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Cystic Fibrosis Essay examples -- essays research papers

Cystic FibrosisCystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that causes the bodys lungs to show a different type of mucus than a non-infected body would. The contaminated lungs will produce mucus that is thick and adhesive which clogs the lungs and leads to an unpleasant and abhorrent lung infection. CF also interferes with the pancreas, disallowing the digestive enzymes from breaking down and absorbing food in the intestine. This can result in low nutrition, feeble growth, excessive sweat production, difficulties in breathing, and sometimes lung disease. When producing extra sweat and mucus, the body loses salt. If too much salt is lost, it can cause abnormal heart rhythms, disturbance of minerals in the blood, and perhaps, shock. Children, as good as Adults can also be affected by this disease. Some afflicted infants usually show symptoms of the disease in its early life stages. Yet, others may experience the horrid and hazardous conditions later in life. The types of infections range differently between each person. There are more than a thousand mutations of the CF gene.Considering that Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder, it can only be inherited by an individuals DNA. The only possible way to transmit the mutation to the offspring is if both parents are either carriers or already infected by the disease. Once two carriers produce an offspring, there is a twenty-five percent chance that their sister will have Cystic Fibrosis a fifty perce...

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Essay on Whartons Ethan Frome: Absence of Light and Life

Absence of Light and Life in Ethan Frome Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton is set in Starkfield, a small residential district plagued by harsh winters that seem to ebb away at life. In this town lives Ethan Frome, a stultifyd man who seems to be the physical embodiment of earthly suffering. An new arrival to the town, is drawn by Ethan. He is compelled to uncover the story behind the enigmatic man. What he discovers is a tragic tale of human suffering, an dainty example of tragic irony. Ethan was married to a cold complaining woman named Zenobia, nicknamed Zeena. His only joy in life was Zeenas younger cousin Mattie Silver, who stays with them as help for Zeena in her illness. Ethan grows to love Mattie. When Mattie is forced to leave by Zenobia, Ethan discovers that Mattie shares his love. However the two cannot find a way to escape the town they live in to start a new life together. Caught up in a rush of passion, they try to commit suicide and fail. Ethan is crippled and Mattie i s paralyzed. They can now never leave town for a life together. And Ethan is doomed to a life of silence with two complaining women. Edith Whartons writing style in Ethan Frome is impeccable. On the surface, Ethan Frome is alone a good story. Mrs. Wharton however adds incredible depth by the careful use of description, and symbolism. And her use of irony makes the tragedy of the story even more poignant. An small example of the symbolism in the book is the relationship between the weather of starkfield and the main characters of the book. Ethan Frome is living proof of what winters in Starkfield do to the human soul. As the narrator exclaims in the prologue, Why, he looks as if he were dead and in hell now. A close examination of Mrs. W... ...ave, it seemed to Ethan that she had become an alien presence, an evil sinew secreted from the long years of silent brooding. Ethan was drawn to Mattie because she represented all things summer and happiness to him. He rejected Zeena wh o had become the living symbol of silence, winter and unhappiness. The tragic irony of Ethan Frome was that after the smash-up Mattie became the complaining cold person while Zeena has to take on Matties role as a caretaker. Ethan is now a cripple who can only stay during the long winters of Starkfield. And also the long winters of moral isolation of silence and unhappiness and brood on what might have been. As Ethan comments in the prologue on his experience in the warmth of Florida winters, Yes I was down there once, and for a good while afterward I could call up the sight of it in a winter. But now its all snowed under.

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The Shoe Industry :: essays research papers

The Shoe IndustryThe fit out industry is one of the biggest money leasers in the market, however itsfacing many changes, rushes, and difficulties. The big power in the industry isNike inc. which all the other companies are trying to be like. Some changes arethe industry as a whole is moving there factories to the far east such as China.The reason for this is they are trying to save costs for producing there enclotheby paying there workers less because they are in the far east. Nike and Reebokhave already been in the east. The clothe industry not including Nike inc. istrying to make rushes to be number one, two, and three. Another rush theindustry is making, is the rush for the dead problem of sports post. In otherwords coming up with shoes for the sports that are in season. The difficultiesthe shoe industry has are making shoes that all people wear such as setting astyle for both inner metropolis people and suburb people. Another difficulty theshoe industry has is getting its s tock value to rise again because all but Nikeand Filas stock has dropped. This is what the shoe industry is all about andthe difficulties, problems, and advances it has.There are four major companies in the shoe industry. The dominant industryis Nike inc.. Then going down the line is Reebok, Fila, and Adidas. Nike beingthe superpower has been in front of all the other industries for many years.Right now Reebok is the closest company to Nike and is $2,459 behind in valuein MIL. Nikes earnings in the last quarter leaped 24% which has pleased WallStreet investors. With such earnings Nike announced a 2-to-1 stock split, itssecond in many years. Nike and Reebok are far ahead than the other companiesbecause there factories are already in the far east, and other companies arejust starting to work them. With Nikes earnings so high itll be very hardfor any of the companies to take over the number one spot. Also, itll be hardto get the peoples promote in there products because most people h ave faith inNike. Reebok number two in the industry is facing many problems. First, thereis clash between the management spots for Reebok. Second, Reebok is havingdifficulty finding sports stars to endorse there products. Finally, Reeboksstock has dropped and is still dropping. The reason for this is the people donot prefer the shoes in how they look and how comfortable they are.

Impact of the Enlightenment, Economics, and Geography on The American Revolution :: Essays on American Revolution

Many things contributed to the American Revolution besides the American peck themselves. Some influential ideas that contributed to the Revolution are Enlightenment ideas. The Enlightenment thinkers behind these ideas are John Locke, and Voltaire. Economics also had I major impact on the American Revolution. geographics also played a major part the uprising of the American Revolution. There were many Enlightenment ideas that provoked the American colonists to jump-start the American Revolution. John Locke was very influential with his ideas of consent of g everywherened, and limited Monarchy. Voltaire also had great ideas which contribute to the American Revolution such as that the government should be run by Natural Law instead of Gods Law. In war time it is a proven fact that the British economy boasts just exchangeable in the French and Indian War. In the act of trade and navigation Britain forced the American colonies to trade only with English or ships heavily taxed by Englan d. In 1764 Parliament passed a law saying sugar and molasses were to be tax, and paid in cash. This act was c altogethered the Sugar Act. To pay in cash was peculiarly hard for colonist because they relied on the barter system. In 1765 Parliament passed another law were colonist had to pay taxes on official seals on legal papers, compete cards, and newspapers. This was called the Stamp Act. This was also to be paid in cash. In result of anger toward England for passing all these laws and acts the colonists organized, boycotting all of the things taxed by the Stamp Act. In 1774 the British punished the Massachusetts colony for there acts at the Boston Tea Party. The British moved the Capital to Salem. They closed Boston Harbor. England also sent 4000 force to enforce these laws. In result of all this Americans set up the First Continental Congress. They decided to stop all trade with England and organized colonial militias. This was all ignored by England. The colonies in return s et up the Continental Congress. The declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. After these events war was inevitable with England. Geography had a major effect on the start of the American Revolution. The Atlantic Ocean separated England and the American colonies, but still the British demanded control over the united states. The proclamation of 1763 was a Royal order to stop the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains.

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The Woman With No Name in Monte Hellmans The Shooting :: Film Movie Shooting Hellman Essays

The Woman With No Name in three-card monte Hellmans The Shooting whole kit and caboodle Cited MissingGenerally forgotten by critics, and classified as alternately a cult classic and a B-movie (in reference to both its budget and its reception), Monte Hellmans The Shooting is a film worth revisiting. At a remote camp in the middle of the desert, a Woman With No Name arrives to call two work force to lead her to the town of Kingsley, days after one of the camp members was shot dead and another ran away. On their descent into the scorching desert, it becomes discernible that the Woman has misled her employees as a hired gun joins their party and they continue their journey, it would seem, to execute somebody. The Woman from time to time physically leads the pack, and is always deliberately in control of their actions. She is granted much agency in terms of both plot, and cinematic structure, frequently, for instance, holding a position in the frame physically oer the men in order to deliver a command. She enacts the ability to do, with tabu being done to, resorting to a performance of femininity/desirability at times to do her bidding. A textual analysis of the diorama in which the childlike Coley is ordered by the Woman With No Name to stay behind in the swell sun reveals a unique style with which Hellman plays with the conventions of the Hesperian and the utilization of the gaze to question gender roles and authority. Open the Sequence Storyboard in a new browser window. The scene in question opens with an image (shot 1 in the storyboard) atypical in a film coded as a Western two men riding together atop the same horse, as one critic points out, jogging listlessly in a limbo without perspectives (Strick, 50). At the heart of the scene is the metaphor central to this opening shot that of male instability, masculinity in crisis. Coley has given his horse to the Woman With No Name and rides on the back of Gashsades steed out of necessity. He has given up his means of transport, his agency. Without his horse, Coley lacks mobility in the narrative and his position as a male is challenged. The male body is celebrated in the Western with the phallic image of a man on horseback, sitting high above the ground, upright and superior, gazing down at a world whose gaze he in turn solicits (Mitchell, 167).

The Woman With No Name in Monte Hellmans The Shooting :: Film Movie Shooting Hellman Essays

The Wo humankind With No Name in Monte Hellmans The ShootingWorks Cited MissingGenerally forgotten by critics, and classified as alternately a cult classic and a B-movie (in reference to both its budget and its reception), Monte Hellmans The Shooting is a film outlay revisiting. At a remote camp in the middle of the desert, a Woman With No Name arrives to hire two men to lead her to the townsfolk of Kingsley, days after one of the camp members was hired gun dead and another ran away. On their descent into the scorching desert, it becomes apparent that the Woman has misled her employees as a leased gun joins their party and they continue their journey, it would seem, to execute somebody. The Woman from time to time physically leads the pack, and is always deliberately in control of their actions. She is granted much assurance in terms of both plot, and cinematic structure, frequently, for instance, holding a position in the frame physically over the men in order to redeem a comma nd. She enacts the ability to do, without being done to, resorting to a performance of femininity/desirability at times to do her bidding. A textual analysis of the word picture in which the childlike Coley is ordered by the Woman With No Name to stay behind in the blistering sun reveals a unique style with which Hellman plays with the conventions of the Western and the utilization of the gaze to question gender roles and authority. Open the Sequence Storyboard in a new browser window. The scene in question opens with an externalize (shot 1 in the storyboard) atypical in a film coded as a Western two men riding together atop the like horse, as one critic points out, jogging listlessly in a limbo without perspectives (Strick, 50). At the heart of the scene is the metaphor central to this opening shot that of male instability, masculinity in crisis. Coley has given his horse to the Woman With No Name and rides on the back of Gashsades steed out of necessity. He has given up his g ist of transport, his agency. Without his horse, Coley lacks mobility in the narrative and his position as a male is challenged. The male body is celebrated in the Western with the phallic image of a man on horseback, sitting high above the ground, upright and superior, gazing down at a world whose gaze he in turn solicits (Mitchell, 167).

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Business and Administration Level 2 Unit 5 Essay

You should use this file to complete your Assessment.The first thing you need to do is birth a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly When youve finished, release out a copy to keep for reference Then, go to and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area make sure it is intelligibly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment number.Please note that this Assessment document has 3 pages and is made up of 3 subdivisions.NameSection 1 Understand how to support the organisation of a business event1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required. conclusion and booking a cost-effective and suitable venue.Deciding on the appropriate attendees and sending out invitations and/or publicising the event. Organising/checking the appropriate licences and insurance cover. Organi sing refreshments taking into account any(prenominal) special dietary requirements. Collating and printing off relevant paperwork/event packs.Organising guest speakers.Organising/hiring equipment and checking it before the event starts. Greeting attendees.Taking notes/minutes.Typing up and distributing notes/minutes aft(prenominal) the event.Evaluating event.2. Complete the table below by identifying two ways of providing support before, during and after a business event.Section 2 Understand the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event and how to do so1. Explain the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour when supporting a business event.The purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour is to encourage a positive image of a business and to ensure that the event is cost-effective and beneficial. If the provide support the event in a professional manner then it is more likely that the event will meet its objectives and be viewed in a more positive way ensuring future events will be well received and supported.2. Describe ways of exhibiting professional and helpful behaviour whilst supporting a business event.. Examples of professional and helpful behaviour arePresenting a smart and clean appearance. being friendly and polite.Using non-verbal communication such as smile and making eye contact. Speaking clearly and listening to attendees.Being able to follow a procedure such as booking in attendees. Being knowledgeable about the event as to answer questions from attendees.It may be useful to supply supporting staff with a check-list of expectations so that they have a clear picture of what is required of them throughout (and perhaps before and after) the event.Section 3 Understand how to deal with problems encountered when supporting a business event1. What are the main types of problems that may come in when supporting a business event? You should include at least three differe nt types of problems in your answer.Many problems occur at business events if planning has been disorganised or incomplete, although sometimes problems occur despite the outperform of intentions. Prevention is better than a cure so the best way to deal with problems is to identify possible issues BEFORE an event and organise methodsto reduce potential stakes.Below are three different types of problems that could occur1) Equipment hardship i.e. PowerPoint presentation does not run on projector.2) Late attendees3) No provision for an attendees dietary needs2. Identify possible solutions for each of the problems you have listed in point 1 preceding(prenominal).A flexible and efficient approach to any problems will reassure attendees that you are concerned and trying hard to overcome the issue(s).Some solutions for the problems listed above are1)Print-offs of the PowerPoint presentation to distribute to attendees for reference. Asking the venue to supply back-up equipment in the ev ent of failure.2)To provide relevant paperwork for late attendees to enable them to catch-up Ensuring that before the event attendees are given an appropriate method of contacting a nominated member of staff to notify of lateness.3)To liaise with the venue and utilise available refreshment facilities. To be alive(predicate) (and have contact details) of nearby businesses that could cater for a dietary need at short notice.Before an event it is valuable to prepare a risk assessment to access what issues have a high importance and risk factor then prepare a contingencyplan to cover them. It is all-important(prenominal) to ensure that the back-up plans are cost effective thoughOnce you have completed all 3 Sections of this Assessment, go to and send your work to your tutor for marking.

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Baby Pacifier: The Symbol of “Me” Culture

shaver Maggie of the Simpsons has contributed to the popularity of bobble pacifiers, with her incessant sucking, which can speak volumes, depending on the situation of her family. Baby pacifiers have been part of the American finale for a long time that they have evolved into many names, soothers, dummies, Binkys, report Kalb and Whitford in Big Binky Brouhaha. Binkys seem like usual tools for cool downing babies to sleep or silence, but it can also launch some of the approximately glaring criticisms of American culture.The baby pacifier represents the overwhelming me culture of Americans, because it stands for autonomy, narcissism, and the paradox of social detachment-attachment. The baby pacifier represents the democratic principles of American culture, wherein p arnts give the autonomy to babies in choosing when and where to use their dummies. When American babies cry, mothers often interpret it as a sign of distress, and they immediately attend to them.In a study of pargon nting attitudes among five ethnic groups in the United States, Jambunathan, Burts, and Pierce (2000) observe that European American mothers are most likely to interpret baby cries as calls for help, and so they respond more eagerly to these cries than Asian American, Asian Indian, and African American mothers. The latter ethnic groups are also concluded as possibly more detached to the needs of their infants, because they often live in extended family arrangements and attend to other needs.This article indicates that American parents tend to provide greater autonomy for their children. On the other hand, autonomy has its dark side, narcissism. A baby wants a pacifier, and because she wants, she gets it. The book The Narcissism Epidemic by Twenge and Campbell (2009) illustrate how narcissism is growing everywhere in America, which leads to hostility, materialism, and superficial value.In one example, they describe the Blinky and its connection to the materialist and self-centered nat ure of modern parenthood, and modern American culture, as well Babies wear bibs embroidered with Supermodel or Chick Magnet and suck on Bling pacifiers while their parents read modernized nursery rhymes from This Little Piggy Went to Prada (Twenge and Campbell 2009). This is an example of how parents are subconsciously training their babies that they can have anything they want, just because they want it. Baby pacifiers can symbolize the revolution of the me, me, me culture, which is levels higher than the simple and initial me culture, which only demanded what is collectable to the individual, such as basic civil rights. Baby pacifiers also signify the inconsistency and problems of social detachment-attachment in American relationships. In a news article, Kalb and Whitford interrogate a mother Janna Bosshardt, who would have preferred to not use a pacifier, but was forced to because her third child, Cale is an Olympic-level screamer, and she believes that A pacifier was the only thing that would calm him down.It was for his sanity and mine. A personal interview with a mother of two kids also confirms the tug-of-war between detachment and attachment. Bearns describes how pacifiers make her insane and sane all at once. It makes her insane, because she is allowing the pacifier to do her own job of paying attention to her babys needs. Still, the pacifier also makes her sane, because she will have more time to work. She says Its hard to admit, but I am making pacifiers a pseudo-parent. I should breastfeed, but I dont have the time. These notions of what should be done with baby pacifiers embody the detachment and attachment in American culture. Americans want to give more love and attention to their children, because of the work-life balance they aim to pursue. Yet, they are still beholding family-work conflict, as something they must(prenominal) do away with, by using easy and quick resolutions (Mortazavi et al. 2009). Baby pacifiers signify something gained and lost. Children learn autonomy, wherein they can get what they want.But they forget that they must also work hard for what they want, and they must also take time to reflect on their actions and its consequences. Baby pacifiers also embed narcissistic and detachment values and practices that weaken American relationships. What is lost in this hyper-individualistic culture is human bonding and the realization that every choice, no matter how small, can have grave consequences. Finally, essentially missing in the me, me, me culture is the idea of being We. Works cited Bearns, Jennifer. Personal interview. 27 July 2010. Kalb, Claudia and Ben Whitford.Big Binky Brouhaha. Newsweek 146. 18(31 Oct. 2005) 33. Jambunathan, Saigeetha, Burts, Diane C, and Sarah Pierce. Comparisons of Parenting Attitudes among Five Ethnic Groups in the United States. Journal of Comparative Family Studies 31. 4 (2000) 395-406. Mortazavi, Shahrnaz, Pedhiwala, Nisreen, Shafiro, Maggie, and Leslie Hammer. Wo rk-Family Conflict Related To Culture and Gender. Community, Work & Family 12. 2 (May 2009) 251-273. Twenge, Jean M. and W. Keith Campbell. The Narcissism Epidemic. New York, NY Free Press, 2009. Web. 27 July 2010 http//today. msnbc. msn. com/id/30312181.

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Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry Essay

The study of fellowship Management is a process that has been researched for centuries by western philosophers and traditional theorists, how ever so it is solely until recently that friendship management has been the main focus for many organisations. Many have said that it was the publishing of Karl Wiigs, knowledge management foundations (1993), that sparked the huge interest in knowledge management and nearly two decades on KM is now considered as an essential tool for companies to rectify their performance and adaptability. 1 Not only this unless the concept of knowledge has been regarded as a businesses near precious asset and highly critical in retentivity a firm competitive. 2 This study will look at the knowledge management of one of the most Knowledge intensive industries in the world, the pharmaceutical attention, sounding at, comparing and criticising the different strategies that are used inside the industry. The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing and rap idly evolving , with organisations constantly investing in their research and learning departments for the development of bleak and valuable explicit information.In 2007 6,525 million was spent on R+D in the UK for the pharmaceutical market, showing that firms invest mammoth sums of money in this knowledge intensive industry. 3 Pharmacy as an enterprise system The Pharmaceutical Industry is sort of like a community of hold (CoP) where all the organisations function a common interest in medicine, working together to promote the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, with a common goal of providing the outmatch practice for the public. 4 It is clear that the industry is heavily dependent on using IT in storing and accessing information.Since the introduction web 2. 0 there has been a rapid adjoin in the use of enterprise systems across the industry. An enterprise system part withs for data to be identified, captured and embedded in software to be accessed by all organisations inwardly the industry. 5 A clear example of this comes from a passkey body called the department of health, this body stores explicit data on the internet in a PDF called the super C book, this can be accessed by any member of the public, as well as any organisation.The book provides the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all vaccine preventable diseases. 6 Not only is the book accessible via the web but also a hard copy of the book has been distributed to immunisation health professionals around the country, fashioning it very easy for any pharmacy to find the information it needs. What makes this store of information so reliable and valuable to organisations is that it updates itself with refreshed editions from information divided between different pharmacists, adding new vaccines etc.This type of knowledge management system is effective for this industry and can be fall apart explained using Dalkirs knowledge management cycle 7 As it shows, kno wledge is captured by different organisations through the use of research and development, this knowledge is whence assessed and shared with organisations and pharmacies all over the country via the use of the green book. Pharmacys then use this knowledge to purchase the right medicine and vaccinations to contend to the public.The update part of the life cycle comes in the introduction of new editions brining new information. There is a sense of a mini community within this management system, where the role of culture is valued quite highly as a knowledge sharing environment is created and designed so firms and organisations can share their information. 8 However one of the main drawbacks that comes with this knowledge management system is that it does hinder competitiveness.Larry Prusak (1996) said The only thing that gives an organization a competitive edge the only thing that is sustainable is what it knows, how it uses what it knows, & how fast it can know something new 9 T he introduction of the green book meant every pharmacy in Britain has access to the same information, making it difficult for organisations to get ahead in terms of knowledge. However it is important to note that pharmacys are not entirely profit orientated, but also aimed at providing the best possible medicine and vaccinations to the public.The full general Pharmaceutical Council and its implications Continued professional development is vital in the pharmacy profession as it allows for individuals and organisations to reflect back on their practice and then create plans to upgrade and improve. There is a professional body sacred entirely to this system called the General Pharmaceutical Council (GDP), 10 this body provides a particular framework for individuals and organisations to set targets based on their previous practices.The CDP offers a cycle for firms to reflect on their previous practices and then plan on ways to improve practices on the future based on experiences and knowledge they have acquired. Another aspect of the CDP is something called Continued Professional schooling (CPD) 11 This is a set of standards that are universal to all companies in the industry and which they must all comply with. What makes this so effective is the CPD is applied to all pharmacists and tribulation to meet the standards would result in the pharmacy losing their registration.The CPD expects each pharmacist to make a minimum of 9 entries a year, based on the knowledge acquired to update their have got practices. This is a huge incentive for all firms to get involved as failure to do so would result in losing their registration. Although this is a commodity strategy in attempting to engage organisations in learning, there is a key fundamental drawback. Although the system allows for storage of explicit data from each organisation, it does not allow for pharmacies to access information from other pharmacies therefore stopping any sharing of information or data.Ho wever it is clear there are other professional bodies available for this. The effect of IT The internet for many may have made the storage of knowledge much easier, however there is a negative associated with bowed down(p) reliance on IT. The effect may be that members from departments and organisations no longer need to confer with each other as the information can be taken from a directory from any enterprise system. This will reduce face to face conversations between specialists which spark new ideas resulting in a lack of new information coming in.The availability and easy access of knowledge will act as a disincentive for individuals to search for new information. Conclusion Knowledge management is now considered essential, with many agreeing the knowledge a business has is one of its most precious assets. Overall it is quite evident that the pharmaceutical industry is heavily reliant on the use of IT to process, store and share knowledge. The professional bodies mentioned abo ve are only a few of the number of enterprise systems dedicated to allowing organisations to update their knowledge of the profession and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.The use of a universal framework to engage pharmacists in assessing their own practices is an essential tool in making firms acknowledge their own level of knowledge as well as keeping them up to date with the most recent information. The fact that there is subdued competition and huge sums of money invested into R+D shows that all across the industry people are still challenging new ideas, however one thing is for certain, each organisation relies on each other for new information and knowledge in this ever changing industry.

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Is Science a Friend or an Enemy? Essay

Scientists, Change, Inventions, Einstein, Newton, Climate, Elements. . . . . . . . . Sounds experience right? very, all things here that we feel, see, hear, taste, and smell are related to it. It withal maybe the cause of some or maybe the real cause of environmental, health, economical, industrial, and agricultural problems. So, many of us blame that technology which is the application of light destruct the Earth. YOU Can you consider it as a friend or an enemy? For my very own opinion, SCIENCE is everyones friend. Look on what you are holding, eating, breathing, and to your chance(a) companion. Add your Best friend forever if you have. He/she is a product of acquisition right? The sperm cell of his/her dad fertilized the egg of his/her mother. Simply scienceFrom kinder up to now that we are in high school, teachers are still trying their best to explain what SCIENCE really is. Its really comely more complex but even it is that difficult to understand, this is the way for u s to know and appreciate the word SCIENCE and of course its works. The only problem with us is we only look on the negative side of it. But if it is really your friend, even how many thousands of unsuccessful things it made, you leave alone still accept it because it is really in-chief(postnominal) to you and became part of your life for a long time.SCIENCE defines all things and really answers our confusing questions. We cannot deny that like a friend, It gives meaning to your life or should I say our lives. It plays important role in our human being. FOOD and WATER are part of science and also part of our lives. Now, you are insisting that science is an enemy? Woaah Think of it for a while. You cannot achieve what you are right now without the serve of science. YES, maybe its dangerous sometimes but you cant curse it nor wish that it should be gone forever.Science also helped us to know or have an overview from our past. They studied it for us to know the livelihood of our ance stors. With the help of the historians curiosity, they investigated every little informations from it. Thanks to them because now, were improving the works of our forefather.Latest inventions, gadgets and technologies Some people who are narrow-minded, (for me) considered it as a way for destructing ourenvironment. For me, it is NOT that really. Actually these things will be the way for our livelihood to progress. Some people think that it is a bad idea to invent new things because for me again, because they cannot just handle it well. It will be so much helpful for us like in the aspects of communication, transportation and etc. it will be easier to stay connected and close with our love ones or even enemies in times that we missed them so much and wish that they were here beside us.We can go faster to places where we wanna go and it could be little tiring for us. Merely, we should have enough knowledge to handle things with care because we are also the one and not the machineries or technology that will make subvert our environment. Inventors will not invent things if they know that it is not for our own good. Theyre aim is for us to use it but not to abuse it.In predicting some phenomenon much(prenominal) as typhoon, volcanic eruptions, Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Service Administration (PAG-ASA) and Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology are there to contribute charge of it. They made it easy for us to know whats happening here in Earth. And with the help of our televisions, radios, and cell phones, we can know the news cursorily and easily. This is very useful to us because we can know when to evacuate to a safer place and to keep ourselves readyScience is our friend in the field of medicament and in the aspect of health. When we are sick, it has the solution for us. It can detect what our illness is and what kind of cure will be applied to it. Because of the experiments and tests the scientists are making, we are comm ensurate to extend our lives and our loved ones lives. The herbal medicines were to improve for an easier way for us to chew, drink, or apply it directly. This can lessen our time in boiling, squeezing or preparing such herbal leaves.SCIENTIFIC METHOD principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation of hypotheses. This rule is used in our daily lives because problem does not choose whom it will attack. We can know the solution/answer when we use scientific method. And also, this helps us to answer properly on things sothat we will not be confused on it. It leads our curious minds to its needed answers. Because science is KNOWLEDGE And this would help us to progress.SCIENCE is our amigo, chum, pal, buddy, or simply FRIEND. Without it like a friend, is like a year without rain or sun.

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Learning in the EYFS Essay

Knowledge and understanding of the world Knowledge and Understanding of the World relates to churlrens e rattlingday lives, their homes, families, other people, the local environment and community and the wider world. Personal, social and ablaze culture The social and emotional reading of a child helps practitioners/parents understand the behaviors they exhibit. Though children develop and arise at different rates, social and emotional development generally occurs in predictable stages. Communication language and literacy Childrens learning and competence in communicating, speaking and listening, being read to and beginning to read and economise must be support and extended. They must be provided with opportunity and encouragement to use their skills in a range of situations and for a range of purposes, and be supported in developing the confidence and dispositions to do so.Problem solving reasoning and numeracy This area mostly focuses on a childs ability to make for sim ple problems and builds an awareness of shapes space and measures. Practitioners do this by looking at shapes, numbers, building bricks etc. Physical education Children are encouraged to take disunite in a variety of physical activities. Children develop physically at different stages and times. This area helps practitioners to keep track of each exclusive childs development. Creative development Being creative covers a multitude of ideas including how children express and communicate ideas. They whoremonger explore all sorts of media (eg ICT, music) and materials. They will also develop their caprice through play.Although they are all different a good planned activity will cover more than one area of development. For example, playing a snakes and ladders board game will help a child with their Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy mainly just it will also help them with their Communication, language and literacy development as they are being encouraged to communicate wit h other children playing the game. Also the areas are interdependent if the child is struggling with one area it can affect how they develop in other areas. For example, if a child is disabled and cannot join in physical activities this can affect their physical development but it can then also affect their communication, language and literacy and Personal, social and emotional development because they arent joining in with the same activities as their peers. This can be avoided or at least limited by good planning and inclusive practice.1.2Outcomes are given to the different areas of learning within the EYFS to ensure that practitioners dedicate something to focus on. These outcomes are outlined within the EYFS as overarching principles these areEvery child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, self-confident and self-assured Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships Children learn and develop well in enablin g environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and/or carers Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. The fashion model covers the education and care of all children in early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.And three main areas of development which arePhysical Development This is the development of a childs physical skills. It includes the Gross motor skills, such as walking, jumping, running, catching and the fine motor skills such as the fry grip, hand-eye-coordination, doing up laces or zips. Personal Social and Emotional Development The social and emotional development of a child helps practitioners/parents understand the behaviors they exhibit. Though children develop and mature at different rates, social and emotional development generally occurs in predictable stages. Communication and Language De velopment Language development is the process by which children come to understand and communicate language during early childhood.1.3The documented outcomes are assessed by practitioners in different ways. On-going assessments are carried out in settings frequently. Practitioners plan an activity, exert the child/children, record information and evaluate the outcome. If needed they then plan another activity and repeat the process until they get the information they need. These are also known as formative assessments and they are an integral part of the EYFS frame hammer. It helps parents, carers and practitioners to constantly monitor a childs progress and pick up on and solve problems if there are any. At the age of two a child has a progress check. This is when practitioners review their progress and produce a small written summary of a childs development in the main areas of development. This helps to make sure a child is on track with their development and helps to identify any areas that a child may be developing at a slower rate than is expected. This can also pick up on any disabilities or learning difficulties.If a practitioner does pick up on a learning difficulty they should put together a plan to support the childs future learning and development. Practitioners must discuss with parents how the outcome of the assessments can be used to support the childs development at home, and parents are encouraged to share the outcome with any relevant professionals i.e. a teacher or a health visitor. In the last(a) term of the year in which the child turns five practitioners must complete the EYFS profile for each child. This profile must reflect on-going observation, all relevant records held by the setting, discussions with parents and carers, and any other adults whom the teacher, parent or carer judges can offer a useful contribution.The profile lets parents, carers and other professionals have an overview of a childs knowledge, understanding and abil ities, their progress against expected levels, and their readiness for year one. Year one teachers are given a copy of this profile and it will outline whether the child is meeting, exceeding or not yet reaching the expected levels of the early learning goals. I think assessments are important to Practitioners and other professionals like teachers because it helps them to work together to identify any problems that may arise with a childs development and address the problems quickly and effectively also if the child is very quick at development it can be spotted and they can be given extra planned work to stop them from getting bored. I think it is also good for parents because they have guidance on how to help their childs development at home.

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Mali of manila zoo-IR

Old who has patiently fed and pampered Mali for 10 years. While an animal rights manage confronts that manilla zoos lone elephant is suffering physically and psychologically, her best friend has come out to let out sentiments to the contrary. Hes serene the same, never been uncared-for, only those Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) slew who are making slanderous statements about the condition of Mali are saying that she is sick, they are all untrue, Noel said.PETA embers brought Richardson, a California-based elephant specialist for 40 years, to see Mali and later rel comforterd a report on her condition, which he said was based on his visual inspection of the 38-year-old Mali is healthy. On a daily basis from dayspring and all through-out the day they kept the zoo clean especially Malis place and also for the battalion who visits the zoo. Manila zoo being one of the top attractions in Manila hundreds of people go over every day. Mali is really well-taken cared by his k eeper, they serve plenty of foods for her including her cage, huge and always aintained clean.She eats meal twice a day, in the morning the zoo keeper serves her with Loaf bread, 5 kilos of sweet potatoes, 100 pieces of bananas, 5 kilos of carrots, 5 pieces of pineapples and a total of 180 kilos of grasses 5 bundles in the morning and 5 the afternoon. When her favourite food, Grasses are already decayed her keeper will immediately replace it with fresh ones. Zoo keepers comparable Noel has a daily report containing checklist for animals including their health observations, so doctors will be immediately be informed if animals are okay or sick.Malis cuticle ailment was treated with the use of backbone, they put up a sand pool inside his cage when Mali started to scrub it all over her body her cuticles started to brake. After every 3 months the keeper replace sand pool with fresh sand delivered with a huge truck. Malis way of thinking was adopted from the hundreds people who visits her, her way of thinking is almost like a benignant being, Noel said. The Red Coca-Cola truck who regularly delivers beverage to stores inside the zoo was banned to pass-by Malis ecause cage whenever she sees it she becomes hysterical, running scared around her cage and even experience LBM.She was set in a red truck when she was still a kid after separating to her parents. Elephants memories are sharp. Even after decades of not seeing a person she can still remember it. Noel needs to leave Mali and go to province for family matters, after 2 years of not seeing her zoo keeper, Mali can still remember Noel, not all people are friends with Mali they still need to go hrough a hard training before making Mali at ease with them, Noel said.Asked if needs a companion inside his cage Noel answered Yes , it could be but they will not be kept in the same cage because it business leader cause trouble they need to be at ease and have closure first before putting them in one cage, Just like other animals even if you belong in the same breed its the first time they see each other and theyre unacquainted chances are they will use up each other. Mali can survive without a companion, sne was able to live by nerselt tor 38 years now.

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Hr Policies in Automobile Sector Essay

20 Tips To Help Prevent Medical Errors One in seven Medicargon patients in hospitals experience a medical error. But medical errors can occur anywhere in the health care system In hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, doctors stumbleices, care for homes, pharmacies, and patients homes. Errors can involve medical specialtys, surgery, diagnosis, equipment, or lab reports. They can move on during even the most routine t wants, such as when a hospital patient on a salt-free diet is given a high-salt meal. Most errors result from problems created by todays complex health care system.But errors also happen when doctors* and patients have problems communicating. These tips tell what you can do to get safer care. What You Can Do to Stay Safe The best way you can help to prevent errors is to be an active member of your health care team. That means taking part in every decision nearly your health care. Research shows that patients who are much involved with their care tend to get founder results. Medicines 1 demonstrate sure that all of your doctors know almost every medicine you are taking. This includes ethical drug and over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements, such as vitamins and herbs.2 Bring all of your medicines and supplements to your doctor visits. Brown bagging your medicines can help you and your doctor talk about them and find out if there are any problems. It can also help your doctor lapse your records up to date and help you get better quality care. 3 launch sure your doctor knows about any allergies and adverse reactions you have had to medicines. This can help you to avoid getting a medicine that could harm you. 4 When your doctor writes a prescription for you, make sure you can read it. If you can non read your doctors handwriting, your pharmacist might not be able to either.PATIENT SAFETY *The term doctor is used in this flier to refer to the person who helps you manage your health care. 2 5 Ask for information about your medicines in terms you can understandboth when your medicines are prescribed and when you get them What is the medicine for? How am I suppositious to take it and for how long? What slope effects are likely? What do I do if they occur? Is this medicine safe to take with other medicines or dietary supplements I am taking? What food, drink, or activities should I avoid while taking this medicine?6 When you pick up your medicine from the pharmacy, ask Is this the medicine that my doctor prescribed? 7 If you have any questions about the directions on your medicine labels, ask. Medicine labels can be hard to understand. For example, ask if quartet times daily means taking a dose every 6 hours around the clock or just during regular waking hours. 8 Ask your pharmacist for the best device to measure your liquid medicine. For example, more people use household teaspoons, which often do not hold a true teaspoon of liquid. Special devices, like marked syringes, help people measure the right dose. 9 Ask for written information about the side effects your medicine could cause.If you know what might happen, you will be better prepared if it does or if something unexpected happens. Hospital Stays 10 If you are in a hospital, consider asking all health care workers who will touch you whether they have washed their hands. Handwashing can prevent the spread of infections in hospitals. 11 When you are being discharged from the hospital, ask your doctor to explain the treatment plan you will follow at home.This includes learning about your new medicines, do sure you know when to schedule follow-up appointments, and finding out when you can get back to your regular activities. It is important to know whether or not you should keep taking the medicines you were taking before your hospital stay. Getting clear instructions may help prevent an unexpected return trip to the hospital. 3 surgical process 12 If you are having surgery, make sure that you, your doctor, and your surgeon all agr ee on exactly what will be done. Having surgery at the wrong range (for example, operating on the left knee instead of the right) is rare.But even once is too often. The good news is that wrong-site surgery is 100 percent preventable. Surgeons are expected to sign their initials directly on the site to be operated on before the surgery. 13 If you have a choice, choose a hospital where many patients have had the procedure or surgery you need. Research shows that patients tend to have better results when they are treated in hospitals that have a great accept of experience with their condition.Other Steps 14 Speak up if you have questions or concerns. You have a right to question anyone who is involved with your care. 15 Make sure that someone, such as your primary care doctor, coordinates your care. This is especially important if you have many health problems or are in the hospital. 16 Make sure that all your doctors have your important health information. Do not assume that everyo ne has all the information they need. 17 Ask a family member or friend to go to appointments with you. Even if you do not need help now, you might need it later. 18 Know that more is not always better. It is a good idea to find out why a test or treatment is needed and how it can help you.You could be better off without it. 19 If you have a test, do not assume that no news is good news. Ask how and when you will get the results. 20 Learn about your condition and treatments by asking your doctor and nurse and by using other reliable sources. For example, treatment options based on the latest scientific record are available from the Effective Health Care Web site (effectivehealthcare. ahrq. gov/options). Ask your doctor if your treatment is based on the latest evidence. AHRQ Pub. nary(prenominal) 11-0089 (Replaces AHRQ Pub. No. 00-P038) September 2011.

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Arthur Millar Essay

In this essay I am going to prove the melodramatic techniques that Arthur Millar uses in his 20th century drama called, A View From The Bridge. The play is set in Brooklyn in the 1940s when the Italians were immigrating to America to find work as they were poor and they needed to get onward from Italy to find work to feed their families in Italy. Many of these immigrants entered America Illegally. The play is about a ball-hawking docks worker in Brooklyn named Eddie Carbone. Eddie lives with his wife Beatrice and their niece, Catherine.Beatrices cousins named Marco and Rodolfo come to America from Italy to find work to feed Marcos family in Italy, as they are very poor. They plan to enter illegally. Eddie has feelings for his niece Catherine that he should not have. Meanwhile Catherine travel in love with Rodolfo and Eddie hates him because he is jealous as he loves her and he cannot stand any different man looking at her and touching her. As a result Eddie decides to let the Immigration role drive in that at that place are illegal immigrants in his building.In the play, Arthur Miller uses a number of dramatic devices many of which are seen in the first act but their significance only becomes apparent to the earreach in the second act. These dramatic devices are use of language, dialog and its sub textual cores, stage directions, characters actions, support and lighting. The first dramatic technique I am going to analyse is the use of language in Alfieris speech at the start of the play. Miller has put this at the start of the play to spend a penny the sense of hearing for what will happen later on in the play.The speech starts to develop tension because there are a lot of negative and violent words used. For example, Alfieri uses terms such as mould Gun. The effect of using a term like this is to create tension for the audience, as they now know that something bad is going to happen later on in the play. As the play progresses the audience g ive that this is the only time when Alfieri uses negative and violent language. So his words take on a deeper meaning when the audience realises this. I am now going to look at Eddies language in the first act.His speech is simple but at the start of the play his words are more vibrant towards Catherine as he tells he that she is walking wavy. At the same time he excessively refers to her as a Madonna. This gives the audience the idea that she is pure and she is a virgin and Eddie wants her to stay as she is. Listen, B. , shell be with a lot of plumbers? And sailors up and down the street? This illustrates Eddies feelings for Catherine and it can also mean that he does not want any other men looking at Catherine or marrying her.Eddies dialogue changes when the cousins arrive. He uses working class American colloquial words, such as Yiz have a keen trip? when he asks the cousins Marco and Rodolfo about their journey. Eddie wants to make it clear that he is the man of the hous e and that he is in charge. These expressions are only used in the first act when he is speaking to Marco and Rodolfo. This builds tension because the audience know that Eddie is going to start trouble with Marco and Rodolfo later on.

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Circular Flow Essay

Some income is saved and saving represents leakage from the aeronaut flow of income because its get around of the income paid out by firms which does not return to them through spending of households. If you save, economy slows down as theres less money in bank bill flow. So if Gov. canvass money from economy in form of tax and doesnt spend it, or if people buy more things from abroad than they export (foreign trade), economy slows down as money leaves circular flow. Leakages determine size of multiplier. Tax is leakage because they contract purchasing power from the system.Injection in circular flow are I (investment increase in smashing root), G (government spending) and X (exports) Export is injection as spending of foreign households on internal produced output is an additional source of income. Increase in investment (machinery, building) may increase spending in an economy as well as productive capacity enabling economic growth. Firms contri unlesse to intake when th ey buy investment goods and add to their productive capacity. Change in balance between investment + drug addiction activity has effect on LR path of economy.Government spends (inj) on G/S provisioning public goods but to finance these they must raise revenue tax (w/d) Inter topic Trade is important as set out of expenditure on G/S is form of exports and part is by households on imports Injections increase circular flow and a change in any of these are magnified by multiplier. If injections leakages, spending on goods and services will exceed planned level of production. Firms will expand output and national income will rise (economy grows). If leakages injections, production will exceed the current level of expenditure.Firms therefore reduce output and national income will bowling pin (economy contracts) Injections = leakages, national income wont change National Income Equilibrium where AD for G/S = AS produced Wealth effects Wealth is sum of all assets in an economy. It i s a line concept whereas income is a flow concept. This means wealth doesnt have direct impact on circular flow of income but changes in wealth can effect income/ spending If you live in a property that increase in value, you may feel more confident about spending in the economy and your increased spending will then puzzle part of circular flow of income.If houses become more expensive, one can go to their mortgage provider and request mortgage equity taking loan based on increased wealth. When that loan is spend, circular flow increases. In contract, when capital markets take a downturn in USA, people living on pensions in UK might find that their incomes fall because dividends on pension funds are often based on capital gains of shares. In UK nearly wealth is held in form of housing (59%) in other major forms of wealth are stocks, shares, and capital assets Exam skills Income is measured by real GDP.Wealth is stock concept. income is flow concept. Wealth in UK is 6. 5 trillio n 5x total income in economy. Most income in UK is help in form of housing (59%) superior assets/stock in UK is about 2. 6 trillion less than cost of maintaining all capital stock in current condition cost known as depreciation. Consumption is not an injection. You cant fence in that increase in house price (wealth) causes fall in AD because people dont have as much money to spend on other things. A mid market taxi firm. Scenario is a recessionIn a recession, or downturn in the economy, consumer confidence decreases because spending power has reduced. This fence in cause those taxi users to switch to cheaper forms of transport e. g. public transport (buses) or trains. London already has a transport system of underground trains and buses so those middle class incomers may choose to switch to this. and there may be some users who have no other choice than to use a taxi so they have to pay extra Solution is to decrease prices in order to abide by demand sustained so taxi users remain using taxis and not overcrowd the other forms of transport. Consumer mien

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Queen Elizabeth’s Speech To Her Troops

To lead a country at that place are true traits that you must obtain. These include poise, confidence, trustworthiness, and ambition. As the ruler of England male monarch Elizabeth I possessed only of these qualities and made them apparent when she addressed her process as the Spanish Armada crept closer to the shores of England in 1588. In this make speech she delivers a clear purpose to her troops that she is dedicated to them in of all timey way possible.Through her diction, ethos, and poignance ottoman Elizabeth I successfully displays her dedication giving her troops the confidence to rally and attack the enemy. Queen Elizabeth I social functions diction that exhibits her trust and dedication towards her troops. She praises her faithful and loving people and emphasizes the loyal hearts and good- lead of my subjects. The butt chose these words because they show what her people mean to her. She could have chosen to simply call them her subjects.This is a oftentimes more derogatory and impersonal way of addressing them. Instead she approaches them in a way that exposes how more than she cares nearly them which in turn shows her dedication. Even though Queen Elizabeth I was far removed from the daily lives of her troops and people in her speech she speaks to them as if they are her own family. The Queen does not limit her use of diction to only praising her troops though. She also uses selective word choice to portray how much her country means to her.She refers to Spain invading England as to invade the borders of my realm. This statement asserts her protectiveness over her country. The Queen makes it clear that if anyone is to assail her country she will personally see that they receive a repercussion. The diction selected by Queen Elizabeth I tactfully presents her dedication to her troops and citizens. As the ruler of England, Queen Elizabeth I already possesses a certain amount of credibility and trustworthiness to her subjects.While speaki ng to the troops at Tilbury she exerts more ethos to prove her dedication. One occasion that the Queen makes very clear is that she is willing to cease for her country. She states in the midst and heat of the battle, to live and die amongst you all, to lay down for God and my kingdom, and my people. Even though she may not actually fight on the battlefield, just by asserting that she would be willing to risk her life for her kingdom of England if the time ever came proves her immense dedication to her people.She furthers her credibility by saying, In the mean time, my lieutenant general shall be in my stead. The Queen would be fighting if she could, but instead she is fighting through one of her generals, but we kip down she is dedicated at heart. She also simulates loyalty when she says, I myself will take up arms, I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarder. Queen Elizabeth gains trustworthiness because she is willing to do anything for her troops and people that will better their lives. The ethos that is professed advances the promote dedication.When addressing troops that are about to enter into a life-threatening battle, as a speaker you pick up to calm their nerves, while also showing that you trust them. Queen Elizabeth successfully uses pathos to accomplish this task. The Queen renders, we shall shortly have a famous victory over those enemies of my God, of my kingdom and of my people. This statement demonstrates her confidence in the troops. Then, the troops realizing that their queen has so much faith towards them will possess the strength and courage to watch over in battle.

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Lama Surya Das and the American Dharma

Buddhism is gaining popularity and acceptance with the the Statesn public. This could be credited to the immigrants to the USA wherein nearly of them brought with them their culture and religion and influenced the Americans to follow them. According to Lama Surya Das, there argon many factors that influenced the acceptance of Buddhism in the western countries and this acceptance lead to a unique American Buddhism. His article Ten Emerging Trends of westbound Dharma details the characteristics of the American Buddhism that sets its identity and tells how and why Buddhism was accepted by the American community.According to Das, American Buddhism is unique since it is surmise-based much(prenominal) that understanding of life and personal growth is attained. It is made it more accessible to the masses and gender equating is promoted. Some of the ways of the traditional Buddhism are also omitted to make it simpler and other meditation practices are accepted to make it more appealing . Spiritual development is also focused to promote good psychological and aflame welfare. Exploring beyond the doctrines of Buddhism is also promoted to allow independence and self development.Spiritual communities are also encouraged to strengthen the colligate with each other and to develop a sense of moral and social obligation. These premises can submit the American Buddhism as different from other forms of Buddhism. This difference could then be attributed to the fact that the Americans have a different cultural background and environment such that they accepted and did only those components of Buddhism that fits them. However, Das premises find out some vague ideas that are insufficient to dictate that there is a unique American Buddhism.Some forms of Buddhism are also meditation-based, some also observe gender equality, some are also focused on the spiritual development of a person and some are also promoting spiritual communities to inculcate a sense of moral and socia l obligation. Omission of a component and focusing on other components doesnt always mean that it is already a in the altogether thing. It is still patterned from the original and the difference was except due to the attitude of the people accepting it.Its like in the revival of a unmingled song into a different genre, the song could have a slightly different tune or tempo, but that doesnt make the song a new song. It was solely revived and remodeled to fit the appreciation of the listening public. Nevertheless, Das stressed that those are just trends he observed and the existence of a sure-enough(prenominal) American Buddhism has a long way to go. But still, if his trends would be more unambiguous, it is possible that a new form of Buddhism could really take form in America.It is important to note that the acceptance of Buddhism in America is slow. This could be attributed to the fact that America is largely a Christian country, with teachings different from that of Buddhism. However, if Das trends are accurate, such that American Buddhism is non-sectarian and is open to anyone, it is possible that the American publics reaction could shift and accept it for the meditation and the other benefits. It is most likely to happen nowadays since American life is a very picky and stressful life.If the practices of the American Buddhism could fit in with the lifestyle of the Americans, more people could be influenced to follow its teachings and practices. It leave behind then be a few steps closer to achieving a genuine American Buddhism. Nonetheless, if the nudeness of the American Buddhism to other traditions and Das argument about Buddhism being not a religion would be pointed out, it get out appear that American Buddhism would not materialize as a different religion. This means that the American Dharma would just look like a program or routine that will fit in the lifestyle of the Americans.This is because the people who would practice the Dharma would no t need to convert themselves and retain their former religion. They would follow the Dharma just for the meditation and the enlightenment it brings. This would then make it very appealing to the American Public and make it get into more followers since it would easily fit in their lives. To sum it all up, I can say that genuine American Buddhism still has a long away to reality. But still, the efforts those people who brought Buddhism to America will not be a waste, and they would be able to harvest the fruit of their labors.

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Masculinity and It’s Link in the Importance Essay

straightlaced ideas of masculinity. The thought of puritanic masculinity is a diverse one since it was influenced by numerous aspects and factors such as domesticity, economy, sex activity roles, imperialism, manners, religion and much more. Some of these aspects seem to be quite naturally related to one a nonher, musical composition others seem none-relational. For the mannishs, this included a vast amount of pride in their work, protectiveness over their wives, and an aptitude for pricy social behaviour. The Victorians saw manliness as good, a form of control over maleness, which was brutish. Christianity contributed much to the Victorian concept of masculinity.The sincere Victorian man was to be spiritual and a faithful believer. The husband and pay off was considered to be the head of the household, but his duty was to rule. Victorian men were not scarce competing for respect at bottom their own sex, but they needed to impress the women too. If they were not married, i t depicted that they were not fully masculine because they did not have a family to support. Supporting a family was a shorten of true success within the male sex. In the text so far Oscar Wilde shows Earnest/Jacks eagerness as a sign he could trying to assert his masculinity because that is what Victorian society is so judgemental.Prescribing the notion that women were born to daydream of marriage, Cecily and Gwendolyn, from The Importance of Being Earnest, argon caught up in the fantasies of the perfect marriage to the perfect earnest husband. Cecily and Gwendolyn are fixated on the take in Earnest, almost as if it were an obsession it is the ideal form for their future husbands. They are laid not to marry a man unless he is called Earnest because they believe a man with this name will automatically brook up to the names expectations of creation serious, honourable, and moral.In Wildes play, he comically satirizes the name Earnest, through the portrayal of two deceitful men whom the women fantasize as being ideal men worthy of marriage My ideal has always been to love some one of the name of Earnest These two men claim to live up to the Victorian ideals, but then live another life outside of the community to escape the societys pressures. Henceforth, in the play, the men blood line under the pressure of women and Victorian ideals rather than staying true to their identity and personalities.Even when Jack tries to admit his real name, Gwendolyn becomes lost in her ideals of a fantasized husband named Earnest and discourages Jack from confessing his real name. She uses the knowledge that she has learned from the Victorian society to judge whether someone by the name of John or Jack would be a suitable husband for her, and in doing so, she manipulates Jack into hiding his identity out of fear of losing Gwendolyn. He believes the only way Gwendolyn will accept him is to say his name is Earnest.

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Does the evidence support the claim that the media 'lost' the Vietnam Essay

Does the evidence support the claim that the media lost the Vietnam war for America How has this belief affected way that the - shew ExampleAffective media can simultaneously boost the morale of nation as well as of the armed forces during a war and after the war also. Media should display patriotic spirit to project the date of its own country, as it is really essential for overall representation of the state. Vietnam War is also an example from annals where American media could not handle the war to project the gains of the forces. One that media did not print the US phalanx effort and sacrifices of the army and on other end, post-war scenario was full of critic, which had very demoralizing affects on troops and also on nation as a whole. Therefore, after passing about 35 years, still on that point is an ongoing debate on the role of American news media on the outcome of the conflict. Severe objection of the media on the let go of of policy failure in war also compelled the decision makers to alter the draw of action, ultimately led to confusion and chaos. Media lost the war for America because it was media, which projected the war in a negative sense. The government was unable to control the media and the media especially the television highlighted such compasss of American government that deteriorated the image of American army among the masses and the world as a whole. That showed that censorship policies for media should be there in order to safeguard the reputation of a country. Medias role in Vietnam War was quite predictable as it is said that medias engagement in disabling America to win the war is prominent. treat of media and certain causes of failure in campaign in the subsequent conflicts shall be elaborated here. This paper analyzes the issue of media involvement in the Vietnam War along with its affects on military efforts in Vietnam. This paper also draws anxiety to the fact that American media lost the Vietnam War for America. Medi a and Preliminary Phase of the Conflict It was obvious from the outset that US was assisting Vietnam people in fighting against the communist aggression. Saigon government was in power to take care of American interests. Besides continuous information provided by US officials on activities of the forces in Vietnam, American diplomats wanted Vietnamese press guidance in all matters (Landers 2004). On the outset of hostilities, lack of harmony was found in American media and government. American public and congress were a bit hesitant to raise voice in support of the war waged by US. This also posed a problem in releasing specie for the campaign. Until 1962, lack of interest observed was in the role of media to support war. Non-availability of independent information gathering governing body and absence of means for real time battlefield picture led to mismanagement. Editorializing for moulding public belief was almost absent in newspapers. Policies of Kennedy could not seek succes s due to objective journalism of American media. According to Wyatt (1993), The Kennedy administration also took steps of its own to shut the press away from this story (91). However, he was not successful in his efforts because of uncontrollable media and lacking governmental policies. At the same time, American media started word picture two different pictures of Vietnam War. One, way of conduct of war by south Vietnamese was highly organism criticized. Other was the optimistic approach of American advisers

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1) Define and discuss what constitutes a successful organisation. 2) Coursework

1) Define and discuss what constitutes a flourishing organisation. 2) Use an example organisation to recommend appropriate performance indicators and justify your choice - Coursework ExampleOrganizations feature a structure and steering that guides its operations to achieve its objectives. This structure guides the members on whom to do, what to do, when to do, where to do it and to whom. This structure helps in smooth running of the activities (Cohen et al., 2008). Each organic law has stakeholders who play different roles to achieve its goals. For instance, profit making governances stakeholders argon employees, customers, government, shareholders, investors, suppliers, creditors and society as whole. All these stakeholders are very important to any successful organization. The market is go competitive day in day out. Therefore, for any organization to feature in the local and orbiculate market, it has to meet the current trends of business. The following qualities constitut e a successful organization.Firstly, a successful organization mustiness have a management structure. Management is the foundation to a successful organization. The management provides leadership to all(a) the workers in the organization. For instance, researchers consider the mixed type of management best when dealing with a large organization whereas a flat management is preferable in small organizations. Mixed management consists of three levels of management top, middle and operational or low level. The top management makes the final decisions for the organization and the interrogation is public manager or the chief executive officer. Additionally, top managers make the strategic decisions that aim at achieving the organization goals. Middle management makes the department decisions (Daft & Marcic, 2013, p. 54-56). The departments include sales and marketing, finance, accounting and so many others. Departmental managers head these departments. The manager is responsible for m aking decisions that facilitates effectiveness and efficiency in the department. The middle managers are answerable

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Dennis Covington's 'Salvation on Sand Mountain' Essay

Dennis Covingtons Salvation on Sand Mountain - Essay ExampleThe purpose was to cover the trial of Glendel Buford Summerford who was charged guilty of murdering his own married woman with a snake. The scenes argon powerful and spectacular. Summerfords own wife isnt aware of how exactly his reach is spelled, if the N is single or is it double. on that point is an old woman referred to as Aunty Daisy by every unity, was pacing up and down the room making predictions. She was predicting that God will send Summerford out of jail. Even creepy-crawly was the presence of some women who would keep pictures of their favorite snakes in their pockets. In the trial that followed, Summerford gets convicted and imprisoned towards the end of chapter two. That was that more or less him after which he wasnt seen as such. What follows is Dennis Covingtons growing obessesion and fascination with handling snakes. He tardily accepted the guarded and suspicious community of Jesus-Onlys. Ironically, Gle nn Summerford was a part of this community as well.There are only two ways in which an alien culture can be dealt with.. Either one patronizes it and dismisses it or becomes romantic and starry eyed about it. Convington had a skill which even anthropologists dont. He started recognizing the snake holders as entities who had their own culture and who should be respected and beneathstood on their own terms. There is reference to drinking strynchnine only when one feels that he is living life the right way. The statement does bring out sense if one believes that God protects those who have a strong relation with him. Snake handlers tend to be very easy targets of ridicule and mockery. However Covington resists the mockery. He doesnt try to make fun of their brusque grammar, their strange interpretation and readings of the bible and their creepy living conditions. However this doesnt mean that he was under the impression that they were noble and persecuted people. They may have been

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Where does the thoroughbred come from Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Where does the thoroughbred practice from - Essay ExampleThis paper will also show how the creation of British Classic races lately in the eighteenth century and early in the nineteenth century changed the nature of racing and frankincense changed the way thoroughbreds were being bred.Ths paper will also detail the distinctive physical appearance of the Thoroughbred which is the result of several centuries of selective breeding. The paper will also detail the history of how the breed outset emerged in other countries and on other continents and how it prospers today as the hub of two multibillion dollar international industries, farming and legalized gambling.This paper will also describe the way the Thoroughbreds speed and stamina book created other breeds such as the Standardbred and The Hackney Horse. It will also discuss how the Thoroughbred has been utilized to repair other breeds of clams, such as the Quarter-Horse, the Morgan and the Irish Draught Horse.Paleontologists have traced back the origin and development of the horse about fifty million years. The species evolved from a four-toed, flat-footed herbivore known as Eohoppus, who stood only two feet high. The roughly ancient discoveries of the species were found in North the States. Researchers believe that the horse disappeared from that continent by 10,000 B.C. and would not fleet until European settlers imported horses beginning in the sixteenth century. The assumption is that the Eohopppus was able to move from North America to Europe and Asia utilizing the land bridges between the continents which existed in the Ice Age.From the Eohoppus, or Dawn Horse, the species evolved into its hand over form as a grazing animal with solid hooves and strong, long teeth. It was more than four curtilage years ago when man was first able to tame and domesticate the horse. Originally, they raised the species for its meat and its milk. exclusively with the development of the chariot and then the saddl e, the horse became a main source for transportation, both

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Fire Protection Systems (MGM Grand Hotel, Paradise, Nevada, November Term Paper - 1

kick up Protection Systems (MGM stately Hotel, Paradise, Nevada, November 21, 1980) - Term Paper ExampleThe MGM Grand elicit accident also undone a lot of property, including adjacent restaurants. While the tragic nature of the MGM Grand Fire cannot be downplayed, it served as a silver lining behind the dark cloud of the accident. Particularly, the MGM Grand Fire accident helped stack grasp the danger of smoke inhalation as something as dangerous as the actual flames, if not more. This is because, as many as seventy-five died from carbon dioxide poisoning and smoke inhalation.Before the MGM Grand Fire accident, it was required that all commercial edifices should have raise sprinklers installed. It is for this reason that the constructor, Orvin Engineering Company made recommendations to MGM Grand that it should have move sprinklers so that MGM Grand should even assume liability of the unsprinkled areas within the building. Nevertheless, the MGM Grand Chairman, Fred Benninger resisted the extort to install the fire sprinklers.It was also required that commercial buildings such as the MGM Grand Hotel have building code enforcement procedures throughout the building process. It is for this reason that the County Office of structure and Safety sought to ensure that a system of onsite resident inspectors was used after being hired by the Clerk of County Office of Building and Safety. The County Office of Building and Safety did this in lieu of the fire department simply because at the time, the fire department was not endowed with the authority to enforce building authority. It is for this reason that fire protection and biography safety in the MGM Grand Building became so peripheral that MGM Grand did not install fire sprinklers.Johnson, G A and Calkins, A. (1999). Prehospital triage and communication performance in small mass casualty incidents a eagre for disaster preparedness. The American journal of emergency medicine, 17 (2), 148 -

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The Impact Of Retaining Older Workers In Modern Organizations In North Thesis

The Impact Of Retaining Older Workers In Modern Organizations In North America - Thesis causeThis, when read in conjunction with the supra valid hypothesis, implies that the surveyed organizations do not have adequate policies of motive and retaining of age(p) employees. The seek recommended that these organizations should pay attention to providing training and development opportunities, clarity of purpose and decision making to the younger employees in order for them to make greater contribution to the organization.The current paper aims to examine the relationship between organizational policies of motivation and retention of older employees and the older workers morale and performance on customer relationship management. The above is found to be worth researching as the organizations argon faced with the dilemma of retaining older workers who they presume to have redundant or debilitating abilities or to retire them. However, the researcher believes that the older workers ar e able to provide their distinct contribution in the form of experience and wisdom and should be support in the organizations. The following paper therefore hopes to provide a valid reason for making the above recommendations. The research get out undertake a non-human approach, where secondary data will be collected and analyzed. The research will firstly will delve into the available literature related to the costs and benefits of retaining older workers. This will help in formulating a background for the next section of the research that would deal with a statistical analysis of the research data collected by a consultancy organization, Denison Consulting, LLC. The data collected by Denison Consulting, LLC via its organizational Culture Survey will be analyzed to test the research hypotheses.The workplace is increasingly worthy diverse with people from different genders, ethnicity, cultures or even different nations come together to perform their jobs. thither have been great

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Dualism's Mistake Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dualisms Mistake - Essay causaDescartes Dualism Mistake The problem of the family relationship between the luggage compartment and the soul is one of the main philosophical problems in the history of Philosophy. Philosophers, since the time of Aristotle up to the contemporary time, are dividend on how really, soul and body are related. In modern period, Rene Descartes is credited for having systematized the debate, and thus provoked a set of interest in the debate. Descartes conception of the relationship between the body and the soul was perfectly in line with his dualistic conception of naturalism. In his Metaphysics, Descartes conceived reality has being composed of two philias Thought and Extension. Descartes defined a substance as, that which can exist on its take in, without depending on any other thing for its existence (cRyle, n.d). Following this dualistic conception of reality, Descartes saw human being race beings as being composed of two substances, i.e., the sou l (thought) and the body (extension). However, Descartes understood the essence of human soul not as a composite of body and soul, but rather as soul (thought only). So, consort to Descartes, the body is not a part of a human nature, but it is necessary united to the souls to help oneself the soul in perceiving external realities. But this dualistic view of mankind has received a lot of oppositions since the time of Descartes. A critical analysis of Descartes dualistic conception of human nature shows that, Descartes is grossly untrue on this view. The main argument that clearly shows that Descartes is wrong in his dualistic conception of the nature of human person is the fact that a logical analysis of Descartes claim shows that Descartes, actually, contradicted himself. Descartes began his argument by, first, asserting what a substance is, i.e., something that is self-existent. Descartes then(prenominal) proceeded to get by that human beings essence is thought since one can not doubt their own thinking self. In supporting his claim, Descartes contended that while we can, actually, doubt about whether we really have bodies or not, we cannot by chance doubt whether we are doubting. And on this basis, Descartes concluded that the essence of human beings is their thinking self or only if thought. Having concluded that the essence of human being is thought, Descartes proceeded to argue that apart from his thinking self, human beings also, have an elongated body. And in supporting his claim he argued that since we can clearly and distinctly conceive ourselves as having all-inclusive bodies that interact and perceive external realities, it is true, therefore, that we, indeed, have extended bodies. And to answer the question of what is the importance of our bodies to our souls Descartes contended that our bodies aid our souls in perceiving or sensing the external, extended realities. Descartes contradicted himself on this issue, by claiming that the soul a s a substance is self-existent, and then proceeding to claim that the soul needs the body in order to interact and to perceive external realities. Descartes clearly contradicted himself. If the soul as a substance is self-existent, then the soul would not need the body for any reason. This logical contradiction shows that Descartes dualistic conception of reality is wrong and cannot be sustained logically. erst you claim that the soul does not need any other thing for its existence, then to be consistent, you should argue that the body is not necessary

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Aiming Toward A Hydrogen Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Aiming Toward A Hydrogen Economy - Essay ExampleThus, when discussing the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the hydrogen fuel engineering science enthusiastically researched and developed in Iceland, the inevitability of the political, economical, social and technological implications continue to remain unabated at each step and level although their form may differ from country to country and region to region, depending on each countrys political, economical, social and technological status, political system and relationship with the world community. (China Energy Industry - oath Framework Analysis)The main advantages of using Iceland as base for Hydrogen Fuel Technology are her superabundant natural resources, her desire to appropriate technology to tap her resources through research and development without upsetting her bionomical and environmental balance, and her potential to return to her pristine, original and idyllic landscapes through sustained innovation a nd tie up with major slide fastener corporations such as Shell, DaimlerChrysler, etc.Till the 1970s, Iceland was dependent on whatever energy she could muster from fossil fuel her lackluster economy could afford. The shift to Hydrogen fuel energy brought somewhat a sea change economically, socially and corporately. It not only catapulted Iceland as a case discipline of immense potential and promise for other nations to emulate but also rejuvenated the nations economy and social scenario. (Ken target area and Jordon Mitchell, p12)Icelands proximity to affluent Western European nations, as also its own skilled and dedicated serviceman resource provides it the potential to harness the latest and the best in terms of human skills and technological resources. With this prove record of pollution-free energy use Icelands credentials as trend-setter in the important energy empyrean can only grow from strength to strength in the international arena. WeaknessDespite Icelands conquest with Hydrogen fuel technology, a universal change everywhere to this form of energy is not feasible as of now. Globally, hydrogen fuel technology is in its infancy and the world has a long itinerary to go before its usage could be made safe and cost-effective enough for the end-user to switch over to the same extent as in the case of Iceland. It is difficult and unsafe to store hydrogen in gaseous form. In its independent state, hydrogen burns out. In its liquefied form it is necessary to hold open it at -217C. It is not possible to store and distribute hydrogen fuel in the existing infrastructure. A new infrastructure has to be created for its storage and distribution. Geothermal production of hydrogen is not possible

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Perspective of Cultural Heritage towards the Education Essay

Perspective of pagan Heritage towards the Education - Essay ExampleThe essay Perspective of Cultural Heritage towards the Education analyzes the ethnical heritage importance in terms of enhancing education in the society. The cultural heritage has a feel of belonging to everybody and is quite important to the learners as it helps them to develop the aspect of living together or having the solicitude of star another. Dee never wanted to be isolated from the family after she got married because she wanted to remember their grannie who brought them up. This aspect of having the concern of one another is quite important as makes people help one another when at the point of need. The preserved cultural heritage makes the learner understand better the animation of the ancestors that they led. When Dee was young never liked their way of living but she came to appreciate it when she was marrying. Cultural heritage besides gives some contrast to the life that unexampled people are livi ng. In the story, Dee was a young modern lady who had taken formal education visited their home while wearing a short orange tree dress that contrasts the attires that her kid sister Maggie was wearing. Culture preserves other important aspects that can influence the learners of forthwith in the right direction. In the story, a narrator who was the old-fashioned woman was industrious person found on the activities that are illustrated. This aspect will make the learner develop an attitude of hard work. The agriculture had some basis that was quite important in educating the society and helped them to live in harmony.

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Position review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Position review - Essay Examplefrom advocating fully for their infantrens rights, therefrom there is need to educate them.3)a)in paragraph three, inability of the parents of children with disabilities to recognise terminologies has been brought out clearly. Teachers, therapists, health professionals, and even child advocates who provide services to these children often use terminologies and especial(a)ized language and forget that the parents spatenot understand them including the most astute. b) In paragraph three, the generator states that even the most astute parents scum bagnot understand the acronyms utilize by the professionals. Therefore the parents operate to understand them due to lack of knowledge and they feel embarrassed about that (Wilmshurst and Alan 241). c) In paragraph five, the writer makes appeals that include the use of simple language that the parents can easily understand and also parents accessing websites that can answer in understanding the various a cronyms used in special education.4) the passage is more persuasive in paragraph five, where the writer comes up with ways in which the problem could be solved where special educators can be made aware of the problem and then they communicate with the parents in manner that they are promising to understand. Parents are also encouraged to access websites that can assist them in understanding the various terminologies used (Wilmshurst and Alan 208).5) The writer has created an active voice. The use of active voice is appropriate as it tries to enlighten the problems the parents of children with disabilities face and what can be done to assist them by the special use of active voice the writer creates enough ethos.6) The writer makes use of pathos by highlighting the problems the parents of children with disabilities go through while trying to understand special educators, who use acronyms that can hardly be understood by the parents.7)There is need for parents of childr en with disabilities to learn special education as it is unique and has

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Sex, crime, and soceity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sex, crime, and soceity - Essay ExampleDespite the many centuries that puzzle passed, many of the beliefs and biases that have animated patriarchal laws have still managed to leave their imprint on present-day legislation. A limited review of the purpose of the law is long overdue (Wells, 1985).That precisely is what makes the crime of violate so different from another(prenominal) crimes in the statute books. There are complex issues of familiar activity and power involved and the body is comprehend as a political field (Duncan, 1995). To quote Baron and Strauss (1987)According to feminist theory, rape functions as a mechanism of hearty control in patriarchal societies (Brownmiller, 1975 Riger and Gordon, 1981). Feminist theorists argue that rape and the business concern of rape enable men to assert their power over women and maintain the existing system of gender stratification (Adamec & Adamec, 1981 Barry, 1979 Brownmiller, 1975 Riger and Gordon, 1981 Russell, 1984 Sanaday , 1981). Clark and Lewis (1977) argue that rape is more likely to occur in societies where women are regarded as the sexual and reproductive possessions of men. In such societies, men sustain their power and privilege and enforce their sexual rights by dint of threats or use of force.Baron and Strauss further went and described the four theories that underlie the crime of rape, in their root that presents a theoretical model which integrates the four macrosociological theories of rape. They describe these four theories as followsOne theory holds that rape is a mechanism of gender inequality. A second theory attributes rape to the proliferation of pornographic materials. A third, called heathen spillover theory, maintains that cultural norms which favor violence for socially legitimate purposes tend to be generalized to other social contexts and increase the likelihood of rape. And a final theory holds that social disorganization reduces social constraints against

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INTERVIEWS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

INTERVIEWS - experiment ExampleHowever, some wellness educators are employed with a bachelors degree in health education or other fields like sociology, anthropology, and at least two days work experience in the field of health. Additionally, health educators are needed to always continue information in order to increase or maintain their professional skills. The health teachers who accept to become restricted Health Education Specialist (CHES) normally have some pride and accomplishment according to the NCHEC. The CHES helps to memorise ones skills and knowledge enabling the employers to identify the qualified personnel.To be in a health field, it is important to defecate several skills that can boost your work. It is important to have communication skills. This helps while presenting educational information to unalike groups of people. Secondly, it is necessary to consider leadership skills. Leadership skills are mainly needed while coordinating and say your work or other s. Additionally, for planning purpose, organizational skills are needed.According to my knowledge, there are very some responsibility and duties of a health teacher. Most health workers work at places such as biotic community civic centers and high schools to educate people in health matters. For instance, they teach about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, using the available health services and avoiding health emergencies from occurring frequently. Additionally, the main requirements needed of a health teacher are planning and directing health learning programs and lectures for companies, schools and community groups. The main task is to develop health goals with the students and help in promoting good health and varies ways of protecting or preventing diseases. Furthermore, the professionals are required to prepare and distribute educational materials on health matters. These matters may include drug abuse and smoking, sexually

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Drug Store Drugstore and Pharmacy History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Drug Store Drugstore and Pharmacy History - Essay Example atomic number 53 such elixir was labeled Soothing Baby Syrup designed to be a impediment for the crying baby (Drugstore Museum, 2004). This formula actu every last(predicate)y met up with its promises, however the baby would become addicted to opium which was the briny ingredient.The most evidentiary problem with clear medicine is that the individuals developing and marketing these products usually maintained no solid educational or research credentials. Instead, independent entrepreneurs would establish unsupervised compounding facilities, where development of these elixirs and formulas would occur. These medicines were so advertised in many magazines, retail stores and sales catalogs. Even Wards and Sears devoted a great do by of catalog space for the sale of these products which brought both firms considerable sugar from interested buyers. In fact, the 1900 census indicated that consumers all over the country spent a combined $59 million on patent medicines (eNotes, 2012). Comparatively, in todays economy, this would represent expenditures of approximately 1.5 billion dollars (Friedman, 2010). Clearly, patent medicine was very big origin both for the seller and the various retailers distributing these products.Right around 1905, many journalists began to publicize the potential health risks of patent medicines in order to inform the public. This was a very courageous activity since there were many tidy sum in society that not only trusted in these products, but also had much profit potential at risk because of this negative publicity. At the same time, major respected retailers were making significant sales revenues on patent medicine and had much power in society. However, these journalists worked as the catalyst for establishing the everlasting(a) Food and Drug Act in 1906 which established regulations in labeling of patent medicines to prevent fraud or inaccurate promises that could not be justified through the