Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Does the evidence support the claim that the media 'lost' the Vietnam Essay

Does the evidence support the claim that the media lost the Vietnam war for America How has this belief affected way that the - shew ExampleAffective media can simultaneously boost the morale of nation as well as of the armed forces during a war and after the war also. Media should display patriotic spirit to project the date of its own country, as it is really essential for overall representation of the state. Vietnam War is also an example from annals where American media could not handle the war to project the gains of the forces. One that media did not print the US phalanx effort and sacrifices of the army and on other end, post-war scenario was full of critic, which had very demoralizing affects on troops and also on nation as a whole. Therefore, after passing about 35 years, still on that point is an ongoing debate on the role of American news media on the outcome of the conflict. Severe objection of the media on the let go of of policy failure in war also compelled the decision makers to alter the draw of action, ultimately led to confusion and chaos. Media lost the war for America because it was media, which projected the war in a negative sense. The government was unable to control the media and the media especially the television highlighted such compasss of American government that deteriorated the image of American army among the masses and the world as a whole. That showed that censorship policies for media should be there in order to safeguard the reputation of a country. Medias role in Vietnam War was quite predictable as it is said that medias engagement in disabling America to win the war is prominent. treat of media and certain causes of failure in campaign in the subsequent conflicts shall be elaborated here. This paper analyzes the issue of media involvement in the Vietnam War along with its affects on military efforts in Vietnam. This paper also draws anxiety to the fact that American media lost the Vietnam War for America. Medi a and Preliminary Phase of the Conflict It was obvious from the outset that US was assisting Vietnam people in fighting against the communist aggression. Saigon government was in power to take care of American interests. Besides continuous information provided by US officials on activities of the forces in Vietnam, American diplomats wanted Vietnamese press guidance in all matters (Landers 2004). On the outset of hostilities, lack of harmony was found in American media and government. American public and congress were a bit hesitant to raise voice in support of the war waged by US. This also posed a problem in releasing specie for the campaign. Until 1962, lack of interest observed was in the role of media to support war. Non-availability of independent information gathering governing body and absence of means for real time battlefield picture led to mismanagement. Editorializing for moulding public belief was almost absent in newspapers. Policies of Kennedy could not seek succes s due to objective journalism of American media. According to Wyatt (1993), The Kennedy administration also took steps of its own to shut the press away from this story (91). However, he was not successful in his efforts because of uncontrollable media and lacking governmental policies. At the same time, American media started word picture two different pictures of Vietnam War. One, way of conduct of war by south Vietnamese was highly organism criticized. Other was the optimistic approach of American advisers

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