a strong competitive advantage. Positioned as Gourmet Since the beginning of the project it was made clear that the Tiendas Juan Valdez ® are a chain of coffee houses focused on selling coffee products to the consumers. These coffee houses were created to be a part of the coffee supply-chain and to strengthen the awareness of the Colombian coffee. This would gradually increase the incomes of Colombian coffee growers, historical mission of the FNC.Since their launch, the Tiendas Juan Valdez ® was designed to reach the up-market, with an ambiance mixing the Starbucks standards and the touch of a Lounge coffee shop of Barcelona. The warm colors symbolize Sou th American tradition, however they also exhibit luxury and a calm atmosphere. The ? rst Tiendas outlets were opened near business centers, high-end malls and trendy sectors of the cities. Since its creation, this ambitious project based its expansion on a 3 step strategy: 1. Colombian Pilot (2003-2006) 2. International Pilot (2004-2007) 3.International Development (2006 -†¦) In 2003, year that the project was launched, 10 coffee houses were opened in Colombia. Since 2004, this international expansion made possible the creation of 10 coffee houses in the USA (Washington, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia) and 2 in Spain (Madrid) 3/ Strengthening the brand image and the commercial development Renewal of the icon In order to sustain the international development of the project it was considered as important to renew the image of the Juan Valdez person, taking care of preserving its historical values.Since 1994, according to the recommendations of the DDB agency, a new advertising c ampaign was created to conquer the youth segment. Juan Valdez was acting in different TV commercials and Out Of Home formats where his codes (hat, poncho, moustache) were shown in extreme situations (sur? ng, snowboarding, hang-gliding†¦), with the strong presence of the historical logo, seal of authenticity and quality for the consumer.This innovative mix had enormous success in the USA and was awarded in 2005, during the New York AdWeek, it was named as top icon of the year in the USA, even before Ronald McDonald or the Nike Swoosh. Diversifying to fashion Propelled by the commercial success of the Tiendas Juan Valdez ®, Procafecol decided to develop a line of alternative products around the authentic image of Juan Valdez. From coffee mugs to umbrellas, more than 50 products were created and sold to consumers. In 2006, the ? rst clothing collection based on the historical icon was launched.In trendy neighborhoods of Bogota you may ? nd executives with a Juan Valdez jacket o r women with the latest model of a leather handbag. Gaining the European market When considering the conquest of the European market, the FNC did a thorough analysis of the consumption trends. Two ? gures impacted the directors of the Federation: European consumers are willing to pay 10% more for a product with a European Label and 73. 9% of them consider it as a quality seal. In September 2007, after 33 months of legal procedure, Colombian coffee became the ? st non-European product to obtain the PGI European Label (Protected Geographical Indication). Juan Valdez could now develop its commercial strategy and think of opening new coffee houses. Two were just created in Madrid while Paris and Moscow are now on the list of the international expansion plan of the Colombian Federation. By the end of 2007, the FNC and Procafecol were running more than 100 coffee houses in Colombia, 10 in the USA and 2 in Europe. They are now launching a new coffee house per month and want to make 2008 th e year of their European expansion. 1. 2. Juan Valdez BrandDescribe who Juan Valdez, what the brand represents, is and general details about it. Principal characteristic of the brand, why it is known, importance and recognition of Colombian coffee 1. 3. Strength of identity: Colombian Coffee To understand the influence of GI among Colombia the following four elements represent its national advantage in coffee industry. Factor conditions Due to the uniqueness of topographical factors and two rainfall seasons creates strongly national advantages. 6. 4% of total area of Colombia is cultivation zones, and 12% of coffee production area producing â€Å"GI coffee†.It provides 11 to 12 million production possibility per year. In addition, in 2010, there were 990 airports with 196 thousand air transport carriers, 6 ports and terminals with 2 million port container traffic, 874 km railway routes, 141,374 km roadways (CIA 2010 and The World Bank 2010). 18% of total 22. 5 million labour force involving agriculture, there have been an increasing number of producers after joining GI (Figure1) (Gomez, 2007) as well as foreign direct investment with 6. 7 billion in 2010 (The World Bank 2010). Demand conditionsThe demand of domestic market is one of important forces for development of industry. Compared to other countries, Colombia had lower needs of domestic market, which has low per capita consumption with 2. 8 kg only 5% of total national coffee production ( Benni, N. E. and Reviron, S. 2009). The domestic consumption did not increase even joining GI system, maintained at 1,400 thousands bags from 2007 to 2010 (Figure 2). Related and supporting industries In this factor, Colombian coffee industry has lower related and supporting industries.These industries and processes are mostly run by family or small businesses, due to the relatively simple methods and low investments needed. Firm strategy, structure and rivalry As one of well know coffee producer, Colombia has su ccessfully increased its competitiveness via sophisticated marketing strategies of the FNC. It applies trademark and certification mark to protect Colombian coffee. Since registered GI it has increased consumer’s awareness and creates better advantage against other competitors

Burglary & distinguishing characteristic

Burglary, larceny, and robbery all involve theft or the possibility and/or likelihood of theft, but there are some important distinctions between the three. Burglary is essentially the act of breaking into a premesis with the intention to commit a crime – usually theft, but other offenses are also included. A charge of burglary can be made whether or not a crime takes place inside the building or premesis; the act of trespassing is what sets burglary apart from the other two crimes.Robbery involves taking property which belongs to another person, by use of force or the threat of force or violence. The distinguishing characteristic of robbery is the use or threat of force; without this element, the crime committed is simple theft. In the case of robbery, the property is taken with the intent to permanently deprive the rightful owner of that property. But where burglary can be levied as a charge whether or not the crime took place, robbery can only stand as a charge if an actual theft did occur.Larceny is itself a type of theft, but with a handful defining conditions which must be met. The threat or act of violence is not present, as in robbery; however, the larcenist must be in complete possession of the taken item and remove it from its original location. The length of time that the victim is deprived of his or her property (whether temporary or permanent) does not have bearing on the charge. Also, the theft qualifies as larceny whether the theft is carried out directly (by the larcenist) or indirectly (by a third party).The controlling factor in identifying larceny is possession – whether or not the accused larcenist takes complete possession of the property and removes it from the possession of its rightful owner. In addition, the thief must have intent to steal, and the item stolen must have value. In virtually all jurisdictions, all three offenses are subclassified in varying degrees of severity. Works Cited Mansfeld, Yoel and Pizam, Abraham. (2006) Tourism, Security and Safety : From Theory to Practice. Burlington, MA : Elsevie

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Analyze the content of TEN advertisements Research Paper

Analyze the content of TEN advertisements - Research Paper Example The paper "Analyze the content of TEN advertisements" analyzes ten articles. According to the theory, advertisements make people get addicted to unnecessary things and new habits. The second advertisement is that of Ford Mustang 2013. This advertisement lasts nearly 2 minutes and it appeared on television. In the advertisement, the new Ford Mustang 2013 runs down a beautiful street which is full of beautiful people. As the car moves, all people including children watch with admiration. In issues like that of Ford Mustang, one can apply the theory of Interractionism too. According to this theory, (as cited in Herman & Reynolds, 1994, p. 25) the advertisements create a virtual world of modern self. This helps create a new need to buy the new products. In the case of Ford Mustang 2013, the advertisement shows that people watch the new product with admiration. Thus, the viewer develops the feeling that getting that model is a necessary step to get admiration in society. Coca Cola adverti sement is the third one. It appeared on television and it lasts nearly two minutes. The advertisement starts when a young guy inserts a coin in the cola vending machine. The coin initiates a series of events inside the machine in which unnatural creatures fill cola in the bottle in an unnatural place and finally the bottle is handed over to the guy. Evidently the advertisement is capitalizing on the mystery regarding the preparation of coca cola. Admittedly, various rumors regarding the mystery of cola’s preparation can be a weakness. ... However, in the above stated ad of Coca Cola, one can see the art of capitalizing on the so called weakness. 4. Woman’s Horlicks is the third important advertisement. This advertisement is on print media. The advertisement shows a jar in the shape of a woman. The advertisement reads: â€Å"Your husband needs you, your children need you, your family needs you, your neighbors need you, your pets need you, your plants need you.† And the final statement goes: â€Å"And your health needs you.† Thereafter the advertisement contains extensive information about the nutrition content of the supplement. Here, it seems that one should think about the influence of sociological images to understand the importance of this advertisement. In the case of people, always ‘seeing is believing.’ That means through compelling images and statements, it is possible to develop the sociological imagination of people. A woman finds the advertisement of Horlicks something like a wake-up call. 5. The fifth advertisement is that of Nike. It appeared on print media. The advertisement shows a cheetah running at high speed. The cheetah has the trade mark of Nike on its belly. The heading of the advertisement reads: â€Å"What is the secret of this speed?† At the left bottom of the advertisement, it reads: â€Å"Ask the master.† And the right bottom of the advertisement shows the name of Nike and its trademark. The advertisement wants to compare Nike with the fastest animal on earth. In this case, the study by Lutz and Lutz (1977) seems useful. The study proves that interactive picture sequences have the power to enhance subsequent item recognition. When

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Responding to Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Responding to Terrorism - Essay Example The threat of terrorism is unending, and will most likely increase as time goes by. However, the response to terrorism should not be focuses on the military way, instead, the government should try to uncover the root causes of terrorism and work with other countries using intelligence to avert terrorist acts before they occur. Introduction One of the biggest issues in British politics is centered on terrorism and the resources expended for it. Some individuals in politics are of the opinion that terrorism should not be given as much attention as is currently done since it does not cause as much destruction as other catastrophes. Other politicians state that the best way to curb terrorism is by destruction of the terrorists using force of war. Terrorist acts all round the world continue to appear in headlines continuously, and some quarters seem to indicate that the attention given to global terrorism is not warranted. Statistically, global terrorism seems to pose a smaller threat tha n other catastrophes, for example, floods and famines. An investigation by an American economist, Krueger, indicated that the average chance of an individual succumbing to a terrorist attack in the United States or United Kingdom is less than 1 in 5 million (Krueger, 2007). However, the probability of individuals dying from other factors like natural disasters is of a higher magnitude. However, despite the statistic mentioned above, the threat of terrorism, or the actual occurrence of terrorism will dominate headlines more than any other event. Even if a terrorist attack does not claim any lives or damage property of substantial value, the media coverage and outcry from the public will still be overwhelming (Perl, 2007). Additionally, the government’s response to such an occurrence will most likely be higher that the response to any other event. Comparing the time and resources spent on the response to terrorism to the spent to on other global issues shows a big divergence (P erl, 2007). The government will spend more time, resources and personnel in trying to avert the threat of terrorism than any other global occurrence. Some quarters of the political quadrant might argue that the government is spending too much on an event that might or might not occur, but the following analysis shows that the resources and attention spent by the government, media and individuals in response to the terrorism threat is viable. The analysis will show that the terrorism response mechanisms currently in place are possibly due to the uncertainty of the attacks, but also due to the real threat that they pose to society. The Threat of Terrorism One of the first reasons why terrorism is taken seriously around the world is because of the uncertainty of possible attacks from terrorists (English, 2012). Many individuals will state that they are concerned for the country, but perhaps a more satisfying answer is that everybody is concerned for themselves. Increasing media coverag e has gone to show that terrorists strike randomly, thus increasing the chance that anyone could be a victim. This fact, coupled with the ruthlessness of the attacks, serves to greatly increase the attention given to terrorism. The main reason why the response to terrorism should be taken seriously is because of the underlying factors or reasons in every terrorist insurgence (English, 2007). Despite the fact that most

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Therapeutic Nursing Interventions Research Paper

Therapeutic Nursing Interventions - Research Paper Example Nursing is a field that involves dealing with a large number of people and thus, communication is a key factor at work. However, it is through communication that the nurses get into conflicts with one another and with the patients (Morrell-Stinson, Abraham,  & Bolliger, 2012). Statement of the Problem The clinical problem here is conflict among the nurses and with the patients. While working, nurses tend to disagree about many things concerning work. In my environment nurses engage in issues such as stubbornness, failure to adhere to the right clinical ethics, and failure to follow the set rules and regulations. Therefore, this raises conflicts since the head officers will not agree to some of the behaviors displayed (Morrell-Stinson et al., 2012). The work environment also contributes to conflicts among nurses. For instance, in an environment where the laboratory equipment is few, nurses may get into a conflict over the use of such instruments. However, this will also depend to th e way in which the environment is organized. In an environment where duties are not well allocated to the nurses, the conflicts are bound to increase (Bjork,  1995). Since nurses are always working together, differences in personalities also contribute to conflicts. Each nurse has his or her own personality, which may be different from that of another nurse. This way, disagreements may be on the increase if two different personalities cross paths. In my environment, the issue of poor qualifications also contributes to conflicts both among the nurses and with the patients (Bjork,  1995). Conflicts with the patients occur when patients feel that the nurse does possess efficient skills in the field. On the other hand, conflicts with other nurses arise when a nurse performs a particular duty in the wrong manner. Therefore, the problem of conflicts in the nursing field can be faced in different ways. This is a clinical problem in my environment because many nurses have performed poor ly at work due to the issue of conflicts with their colleagues and patients. In addition, conflicts with patients have also caused loss of lives of many patients. This can be mainly explained by the fact that conflict resolution methods in my environment are very poor (Stanton,  2012). The reason why I chose to investigate this problem is because the issue has become a key subject of discussion since it is causing many losses among nurses and patients. For instance, conflicts have caused many nurses to lose their jobs and even their licenses. On the other hand, patients have also died due to chaos among the nurses in clinics. Therefore, this is an issue that needs immediate attention before it causes more losses. Increasing conflicts can also be attributed to the increasing diversity among people. For example, in the United States, clinical facilities are composed of nurses from different races and cultures. Therefore, the workplace consists of people with different cultural value s and thus, they have to learn how to tolerate one another’s values in order to stay in harmony. Current Clinical Practice In the current clinical setting, diversity is the key cause of conflicts and thus, nurses have to find a way of accepting and appreciating one another. The key mechanisms used in the current clinical setting include application of policies and regulations that should be followed at the workplace. However, in most cases these regulations do not

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Exam Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Exam - Speech or Presentation Example This leads to mistakes while driving and accidents follow. Similarly, driving at extremely high speed increases the number of accidents because any slight driving mistake at such high speeds are fatal. Reckless driving also increases rates of accidents through collision with other vehicles, pedestrians or objects along the road (Hour, 2007). The coefficient of determination can be directly obtained from excel’s summary of output. It is given by the value for R2 in the summary output. According to the data, the coefficient of determination is given by, Coefficient of determination represents the proportion of the dependent variable that can be explained by the explanatory variables. The value from the output statistics therefore indicates that the regression formula explains about 64.32 % of the data. The correlation coefficient indicates the degree and direction of correlation between variables. It shows how strong the variables are related with high absolute values (closer to one) indicating strong correlation while low absolute values (closer to zero) indicates weak correlations. Positive values of the coefficient of correlation indicate a direct relationship between the variables while a negative value indicates an inverse relationship between the variables. The value of coefficient of correlation, 0.802, indicates that the age and number of concerts visited are directly correlated. The correlation is further identified to be strong as the coefficient is closer to one. The model represents a multiple regression. This is because simple regression is characterized by existence of a single explanatory variable while multiple regressions have more than one independent variables. The model under consideration has three independent variables, which qualifies it for a multiple regression. Where y is the age at death and x1, x2 and x3 are

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Week9 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Week9 - Assignment Example In Communist Russia, with the new policy of Dictator Stalin to abolish religion in state, people faced a similar scenario when all of their religious landmarks and praying centres were destroyed. Similarly, in terms of political aspects, there are divisions found in societies because of a difference of opinion and support over a matter of support of political party and even on formats of governance. Social aspects such as the difference of interactions and sharing of opinions also cause cornering of families and selected people among societies (Rees, 2004). Economic statures also have had impact on social gatherings of societies, as a rift is created among individuals of societies who belong to a separate economic standard. Lastly, cultural aspects also create hostile situations, as people of different backgrounds interact with only each other and are subject to racial stereotypes, which cause aggressive behaviour at an individual level. With these aspects, societies are subject to hostile rifts that result in dangerous outcomes at times, which must be controlled by government policy