Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Role of women in colonial America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role of women in colonial America - Essay ExampleIn United States, early involvement of women can be traced before colonization of the country up to independence. While contribution of women is viewed to be minor, American women played hearty role in colonizing the country, establishing the American identity and in the independence movement. 1Ann Bleeker identified three different categories of women in America. They include African American, native Indians and the Europeans. These groups of women came from very distinct backgrounds and they played different roles in colonizing and establishing the foundation of America. 2Bleeker historied that women who had settled in America from European continent had specific roles in the society. These roles included preparing food for the family, weaving, in addition to rearing and educating the children. The Jewish women were not an exception and 3Helena noted that they performed similar traditional roles just similar women who had settled i n America from Europe in the sixteenth century. 4Murray noted that women were not allowed to hold leadership positions or have social organization of their own. Their major occupation was home making but hardly a(prenominal) owned property that they had mainly inherited from their families.

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