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ENVIRONMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ENVIRONMENT - Essay ExampleThis brings us to the first case which highlights the notion of the world of environmental racism that of social inequality the one that exists and widens the beach between the upper and middle white class and the lowly minorities hence the formulation of a base criticism which looked at how the low income and the minority Americans had to face the clearly disproportionate burden of environmental issues. These comprised of the existence of basic landfill which were located near their residence as well as the unsafe and risky environments in which these individuals held jobs (Bullard, 2000)Studies conducted on the placement of groundless toxic waste sites went to show that the primary locations selected for the dumping of unsafe agents were broadly in the South. It showed how the hazardous waste sites were located primarily in the communities where the black resided. This brings us to the second reason that contributes to environmental inequality, tha t which pertains to racial inequality and discrimination being a major reason why it is primarily residential areas in which the low income black reside are primary locations for the dumping and disposal of hazardous toxic wastes (Gaventa, John and Willingham, 1990).The aspect of residential separatism along with racial income inequality falls to be the key reasons as to why environmental inequality in societies prevails. Even since 1987, research has focused on these aspects looking at the reasons behind why it was that the minorities were at higher risk as compared to whites to be hold in areas which had more pollution, health risks, and unsafe environmental aspects. They were able to chalk down residential segregation as one of the top reasons as to why societies showed such disparity when it come to the allocation of environmentally unsafe locations being near the minority or African-American residential areas. GIS based socio-spatial analysis is entirely one way that we can s ee the

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Supervision Platform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Supervision Platform - Essay ExampleThus, as a executive program I intend on ensuring that via cooperative efforts between the teachers and other academic staff, each student gets the level best level of emotional satisfaction possible. The aim is not to produce money making machines in the long-run, in fact to create a lot of highly motivated individuals with the potential to change the world for the cave in tomorrow. Thus, the supervisory practices which I aim at adopting constitute a collaborative paradigm where every reader will too be decision maker adding value to the educational practices being employed. Mission line of reasoning as a Supervisor As a supervisor I aim at empowering the teachers as they are directly involved in the personal as well as the professional victimization of a child. According to a research published in the New York Times by Fretty, Friedman and curse (2012), the educational practices adopted by the primary school teachers directly impacts th e professional development of the child, i.e. if the quality of a primary school education is enhanced by 1%, the earning rate of the resultant student withal increases by 1%. This implies that the quality of teachers needs to be enhanced by persistent training and evaluation, as well as by transforming the way strategies are designed. When the teachers will directly be involved in the decision-making process, an innate susceptibility for clean indebtedness will follow, thus I aim at developing a collaborative working environment giving way to creativity and innovation. My Role as a Supervisor As a supervisor, I am bound to take multiple characters which are even subject to be extended in the long run. I consider my professional as well as my moral responsibility to understand the needs and desires of the teachers as well as the students, and to sync these needs with the modern daylight practices to impart quality education. Considering this scenario, it is my sole responsibi lity to transform the teaching patterns by adding new and updated courses to the curriculum to retard the progression of the students to the most advanced levels possible. In addition, I intend on taking up this role to add value to the learnings and creativity of the students by introducing additional courses relevant to arts. The video illustration connecting with the arts A workshop for Middle-Grades Students stresses on the significance of combining arts subjects with sciences to create a sense of innovation in the minds of the students (Education Next). Also, the addition of new courses to the curriculum would naturally demand skills development for the teachers to cope up with the transformation, thus skill development would also become an important role in the process. By initiating discussions with the teachers, it will be my responsibility to create opportunities for the teachers to acquire new skills to equip them with the necessary teaching tools and techniques. In this context, as a supervisor my role wont be limited to the evaluation and monitoring of the current practices, but also initiating new ones whenever the need arise. Evaluations and collaborative practices go hand in hand, being an important role as the supervisor under the systematic procedures. Leadership Orientation The most traditional leadership styles have been the

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Marketing Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marketing Plan - Research Paper ExampleIt is quite profitable to erect a restaurant in the area where this industry is actually flourishing. Buenos Aires has a large tourist influx each year. Not only are the tourist influx, but there several business battalion who travel to this busy urban center every now and then. The main concern for the tourists and business people from unalike parts of the world is the forage that they leave be getting in the foreign country. The foodstuffing conception is basically for a restaurant that has to be opened in the busy city of Buenos Aires. The restaurant will be situated in the city of Buenos Aires and will win with the high-quality food. It will non only win with quality food but to a fault with a place that will be full of comfort. In a hospitality industry servicescape plays a major role. It is the ambience that attracts the customers. It is the servicescape that helps the come out market to relate to a particular restaurant or any other service industry. The new restaurant will be targeting the tourists and business people and also the locals. The target market is further discussed under the heading of the target market of the marketing plan. Market Segmentation For any industry, market segmentation is a really important aspect. It helps to throw a clear map of the target market and helps to trace out those segments that can provide with the supreme profits. Similarly for this restaurant market segmentation is done on the basis of profits. The target market has been segment into tourists, locals, business people, children, adults, old age and minorities from different ethnic backgrounds. The market segment of tourists, locals and business people provide with the highest profitability. Thus these market segments cook been targeted and are further discussed in the marketing plan. Target Market As mentioned earlier in the introduction and the market segmentation, the target market of the new restaurant wil l be the tourists and business people from all around the world who visit Buenos Aires. Business people do not mean that they will be businessmen but it means people who are visiting the city for some official or work purpose. The age segment that the restaurant will be targeting is 16 years and above. The restaurant will not cater to the children market. In addition to the tourists and the officials, the restaurant will also be targeting the locals. The question arises that how will the restaurant target such diverse market segments. The answer lies in the set up of the restaurant and the menu that it will serve. The menu will include a widely variety of dishes. These dishes will belong to different cuisines. The restaurant will basically serve the Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Lebanese cuisines. The restaurant will be partitioned according to the different cuisines that it will offer. In addition to this partition, each split portion will carry the respective theme. For example the part of the restaurant where Chinese is served will have a Chinese ambience and same goes for the other cuisines. This will give an exotic touch to the food and can also be the differentiation point for the restaurant. In order to serve the local target audience the restaurant will also provide with the local cuisines in addition to the world renowned cuisines. Localization The restaurant will focus on the local trends as well. It will incorporate local culture along with the international cultures on the basis of which

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Jewish Cosmopolitanism in the Modern Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Judaic Cosmopolitanism in the Modern Era - Essay interpreterAs the Jews started to prosper in there respective settlements, so did Anti-Semitism grow and developed into ane huge monster that todays history still recalls. Anti-Semitism is defined as the scorn towards people of the Semitic group. This hatred is defined in various forms that include cultural, political, economic, religious, racial, and apocalyptic. Milestone events that marked the superlative degree of Anti-Semitism included the First Crusade back in 1096, that happened in France and Germ some(prenominal), The Massacre of Jews in Spain in late 1300s, Expulsions from England, Portugal, Russia and Soviet Republic. The peak of all these was the Holocaust by the Germans under Adolf Hitler. All these r ontogenys were about Jewish clearance due to many aspects relating to Anti-Semitism. The above historical events changed the Jewish perception of themselves. This was from the new definitions that were given of the Jews i n the many expulsion revolutions that were Anti-Semitic. General affright of being associated to the Jewish culture with an imagination that the same could in the end happen and the same fate repeat itself allover again is another primary(prenominal) cause of change. These devil causes have redefined the modern Jews, turning them into a cultureless population spread allover the world, and minority seclusions with respect to favouritism they faced back then. This has caused tremendous assimilation where the current Jewish has turned into a cosmopolitan culture, loose no origin or definition. This paper shall analyze some of the causes that the city has had in the identity-building process that has resulted into the evolution of the traditional Jew into an independent modern-day Jewish Cosmopolitan. The changes of the Jews shall be attributed to the main Anti-Semitic hatred forms that attributed the Jews as unique, consequently deserving the hatred they received, and still to so me reasonable measure, still receive. These are cultural, economic, religious, political, apocalyptic, and racial perceptions. Major cities in the world are cosmopolitan meaning that they host diverse cultures, races, religions and tribes. Based on the Anti-Semitic stamp by the Jews that predominantly having the desire to exercise the Jewish Culture would lead to the easy identification of Jews, a great deal care is taken. There is also a belief that since the Jews were considered as the Chosen Lot, there was a angle of inclination of them wanting to overturn any other culture and make people assimilate their culture. The result of this fear made the modern-day Jew take up the cultures of various cosmopolitan groups in the city, gifting them with diverse survival maneuver that aped all the communities. This gave the modern Jews an upper hand as they were able to interact with all the groups. According to them, this was a survival skill they had to learn in order not to be distinc t and conspicuous for any attack from the Anti-Semites. This was good, but eventually, Jews lose their touch with their culture and thus lose there identity too. Judaism, the main Jewish religion, has had a long misunderstanding with Christianity ever since the emergence of Christianity. This misunderstanding arose from various factors that included the differences in beliefs about God, processes and general conduct. This is despite the origin of the two being from the same historical foundation, usually set forth as the Second Temple period. The dominance of Christianity has, however, outweighed Judaism with statistics showing a population of 2 billion

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LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVENESS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVENESS - Essay useOperational effectiveness happens when extinguishment shows that it recognizes the employees abilities and come tos initiatives to support its employees through advancements, personal development programs or other actions in high-performance environment.To achieve operations and organizational effectiveness certain factors have to come into play wish resources that are essential for the performance of production activities. The operations role is to enable managers to determine and schedule the resources call for to meet business targets. Matching these resource inputs and production targets helps to achieve organizational effectiveness. This is because you are able to find out the speed, dependability, quality and flexibility of the operations. Focus on training gives managers time to control less and allow employees to manage themselves to create a sense of employee empowerment, this helps to evaluate and gauge the technical and production capacity of the organizations resources (Dressler, 2004).A fortunate management strategy requires putting in place an integrated planning process, including steps to take and should take a two-tiered approach where there is free flow of information. There are various organizational strategies that farting to an effective management and organization. These include understanding previous initiatives leaders and employees to learn what worked, what did not and what gaps need to be filled, involving top management helps to increase the employees drive where the employees may be asked to share their opinions with their superiors, Identifying people who might be potential stumbling blocks or champions helps individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses and managers identify how individual behaviors might affect group dynamic. Constructing an effective communication theory system is also an effective strategy which

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International Trade Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Trade - Term Paper manikinTherefore increasing economic activity and reducing unemployment and deflation be the ultimate production. The Keynesian theory indicates the hypercritical actions at some micro-level of public sector and at individual level that restrict the cumulative macroeconomic upshots. Ultimately, the expansion and potential of the existing economy becomes lower and lower.IS-LM model of John Hicks, and the Phillips frizz are the ii basic theories of Keynesian macroeconomics which policy makers could use to grasp the business cycle in the country, however, both models are rejected by Post-Keynesians.IS-LM is an abbreviation of Investment Saving / Liquidity preference Money supply. This model has the corresponding dominance as the Keynes actual analysis in formatting the actual policies both public and administration sectors. The model correlates cumulative employment and demand to three vital capacities, i.e., government budget, money circulation, and the business prospects.During the coarse recession period of early 1930s, when numerous Neo-classical economic experts like Lionel Robbins, Edwin Cannan, Gustav Cassel and Arthur C. Pigou were using the further wage cuts policy to restrict down the unemployment, Keynesian Theory was a revolutionary idea. IS-LM model and Phillips curve were widely used. For the prediction purpose, the economist used the IS-LM model. For instance, increment in the money would result higher productivity and employment and consequently Phillips curve was applied to predict an increase in inflation.The most appealing factor in the recognition of Keynesian Theory was that it provided theoretical guidance to policy-makers during the Great Depression era of 1930s. A lot of people considered that Keynesian Revolution was the outcome of rationale approach of government macroeconomic policy. The logical approach of Neo-classical economists looked like counterintuitive because

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Housing and the Inclusive Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Housing and the Inclusive ships company - Essay ExampleIn addition, snobbish rented sector has actively participated in creating opportunities for provision of adequate homes that be accessible and convenient for in terms of prices and affordability to kindly excluded groups. According to the EU, complaisant inclusion involves a work of including bulk in societal activities who risk exclusion through poverty, unemployment, or homelessness this includes exclusion from participation in decision-making processes (Spandler, 2007 European Commission, 2010). In this paper, there will be a discussion on the contribution of the private rented sector in promoting social inclusion or social exclusion, followed by an evaluation of the lesson learnt by social housing about social inclusion. Effect of hush-hush Rented Sector on Social exclusion Private rented sector is usually a commercially operated environment such that those providing social housing must tint forward to making profit s. In this case, the State does non hand a direct role in dictating housing provision, but can only provide guidelines on housing standards that landlords should meet. Therefore, it is a common phenomenon to suck up housing providers excluding some people based on various reasons (Hayes, Gray and Edwards, 2008 Le Grand, 2003). First, in intercourse to letting fees (price), allocation of housing may exclude some people based on their incomes. For instance, rental charges may be prohibitive for low-income earners, as well as those people who do not take a leak housing benefits from their employment (Hulse and Burke, 2000). Another factor of housing allocation that promotes social exclusion is facilities allocation in housing such that the landlords usually fix heating and fuel systems within houses, which make accommodation expensive. In this case, tenants may be rebuffed from accessing housing due to extra cost of heating and fuel, or they may have to dedicate much of their re sources to such costs in expense of other basic needs (Hulse and Burke, 2000). Thirdly, social housing may discriminate disabled population from accessing housing due to the architectural design of houses. It is unadorned that majority of houses are constructed without consideration the accessibility of wheelchair users to the buildings the same can be said for blind people. Fourthly, there are instances when landlord put conditions on who should be rented accommodation. For instance, landlords, driven by desire to make money and repress the stress of demanding delayed or unpaid rent, may decide that only people from a certain(prenominal) level of income, certain employment sectors, race, religion or sexual orientation should be provided with housing, thus severalise against those who do not qualify (Kleinman, 1998), despite this being unlawful. Fifthly, it is possible that some people will not have sufficient information on where to secure housing of their class and in such cas es, they may be excluded from housing. For instance, potential tenants may find it difficult locating affordable housing especially in new and unfamiliar locations, thus finding themselves occupying houses that are beyond their reach (Hulse and Burke, 2000). Finally, private rented houses may not be equitably al hardened in terms of location, with such houses being concentrated or exclusively located in certain areas. In this case, although it may be motivated by issues such as security, people who have to make

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Relationship between Number of Enrollees and Number of Graduates of US Term Paper

Relationship amidst Number of Enrollees and Number of Graduates of US medical exam schoolhouses - Term Paper ExampleUsing descriptive statistics, coefficient of correlation and regression analysis, it was found that there is a low positive relationship between second of commencement ceremony year enrollees and the shape of graduates from medical give lessonss iv years afterward. Thus, although higher graduates are produced by schools with higher first base year enrollees, this may not be a crucial factor and other affecting elements may have to be considered. Table of Contents Page Number Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Presentation and Discussion of Results 5 Conclusion 19 Critique 21 Bibliography 22 Introduction thither are a number of factors that influence the volume of graduates from medical schools in the US. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) reports that for the past decade, there has been a fluctuation in the number of applicants to US medical schools (AAMC Website). However, the number of enrollees and the number of graduates have both seen a constant rate over the past years. This study is interested in finding out if there is a authoritative relationship between the number of enrollees in US medical schools with the number of graduates four years later. That is, the research asks the following question RQ Is there a important relationship between the number of enrollees in US medical schools with the number of graduates four years later? To correspond with this research question, this investigation has the following hypotheses Ho There is no relationship between the number of enrollees in US medical schools with the number of graduates four years later (r = 0). Ha There is a significant and positive relationship between the number of enrollees in US medical schools with the number of graduates four years later (r 0). The indep stopping pointent variable for this study is Number of enrollees, corresponding to the number of first year enrollees in each medical school for the year 2006. The dependent variable for this study is Number of graduates, corresponding to the number of students who graduated four years later from the same schools, or those labeled as break up of 2010. This topic is of particular interest to me because I have always wondered about the performance of medical school programs in terms of how many people make it past the MCATS and how many actually graduate the university. I personally have the desire to attend medical school and eventually become a doctor. As such, this research will make an impact in my decision to pursue Medicine. I am an aspiring(prenominal) girl, but I do know that ambition is not the only way to get by dint of medical school. Rather, one needs courage as well. This research will determine at the end of the day if I will have the courage to try out this field or to destination the doors to medical school behind me. Presentation and Discussion of Results In order to answer the research question, descriptive statistics was first taken from the data in order to have a picture of how the data behave. Then, a scatter plot of number of graduates against number of enrollees was produced to find if there is an existing relationship between the 2 variables. Finally, the data were subjected to regression analysis in order to find out if Number of Enrollees is a significant predictor of Number of Graduates. The regression analysis conducted also produced the coefficients for the desired regression equation. Table 1. Presentation of bare-ass Data By Alphabetical Order 30 Selected Medical Schools First Yr Enrollment (2006) vs. Graduates (2010) pertain of School First Yr Enrollment (2006) Graduates (Class of 2010) Boston University School of Medicine 179 153 Brown Medical School 91 79 Drexel University College of Medicine 255 233 Florida State University Colleg

LOVE. -- OB Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

LOVE. -- OB - Research Paper physical exertionThese techniques even though in many cases prove useful it fails in majority of the situations. This causes the conflict to get on which in turn leads to negotiations. Some of these negotiations ar arbitrated by third parties while others ar handled by managers themselves. there are critical aspects of negotiations as well which are discussed in later. Overall, whether conflict is positive or veto for the company depends on the outcome. Sometimes a conflict can have a positive outcome in the short-term but the results can be devastating in the long-run and frailness versa.In the 21st century, workforce and work etiquettes are both going through rapid changes because of cut-throat competition. Such changes are placing stress not just on the management but also the workforce which is increasing the chances for workplace conflict and deviant behaviors at workplace (De Dreu, 2008). Thus, highlighting the importance for effective conf lict management is crucial. Unfortunately, no literature has yet been linked to conflict management and worker issues that may cause conflicts (De Dreu, 2008).For many eld now, scholars and academics in organizational behavior and psychology have conducted vast researches on the workplace conflict. While well-nigh have conducted studies on the negative side of it, others have examined the positive effects. According to De Dreu (2006), positive functions of conflict are linked with learning, improved quality of decisions, creativity, innovation and overall enhancement in productivity and team effectiveness. On the contrary, De Dreu and Gelfand (2007) has noted the negative functions of conflict such as increased stressed, low job satisfaction and vice versa of positive functions. Many scholars would argue mostly on the positive functions that arise from the conflict issues such as those related to tasks (e.g. designing best strategy) rather than personal issues (e.g. disagreements on