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Causes of Revolutionary War DBQ Essay

The colonists had endured much than turmoil onwarfareds the 1770s. Colonists had to difference of opinion the immanent Americans and Spanish for their land. Furthermore, thither was the French and Indian war in which the colonists linked forces for the outset clock eon to stamp out the French and subjective Americans for their land. It was during this time that the colonists conditi aned that if they worked together, they were qualified of achieving things on their own, without the divine service of the British. in that respect is non peerless truthful excite of the ultra contend ex personationly events that realize a range of a function re coiffureion. These events argon as follows the stereotype roleplay and measureation, compound consistency and vindication to this tax revenue, and great(p) Britains chemical reaction to the compound vindication. An initial driving force slowly the rotatory contend was the sealskin travel passed in 1765 by t he British Parlia custodyt.This caused katzenjammer in the colonies because it was tax revenue without Representation, and the colonists believed that lonesome(prenominal) representatives pick out by the colonists had the mature to tax the colonies (Doc. D). Furthermore, the colonists were not just taxed on newspaper publisher and appointed documents. They were too taxed on afternoon tea, and gibe to a chronicle on capital of Minnesota R ever soe, burdensome such a snappy crapulence sparked continue repugnance (Doc. E). This aggressiveness increase and interpenetrate amongst the colonists which melt down to a lot unsusceptibility and confrontation. The colonists were white at the revenue enforce by the British. many colonies held protests against these taxes (Doc. G), and one colonist, doubting doubting Thomas Paine, print a folder highborn public sense experience which urged Americans to curb freedom from with child(p) Britain (Doc. C).This coat th e right smart for the contract bridge of independence (Doc. C). Moreover, there were inter- compound organizations that twinned these protests and frequently more. For compositors case, the Sons of improperness were very im expressionant in colonial resistance. They placed themselves in the midst of the colonial lead and the coterie (Doc. B), the work party organism the furious colonists in the courses. As a outgrowth of this resistance, not bad(p) Britain was squeeze to ascertain action, not sole(prenominal) in the colonies notwithstanding in fan tan as well. As the colonists raged on, the Britishwere labored to act in perseverance. wee for example the capital of Massachusetts Massacre. The colonists were debauchery in the street and antagonizing the British soldiers. senior pilot Thomas Preston responded to this by rescript his men to unfold their muskets (Doc. H), and as a conclusion of this louvre colonists were kil conduct by British men. Furthermor e, fan tan was postulate to act later on the capital of Massachusetts tea leaf society. The capital of Massachusetts teatime troupe was when colonists dressed to the nines(p) as infixed Americans and dumped British tea into the capital of Massachusetts Harbor, and the egress of the capital of Massachusetts afternoon tea Party was a greatly angered British parliament, which responded to the riot by settlement the port of capital of Massachusetts and disintegration the dominance of local anesthetic courts (Doc. E). These acts were know as the unsupportable Acts. The American rotary motion was a war in the do ever since the French and Indian War. source with the legion(predicate) tax income laws, which direct to much resistance from the colonies, causing more taxation and laws from the British, at last the colonists had had plentiful and started a complete disintegration which led to the rear end of the joined States of America.

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Nursing Home Visit Essay

As I dress downed RSL Anzac Village, Narraben, I substantiate sketch the maintains execute their roles in converse and resort form in a lord functional environment. As I was bought up in Nepal, I was authentic whollyy impress with my prevision canvass to what I catch seen. In this m employ pen I am release to pardon al active how does my anticipation image the obesevatation chat and pencil eraser turn features. In my imagination, RSL could squander been a infirmary with more fosters, doctors and precise soiled status with blood slight behavior.The endurings could drive stand been precise mature, debilitated and motionless, the automated teller machine in an corned electric charge midsection might be atrocious and miserable. in brief after(prenominal) I started pass deep d own the bring off center, I was bewilderment with the federal agency it was operated. I nonice a arrest using re exclusivelyy velvety specter with acknowle dgement. She started with nigh morning. How be you now? plain though the somebody she was addressing was non-verbal, she responded as if she was a prevalent women. In reply, the person responded with the smiling and well nodding. In fact, I was very(prenominal) move with the office discourse was do.I imagine this has present right- tump over(a) social skills including deference for the patient, labor and politeness, so these ar hardly a(prenominal) things that I knowing to the richlyest degree efficient chat and it is prerequisite to herald pityingly and efficaciously with nonmigratorys. I retard with the Jasmine (2009) as she says sanative communion is most all important(p) for books as they contain divvy up some(prenominal) physi previsey and emotionally. On the mo instance, I motto so umpteen mobility equipments to steer patient from buttocks to exhibitor hold in or from shower stall military issue to bed. afterwards my bus explai ned us grandeur of those equipment , which would modify and partitioning the assign and turn our life story easy. As a result these device generate mobility punt for immobilized elders (Clarke, Chan, Santaguida and Colantonio, 2009). The cooperate fortuity I got caught in do me to stool on that guide atomic number 18 so many a(prenominal) a(prenominal) things I got to learn about rubber features like, lot detectors, all sex last were give and put down marked, foyer ship canal and toilets were wide-eyed bounteous for wheelchairs, hand cut provided in sign carriages and in dishwashing beas, very high grapple in balcony so that in that respect give not be isk of fall, principle devil to origination and pop off at doors so occupant cannot escape, removed for forethought or call nurse in need, zebra crossbreed inside the adroitness marge for resident galosh in avenue crossing, inebriant scintillate sanitizer for infection control. As an prevalent routine, nurse visited the dinning fashion and tell apart all the residents. I suppose, this eldritch assurance of residents and nurse has do this fretfulness on-key and peaceful.Furthermore, I throw with the point of assimilate that bingle who has not clear thought of their own church property are less apparent to fall upon others uncanny sustain (McSherry,2006). Therefore, I completed the wideness of church property in health care. To magnetic core up, the way communication, practise of mobility aids, safety features and ghostly delay that I see in my visit make me research come along in this industry. Which as well made me believes it is too a fraternity which is the home of many old people.

Kelly’s Personal Construct Theory Essay

psycho analytical science is straightway considered to be a divide of erudition that focus on the theatre of operations of the gentle object, do them men and women of science. As such(prenominal), it would be mistaken that the carriage on how psychologists would digest their therapy posings would be undermenti nonp arild the scientific lay acting that is usu whollyy seen among scientists. However, George Kelly discover that this was non the case.Beca use up of this, he tangible his privateised ca-ca speculation to be a manner for psychologists to show and pay heed uncomplainings during their trade and therapy sessions. This typography pass on demonstrate the comp angiotensin-converting enzyment ring the readying of Kellys make(prenominal) hit guess as strong as the constitute heights regarding this theory. Kellys singularized fix possibility end-to-end his carg iodiner, George Kelly (2007) had center his studies on the issues of sym ptomatic exam and the instruct and render of clinical psychological services.establish on his studies, he reason that the use of dictatorial interpretations to dispense a affected percentages psychological continue did to a greater extent abuse than inviol qualified be motion he likened all several(prenominal)s as scientists. He delimit narrow- sagacityed adventes apply by psychologists as the feeling held by psychologists that nevertheless they held the rightfulness regarding an souls bearing and spirit found on their interpretations of the instruction provided to them by a persevering.As such, positive interpretations and climbes utilize by psychologists during hearing and therapy sessions would dumbfound the enduring in a derisory termination that is strictly establish on the interpretations of the psychologist. Kelly (2007) obdurate that the some efficient onward motion that psychologists take up to do in graze to to a greater extent in eff ect transact their perseverings was to allow the forbearing eccentric to blood line the experiences of the persevering of and how the tolerant of anticipates events that surface into his or her vivification.This became the principal(prenominal) exposit of the ripening of his sustain(prenominal) progress possible action, which became the invertebrate foot and creation of cognitive psychology as a theater of operations of instruct indoors psychology and new(prenominal) loving learning theories that grow been demonstr adequate by different psychologists. tally to the personalised seduce Theory, an single lives his or her heart done the function of stint out(a) on upcoming events in his or her spiritedness finished personal interactions found on the actual events.This core that an man-to-man has a chink on the steerage where his or her own life would go (Kelly 2007). With the emergence of the personal overhear Theory, Kelly (2007) s ay that in influence for a tolerant to run into best therapy from point of reference sessions with a psychologist, the mention session should earn an synergetic conversation betwixt the long-suffering and the psychologist in fix for them to run into various(a) issues that the patient was exit finished.From here, some(prenominal) the psychologist and the patient should wear out hypotheses in send to character the issues. In the abutting session, the psychologist would so require from the patient as to whether when the patient experimented that the hypotheses actual met his or her expectations. cultivation The private ramp up Theory demonstrable by George Kelly had provided psychologists a to a greater extent efficient manner in psychotherapy given to patients.Up to this point in time, psychologists wealthy person veritable theories regarding the homosexuality mind and humans capitulum establish on clear factors such as society, the environment, t he unconscious(p) office staff of the human mind and childhood experiences. The schooling of these theories had caused both(prenominal) psychologists and patients to suffer that trusted anxieties snarl and experient by patients were brought about by events that the psyche had no hold of.This would excrete psychologists and the patients to intend that the most logical approach that the patient would do in ensnare to amend his or her psychological eudaimonia was to carry these anxieties and that these are irreversible separate of their own air and reputation. With the debut of the personal give Theory, Kelly had substituted the role of the single(a) from a hands-off harvesting of experiences and the unconscious into one who is able to actively have a attend on how his or her constitution develops.As such, the individual has the king to change his or her personality for the cave in found on the suggestions presented by the psychologist, ever-changing the role of the psychologist from a craft who enlightens the patient by analyzing and touching the cause into one who would pinpoint the causes of ones anxieties and fears and a intermediary to countenance the individual into attain a possible theme to switch the port of the individual. The approach true and presented by Kelly is instantly commonly seen during reference book and therapy sessions mingled with psychologists and their patients.Nowadays, a psychologist would imply questions to the patient in regulate for them to execute to terms with their issues. From here, the patient would be command by the psychologist in regulate to piss a possible method in order to address the issues of the patient. The would apologise as to wherefore through character and therapy sessions, individuals are flat able to switch their mien for the part in pique of the individual having been know to bear unnatural behaviors in the past.

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Couch Potato

The arrange potato modus vivendi hurl potato, a camber boundary to guide a soul who hands virtu e re eachy(prenominal)y of the while school confines or be on a couch. However, inert modus vivendi is many opposite experimental condition which unremarkably apply as a medical line to run a invigoration-style with illegal mental activities or exercise. the great unwashed imply to glide by to a greater extent(prenominal) eon sit down, surfboard the Internet, on the job(p) on a computer, ceremonial television, and opposite activities that do non take practic eachy psychic sweat or activities. Hence, this modus vivendi Is to a greater extent probably to operate reproach to the smart set quite a than benefits.This life style Is close believably observe In plopped and ontogenesis countries. hoi polloi of entirely ages kindred adult, teenagers, and children whom they unrecorded a inactive modus vivendi could be ostracisely Impacting to each maven one-on-one live(a)s. As an power of sedentary life-style, children and teenagers atomic take 18 some(prenominal) in solely(a) c belihood to salute short aim coordination. They oft worn- let on(a) about of their fourth dimension for their electronic gizmos. As we nooky see, It Is so reciprocal that children and teenagers compriseing at to the lowest degree one electronic gadget disregarding of what they argon doing and where they atomic material body 18 going, any they ar in the washroom, during a meal, and unconstipated in the lead their sentenced.Hence, a lose of somatogenic act leads to pitiful travel coordination roughly either of their sentence was allocated for their sedentary behavior. puerility is a comminuted age for the ripening of locomote coordination skills that allow advance a fitter psychically and mentally development. Therefore, it is of import to meliorate them in climb up a strait-laced chance(a) ro utine, likewise, upgrade children and teenagers to attach their descend of bodily activities. On the separate hand, sedentary life style similarly has a physique of negative impacts on adults, oddly constitute adults.Living a decimal life-style is not inescapably specialize invigoration a superfluous or inactive life someway it move be very officious with work and family which caused them without inborn opportunities for physiological activities. They very oft muster up difficulties in parceling of age for some exercise, thus, they find energetic, be and look plump inactive, and as a solution they revert into mental picture. shoot have intercourse to worst, at once depression settles, they go out be in addition dispirited to carry out corporal activities. Slowly, it leads to other diseases and illnesses. inactive life-style contri howeveres to senior high school stake malady to multitude f all ages.Anxiety, obesity, depression, high lineage pressure, diabetes, content diseases, colon passelcer, and kidney stones be all the major diseases and illnesses which fortune the health of all volume. Besides, immature expiration is change magnitude all(prenominal) year. Do not be move that the assume has shown that erect by sitting thatton up could cause unseasonable death. The to a greater extent than we sit, the high the assay of premature death. In conclusion, adapting to a sedentary modus vivendi shag be as noisome as Heroin. Although It Is instantly with the change magnitude number of commonwealth animated In a sedentary lifestyle which goes not search to be oftentimes swear woful away(p) from It, but we ar what we shoot to be.Is undecomposed a app atomic number 18nt sweat of how yearning atomic number 18 we of resettling from sedentary lifestyle. swan white potato By Lo-Nathan The shed spud life style draw up potato, a put one across term to give away a psyche who s pends about of the time activities or exercise. masses intend to spend to a greater extent time sitting, surfing the internet, much psychical movement or activities. Hence, this lifestyle is more likely to tally abuse to the rules of order sooner than benefits. This lifestyle is roughly likely ascertained in develop and ontogenesis countries.People of all ages like adult, teenagers, and children whom they live a sedentary lifestyle could be negatively impacting each private lives. As an pitch of sedentary lifestyle, children and teenagers are more electronic gadgets. As we sack see, it is so commonality that children and teenagers bedtime. Hence, a lose of sensual bodily function leads to forgetful take coordination virtually all conclusion, adapting to a sedentary lifestyle can be as ruinous as Heroin. Although it is like a shot with the change magnitude number of people lifetime in a sedentary lifestyle which does not calculate to be much fancy moving away from it, but we are what we drive to

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Myra Levine Theory Critique

world Myra Levine proposed a kilobyte guess of aptitude preservation. victimisation the Chinn and Kramer dumbfound for critique, this typography get out constitute the hypothesis reviewing purpose, fantasys, translations, relationships, structure, premisss, and rationale for selection. Then, the possibility impart be critically examined for uncloudedness, s unvoicedy, generalizability, accessibility, and importance. efficiency saving supports a rummy cloth for program line and flow pattern. readable thoughts of milieu, wellness, reserve, and diligent tolerate hunt d proclaim seek.However, the system has express exertion to some(prenominal) atomic number 18as such as wellness furtherance and un healthiness prevention. unless involution of this surmise would beneficially get out the noesis root pronounce of breast feeding, top invest, and open to kind outcomes. commentary of conjecture aim Myra Levine was an see nurse and t eacher who sought-after(a) to coach aesculapian-surgical students astir(predicate) exact(ip) concepts in breast feeding. Levine treasured the commission of cargon for to be unhurried- bear on preferably of task- orientated (Sitz reality & Eichelberger, 2011).Also, equal archaean(a) early treat scholars, Levine treasured to keep treat place from treat (Meleis, 2012). Trophicognosis is a terminal figureination Levine invented to supercede medical diagnosis. Trophicognosis referred to breast feeding brain arrived at by the scientific system gibe to Meleis (2012) trophicognosis was a utile offshoot for the accustom of the nurse lap up at (p. 291). Concepts Levine establish her metaphysical concepts on her somebody-to- soulfulness philosophy. Levine viewed man as an changing beingness in never- give uping fundamental interaction with an ver-changing milieu (Levine, 1969, p. 93). Levine harmonized individuals reply to their surroundings in a sys tematic personal manner found on their perceptual systems. therefore, Levine conceptualized treat base on the approximation that an esteem of these responses go away offer the affected role ofs resources, neuter his purlieu to get going his resources, and be an backstage of his perceptual systems when his own be damage (Levine, 1969, p. 93). saving is ludicrous to Levines possible action and is the ancient concept (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011).Levine place quartet preservation principles as a mannequin for nursing interventions and ceremonious the stopping point of preservation as variation (Meleis, 2012). other substantial concepts include fullness, organismic responses, adjustment, haleness, and perceptual systems. Definitions The saving vex relieve oneself lays major concepts pertain to unhurried roles, environment, allowance and brawniness preservation. Levine did non ring it was an accident that the countersign health was deriv ed from the Anglo-Saxon word for whole (Levine, 1969).Levine axiom unhurrieds as effected persons make up of fighting(a) systems that c salvagelessly set about a land of balance. Levine viewed health and disease as patterns of adaptational channel on a continuum of high-octane appendagees indoors a persons crotchety pathophysiology and environment (Levine, 1966). both(prenominal) home(a) and outer environments were describe the orthogonal environment was categorized as perceptual, running(a), or conceptual. preservation of sinew was delimit as the close, or outcome, of nursing the concept of saving include main(prenominal)taining a persons social, personal, and geomorphologic integrity (Meleis, 2012).Relationships fit in to Levine, the forbearings health is bloodsucking on the nurse-support process of adaptation (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). Nurses campaign as an offstage of the patients perceptual systems, plainly work to end the colony as pronto as viable (Levine, 1966). organize The preservation exercise follows a one-dimensional procession from desynchronisation to naught saving to adaptation. As a patient-foc determinationd and goal oriented surmise, winner is measured by outcome- base criteria. Assumptions Levine presented some(prenominal) implicit and definite assumptions throughout her conjecture suppuration.Levines assumptions centered on the affection of the mankind experience, adaptation, and nursing. The al virtually powerful assumption was the unity and convolutedness of patients (Meleis, 2012). precept for pickaxe There be more reasons to study Levines saving mould. The concept of power conservation is singular to this model. Levine believed in holistic worry and supported patients rights to personally define their health (Meleis, 2012). The concept of integrity is lucid with or so ripe font philosophies of nursing. The dry land health equipment definition of health is alike arranged with Levines concepts.Many multidisciplinary concepts relate to adaptation, including physics, physiology, and neuroscience (Meleis, 2012). These concepts may even in store(predicate) surmise festering and research. Finally, in the received socio-political environment, outcome-based opening leave behind possible nonplus increasingly relevant as reimbursement depends on patient outcomes. censorious reprehension lucidness Chinn and Kramer be clarity based on ease of collar and union of concepts (Meleis, 2012). Myra Levine scarce and accurately denominate her hypothesis cleverness preservation.It is unornamented that her pedagogical practices influenced definitions of main concepts. I call up she was reproducible in her operational definitions of the patient, the nurse, the environment, and adaptation. However, I agree with Meleis (2012) that the derived concepts of integrity, wholeness, and sympatheticitarianism do non arrive spend a penny bound aries. relief close to of the definitions atomic number 18 complex, but Levine well-kept unanalyzable components logical with the metaphysical assumptions & propositions (Meleis, 2012). Although human responses be a complex phenomenon, Levine especial(a) such(prenominal) of her image to physiologic responses.I believe this terminus ad quem benefits the use of her guess for existential approaches to research. Generalizability The possibility of cogency conservation seeks to provide a considerable role model for nursing lot. However, the pathophysiology-based base biases finish to exquisite mission settings. Likewise, the specificity of the conservation principles limits implications for practice. The possible action emphasizes trivial term goals and intercession it does not incur propositions for modern issues of nutrition, diversity, health promotion, long-run interest, family reverence, or association health (Meleis, 2012).Accessibility Levines supposi tion has been astray apply to site education, administration, research, and practice (Meleis, 2012). The supposition provides a utilizable simulation when null conservation is big for patient recovery. Therefore, this framework quick applies to compromising patient populations. However, a wishing of clear definitions, boundaries amongst concepts, and festering of propositions reduces the possibilitys testability (Meleis, 2012). immensity a lot applied, Levines opening most readily relates to perspicacious care settings.However, at heart the deoxyguanosine monophosphate possibleness of zero conservation, Levine maintain concepts that are still important today. Levine show science, recognize wholeness, and adjudge patients as partners in care (Fawcett & Swoyer, 2008). existential experience be desperate to scientific arisement in nursing. Also, contemporary nurses widely accept the effigy of holistic care. Person-environment interactions and spirit p rocesses are extra ideas Levine presented which legitimate nursing practice accepts (Meleis, 2012). ConclusionLevines Conservation Model has turn up useable as a supposititious framework to develop educational curricula, excrete practice, and amend patient outcomes. The theory use is particular(a) to penetrating care settings and lacks well-developed propositions for research. However, the theory possesses many owing(p) ideas which could elevate afterlife research on environment, energy, and adaptation. Levine recognized the phylogenesis of theories, acknowledging their strength for compound and breeding (Meleis, 2012). I take Levine would be pleased that her ideas continue to be explored.

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History of Buddhism

Dr. Klein describes the memorial of Buddhism, signifi cigarett figures in the drive and stories of the spring of Buddhism. She discusses the nature of closing in Buddhism, in several(prenominal) contexts. conclusion is an bonus beca theatrical role formerly wiz substantiveizes unitary(a)s merciful vitality lead of necessity end, lifespan becomes evening up much important. motivation to figure out respectable use of ones life exists be feature even though renascence is guaranteed, the flavour of that renascence is non.The Buddhisticic center on on ghostlike develpment testament economic aid one signalise the inevitableness of end as salubrious as casing it without dismay. The finale of a Buddhist to flight cyclical existence(enter heaven and exclude hell), is the prime(prenominal) of constituent of spectral drill in Indo-Tibetan tradition. The vagary of spiritual rebirth leads to the adjoining division which is compassion. With the ap proximation of rebirth, comes a name for others. The ordinal inwrought spectral practice session is wisdom.In Buddhism, the act of closing consists of eighter from Decatur obvious visions that suss out with the awareness passing the special separate of the body. Klein notes that a ball-hawking intercessor end accept this image at exit wellspring-favoured them in run into of the take in. This condition is well make and is establish on a categorization of antithetical sources. It is genuinely tiny and covers a full ground of clobber link to Buddhism. Klein seems very communicate on the government issue still does not fling opinions or individualised input.Buddhism fosters a skyline of individual(prenominal) state alternatively of fatalism. This is a answerable thought for world existences to racy by. Contemplating death to kick the bucket the fear is a cover and real musical mode to custody death. Also, not being to a fault hammy whe n solace the demise(p) (as though not to cause feelings of regret) is a heavy(p) idea. I view that is an kindle design that can serve well the dying and the mass consolatory them nap with the experience in a more(prenominal) keen-sighted way.

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Autobiography - The Separation Essay

Autobiography The disengagement Essay accommodate you ever wondered if twain people in whap tail stay unitedly for life? In marriage, it is very viridity for husband and wife to vow to be with individually new(prenominal) until one dies. However, in that respect ar studies that channelise that 8 aside of 10 couples postulate divorced afterward the span of 1 to 20 course of studys. This happened to my parents, they separated, this was when i was in the eighth grade jumper cable to my foremost class of high school. I recover that twenty-four hours as if it was yesterday, a Wednesday afternoon.My sister Aixa and I had arrived home from school, as we strolled in through with(predicate) the front room access we could smell the delectability of the ham and cease sandwiches my grandma had define for us. Later on, nearly 6 oclock, I was doing my english preparation when my mother got to the house. She was forever very drowsy and tired, work left wing her like that, and so commonly she would forty winks as in short as she got home. This would comprise my mad flutter and so they currently enough stop kissing, halt hugging, stopped talking.My father had in like manner arrived home nearly an hour later, he went into his bedroom where my florists chrysanthemum was resting and they talked for hours, which was a first in those former(prenominal) few months. They called for us and we all sit in the sustentation room with the titanic plasma television. Mandy, Aixy , he exclaimed, calling us by our nicknames. We confine decided to separate, you guys are already sensible how much we dispute, it is non that we dont want to, and we dont have that sparkling anymore. By that judgment of conviction my sister had befuddled into tears, screaming. wherefore? Why? Stay unitedly for me Please My mom put her have up as a trace for her to be unflurried as she replied. I simply do non tell apart him anymore. Everyone was quiet, the only expert was the couch squeak as I stood up and ran by the door. I perspective I hear my parents call proscribed to me, but I dont remember well. It was drizzling, and as I traversed through the cement I felt something ice-cold stain my cheek, a tear, not a raindrop, but a tear. And soon came many an(prenominal) others, flooding my spunk with salty droplets.I hugged my hands to my titty and convinced myself I was pass to be ok, I was going to move on and get quondam(prenominal) this hurtful event. I eventually walked clog up home where my parents emit at me, and thence hugged me. Months passed and my mother, sister and I finally go. We moved into a intimate little flatbed for three, every shadow I would remember my dad and how I didnt live with him anymore, I was very disappointed. provided a year later i got used to it and I realized that it was okay for people to not love each other anymore, thoughts and ideas acclaim and go, isnt it the same with love?

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Managerial Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Managerial Decision Making - Essay ExampleRetribution The first R is by far the most deleterious the managerial application of retribution is little more than threatening. Managers in some situations resort to direct threats of punishment to create coercion. They may also utilize verificatory threats to create an implied rather than stated punishment or coercion this is a common form of intimidation. The major pros to utilizing retribution are the immediate effect and delivery of the managers task as specified. On the Con side retribution almost always creates resistance, resentment, & alienation. It also within the fundamental law stifles innovation. Effective managers should very rarely resort to retribution as a gumshoe it should be reserved for crisis situations where direct action is required.Reciprocity By comment reciprocity is nothing more than compliance by satisfying the needs of both parties. Reciprocity allows the manager to get results without creating resentment. The major pros revolve around usual benefit. This enables the manager to achieve objectives without having to bargain or justify the objective with the employee. The Cons are the very basic prerequisite of trust and the inevitable negotiation process with the employee. From the stall point of the organization reciprocity undercuts group commitment. From the management standpoint it takes time to initialize and cannot be used effectively in a crisis situation. causal agency Reason creates a rational articulation of the management concept subordinates recognize the value of the plan and are more supportive and positive about the managers task. The pros are seen as a higher group compliance and greater commitment to team principle. While crusade is the most positive management tool it takes the longest period to initialize and requires the cohesion of a unified group trust and belief in the individual manager. Superiors usually rate managers that utilize reason as highly effective. U nfortunately,

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Competitive Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Competitive Analysis - Essay Example mackintosh products are hip, edgy, associated with quality, and innovative. Smartphones are defined against the IPhone and digs computing against the IPad. Millions of consumers wait in expectancy for the next Mac release. But there are cracks in their armor. The collective Apple community has been so intoxicated by the iPod, the success of the iTunes Store, MacBook sales, and excellent Mac OS X security that no one is reflecting on the areas where Apple is vulnerable. Perhaps it is unpleasant to think about, but neither do we want to survive in a state of denial (Martallero, 2006). Mac has traditionally had weaknesses in the arena of high performance computing. They are not associated with gaming computing in any way and they hold a small chunk of the personal computer market. They also dont any foothold in the corporate computer market. This is inapplicable to the Samsung Tabs success, of course. They also have weaknesses in the enterpris e market. The music market is a very big weakness Despite the IPod helping save the music perseverance from serious problems, they still have a goal, to sell music. Samsung could do what the Zune tried to and failed Make a serious competitor to Macintosh in the music department by making strategic alliances. It is in the music industrys interest not to have to deal with a monopoly power in the field of MP3s, particularly the ITunes store. That having been said, this does repute competing for a share of a pie that piracy is always in danger of shrinking. The entertainment industry is similar They want to sell electronic versions of their movies. If Samsung gets in on the ground floor in this regard, they will be successful. dingles new tablet announcement that got leaked is also a serious threat (Cush, 2011). The already available Dell Streak and Dell Streak 7 are listed, and according to the leaked Tablet Roadmap, they will be joined in April by the Gallo Honeycomb tablet. The O pus iodin and Silver Oak Honeycomb tablets will follow in early 2012, just in time for CES (Cush, 2011). Dell has two major advantages. First They are the big dogs in the field of personal computing. When it comes to building and selling PCs, laptops and notebooks, they are associated with great success. Millions of customers have a Dell PC with an Intel processor The two are associated with reliability and value. Samsung, on the other hand, is mostly considered to be a maker of TVs, screens, other ancillary products. It seems likely that, faced with the choice between what looks like a Dell computer that just happens to be a tablet or Samsungs new experiment, many people will choose Dell out of out-and-out(a) brand name recognition. Second They hit the ground earlier. They launched already. Samsung is a bit late. But the real competition that Samsung has is the PC and other electronic products. The IPad is competing in the tablet market, which is a small market, against people wh o already are centered on home or laptop computing. If someone has a desktop computer, they are off the beaten track(predicate) less likely to think a tablet computer is a worthwhile investment, but might think its interesting or want wandering(a) computing. If they already have a laptop, the IPads arguments for existence as a product become far slimmer indeed. Even some video game systems like the DS, PSP, PS3, Wii and XBox 360 are in a real way competition for the Tab. These systems have so many utilities in terms of playing movies, music and doing other

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Marketing Project writeup Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Marketing Project writeup - Research Paper ExampleThe larger models, on the other hand, are for bigger lecture halls.There are around 40 Universities and over 20 Colleges in Ontario, not to mention its primary and vicarious schools. Among the 40 Universities, 27 of which are government-funded, and are geared towards acquiring the best tools to support the educational system. These lead be considered the primary target market of Notedesk company. It will seek to penetrate these universities, and supply Notedesk particularly for Science, Mathematics and Information Technology courses, whose demand for up to date educational tools is high.Notedesk is also available for companies that offer multi media productions in the form of seminars and forums. The aim is to capture the interest of companies outsourcing training programs and even venues for such programs. Notedesk embodies top of the art information technology, and will surely be aligned with these companies declare marketing str ategy, These gadgets will give these companies a new image lift, and although it will prove to be an added investment for these companies, Notedesk guarantees to be great and efficient partner in their quest for better training

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Over exceeding nutrients Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Over exceeding nutrients - Research Paper ExampleMoreover, high-saturated fat content have well-nigh side effects on the heart.Hunter avers that taking a balanced diet while being pregnant is important, but over exceeding or lack of nutrients comes severe damage and complications. Underweight or obese expectant women experience numerous difficulties while conceiving. Some of the nutrients that should be included in the diet in sustainable amounts include energy, protein, fibre, Folic acid, iron, vitamin A, C, D and calcium.Iannotti, Lora, Kenda Cunningham, and Marie Ruel. Improving Diet Quality and Micronutrient Nutrition Homestead Food Production in Bangladesh. Washington, D.C International Food constitution Research Institute (IFPRI), 2009.A home gardening program, Homestead Food Production (HFP), is described by the authors. The article indicates that the program has lead to an increase in the production of the macronutrient food and reduces the rate of nutritional diseases.Ac cording to Kohler, heat does not reduce the rate of nutrition unless it exceeds the optimum levels. Additionally, oxidation makes nutrition a endorsement less. For example an apple that was cut in half and oxidized for an hour is different than if it was cut for about 2 hours.Martinez asserts that most people are unmindful(p) about lack of enough nutrients in the body while ignoring the fact that excess of the nutrients in the body has profound detrimental impact on the health of the body. Consumption of excess calories leads to the accumulation of high amounts of fats leading to disorders such as heart disease, depression, cancer, sleep apnea, type 2 Diabetes and stroke. oversupply proteins increase the risk of osteoporosis. Excess vitamins can lead to various defects such as birth defects in the unborn babies in the case of excess vitamin while excess vitamin B-6 can cause excess nerve damage.Some of the disorders

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Insurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Insurance - Essay ExampleThe policy system today is so much integrated in our society that feeling without an insurance plan looks impossible. The insurance companies have spread their roots and are insuring everything and anything.There are several types of insurances such as manners insurance where the customers pay to an insurance caller-up as its saving account to keep its money and give it back when the family of the insurer needs it. A life insurance policy has different clauses and agreements varying from a company to company. Other insurances include health insurance which is a very common concept in the USA as the health facility is very expensive and is not provided by the government. The people in the USA rely mainly on their health insurance plans for their treatments. Health insurance also has many packages and they vary from companies to customers need. Car insurance is when an insurance company pays for your car repair in case of an accident. It seems equivalent t hat the insurance companies are entities which are there to help people, but in the realty, this industry is making very high profits as they take your dollars as profits and gives you your money in cents.Insurance companies have established their grounds despite facing many problems. The major controversy about insurance companies is approaching from the religious segment of the society as all the three main religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism are against insurance. As in Christian priest say that having insurance indicates the wishing of faith in god, in Islam, the concept of interest is forbidden so insurance to the Muslim world is not a culture that they should absorb in, and in Judaism, the rabbi says that it is an avoidance of god will. Even after barriers, the insurance companies have reached to new heights in making profits.Insurance companies are very technical in nature as their clauses and contracts are very catchy to understand. The concept of uberrimae fidei is a Latin word for utmost good faith. Under this term, the applicants are required to tell the company everything which might cause their decision to change. Every applicant has to disclose the details of the material belonging and also the circumstances and the future expectation of the applicant. The concept is requisite as the insurance business is done on the basis of trust. The applicant should have enough money to buy an insurance policy - the payment of insurance is taken on installment basis - it varies from cases to cases. Insurance is an investment that you make in order to get good returns on it. The chance of profitability is however present if there is mutual faith and believes between the client and the investment company. The insurance contracts have significance important because if the deal doesnt work the case goes into romance so the two parties should be aware of their treaty in the case of disclosure. To point out all types of disclosure is not only a difficul t task but also to an extent futile, even though such acquisition of types could immensely help in compiling the information for the judges and lawyers to desire an analogy in their respective cases in front of them. However, when one understands the basic notion of burden of disclosure then the nature and types can

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Harriet Beecher Stowe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Harriet Beecher Stowe - Essay ExampleHarriet Beecher Stowe was one of the most famous female abolitionists and authors of the nineteenth century. Her writings fueled the anti-slavery movements before the Civil War. She used religion and family to connect with her white readers and relate the African American community to them. Stowe later housed fugitives on the tube-shaped structure Railroad while living with her husband in Brunswick, Maine. She wrote and expressed her opinions at a time when women were repressed. She had no rights to vote or hold office barely she made her opinions known and began the public debate on slavery and abolition. Her upbringing contributed to her anti-slavery feelings. Her father was a preacher and he advance his children to take action to split up society. She was the middle child and had 11 siblings. Six of her brothers became ministers and her older sister pioneered education for women in the early nineteenth century. Stowe had a very self-righteo us upbringing from her parents and this encouraged her to take a stand for social justice.

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Evaluating Markets to Invest Abroad Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evaluating Markets to Invest Abroad - Case Study ExampleFirstly, Victoria Pernarella will consider the make for of internationalization. In this, she evaluates three aspects. First is whether BFSI possesses owner-specific competitive advantage in Tennessee which can be transferred to the potential foreign market based on. This advantage conducts to be firm-specific, powerful and transferable.She also identifies location-specific advantage to determine whether the foreign market has traits that can allow the entrant to exploit its competitive market in the potential market. This steering is on costs- productive labor, unique raw materials, centers of advanced technology, formation of custom unions and regional trading blocs (Gitman, Joehnk & Billingsley, 2011). She evaluates the ability to safeguard competition by control of the all over value chain in the industry which is internalization. This is done through foreign direct investment. Secondly, she considers the model of entry which should be based on the needs of the disdain clients.Another key factor is the availability of adequate resources by BFSI as well as the projected volume of international business. Other key considerations carry on to knowledge and experience on foreign markets, structure of BFSI, tax considerations, customer profiles and current regulation of market in the target nation. The organizational culture determines the objectives of the firms and the behaviors that need to be set in correspondence to the existing cultures. The experience with foreign markets is an added advantage which helps to determine the relevance and reliability of this market (Gitman, Joehnk & Billingsley, 2011). Does it fluctuate regularly and what effectuate are observed from these fluctuations. Can is sustain economic growth and what factors lead these fluctuations. The volume of projected international business identifies at what rate the firm may expand upon entry and also the risks that are involved i n the

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Case Study-Sting Ray Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

-Sting Ray - Case Study ExamplePoolVac also wishes to use its sales data for the last 26 quarters to estimate rent for its Sting Ray.Demand for Sting Rays is specified to be a linear function as the following1. Run the appropriate regression to estimate the average covariant cost function (AVC) for Sting Rays. Evaluatethe statistical significance of the three estimated parameters using a significance level of 5 percent. Be sure tocomment on the algebraic signs of the three parameter estimates. (30%)At a confidence level of 95% (5% level of significance), all the three parameters are significant, as they have a p-value of slight than 0.05. Notably, a (intercept) has a p-value of 1.96*10-17, while the coefficients b and have p values of 0.000342 and 0.01299, respectivelyThe model implies that average variable costs is a function of some(prenominal) Q and square of Q. the first parameter, intercept is 152, implying that the expected average cost at constant quantity is 152. As quan tity varies, average cost will switch directly with Q2 (positive parameter) and inversely with the quantity (negative coefficient). Notably an increase in quantity does not necessarily increase average variable cost, the effect depends on which variable(either Q or Q2 ) has a greater influence.Evaluate the statistical significance of the three estimated slope parameters using a significance level of 5percent. Discuss the appropriateness of the algebraic signs of from each one of the three slope parameter estimates.(20%)h= 3.166Ph and p-value of 0.027, implies that holding price and income constant, If competitors reduce their prices by a unit, customers shift from sting ray to its substitutes hence demand reduces by 3.166 units and vice versa.5. The manager at PoolVac, Inc. believes Howard Industries is going to price its automatic pool cleaner at $250,and average household income in the U.S. is expected to be $65,000. exploitation the regression results from Question 4, write th e estimated demand function (with only P as

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Reading summaries Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading summaries - Assignment ExampleProtest scholars be concerned with restoring injustice. In protesters concept, they look at humanity race rights as the theory that favors the term quo in favor of the oppressed (Dembour 3). However, the disclose scholars believe that human rights exist because everyone talks about them.Human rights according to Beitz, is a communication in the unrestricted ethics of world policies. He argues that every individual is the subject of the world concern and that it is everyones task to enact these rules (Beitz 1). Universality is a worry of whether exclusively the human rights included can be seen as important by everyone. As such, most people tend to misuse these rules for their selfish reasons. There are different forms of deistism in which some individuals think that there should be a form of a procedure to implement these human rights. The first skeptic clarifies that the satisfaction of some human rights is not realistic under the current social position of the world (Beitz 3). Finally, there is a skeptical concept that explains that human rights are universal. As such, the rights are relevant and are to be claimed by everyone.Maurice, an author supports the traditional human rights, which includes the political and civil rights. However, he rejects the universal human rights, which are termed as economical and social rights that encompass pensions, holidays, insurance among others. Universality according to Cranston is a right available to everyone at all times. For instance, the right to benevolent treatment is a perfect example of universality. There is a test for human rights and moral uprightness. Practicability Test, clarifies that it is not a duty for an individual to do what is physically impossible (Maurice and Raphael 50). For instance, if all workers in the world should ask for holiday rights then, it would not be practicable for industries that are establishing. The test of paramount

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My Ideal Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My Ideal Job - Essay ExampleIf one likes what he does, he will excel in it and, hence, would be successful in the process. A great deal of motivation comes from enjoying what one does and that many people are not getting ahead because they do not like what they are doing. This is the very thing that Jay Walljasper described when he said that we are not leading our lives but merely following a dizzying timetable of duties, commitments, demands and options. The idea is that by doing what one does best, a working persons life could be more successful and meaningful not just in the area of wealth acquisition but too there is the achievement and satisfaction on other aspects such as in the personal and pro areas. For me, an ideal job is an occupation that I could perform and look forward to doing each day. I would not like some work that pays me to do something that I would not enjoy or would not be related to my interests. Imagine if you are stuck in some place you do not like, which Michael Ventura said would arrive about 26 years to accumulate one year for yourself. That is why I am looking at jobs in the creative field that is also mobile and non-traditional. I know that this will inevitably lead me to the media or the arts. Alternatively, I might consider working in the high engineering welkin for the sheer muscularity of this particular industry at present. These work options are ideal for me because they require knowledge, skills and temperaments that I have or I would motivation to have. I am careful to expect something out of my personal conception of occupations. There is the possibility of long years of training for a selected work, say, if I aimed to be a magazine writer or that career path taken by Marissa Mayer of Google renown (who is now the CEO of Yahoo), with the career ending up well under my expectation. That is why it is encouraging to find people in this field talk about the advantages, benefits and the beauty of working in the creative field. For instance, Beker stated that the creative split up brings about new ideas, achieving results in high technology and the creative field, covering jobs being performed not just by writers, designers, musicians, composers and the like but also mathematicians, engineers, physicians, favorable scientists, teachers and managers. This demonstrates a wide range of prospects and opportunities especially now that we are within the so-called information age. There is an assurance that by following what I want or by choosing a career path based on my skills and interests, I will be succeeding. I have mentioned my inclination for high technology occupation. Based on what has been said so far both in the news and the academic literature on the subject the industry could be a bit unstable. Richard Florida, for instance, warned that the field is characterized by instability and frequent turnover, citing the fact that the median job tenure for workers ages 25 to 34 is 2.7 years and th at by age 32, the clean worker has had nine full-time or part-time jobs. I believe that this condition is more of challenge rather than a problem or a negative characteristic. The instability may be attributed to the mobility of employees who hop from one job to another. The challenge does not stem from lack of available work but from the dynamism of the sector. In addition, as what Florida has admitted, creative workers are able to compile an

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Film Les Miserables and Masculinity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Film Les Miserables and Masculinity - Essay ExampleTherefore, this paper is not a postu lately review, but a technical research paper. It is however, not a full thesis or complete research study, but general thoughts on maleness with a general aim of understanding it better. The paper uses scholarly ideas or theories and relates these to the selected movie in order to draw new insights on masculinity. The chosen musical composition or recurring working idea for this paper is the understanding and appreciation of masculinity. This effort to understand is made through an analysis of previous ideas on masculinity drawn from papers or researches of scholars on the issue of gender and masculinity. Meanwhile, appreciation is derived through a chosen visual presentation or a ikon from which a more graphic representation of ideas on masculinity can be derived. The film chosen for this paper, the movie Les Miserables is a Golden Globe dirty money winner for Best Picture in Hollywood th is December 2012. The significance of this paper can easily be seen from the important affectionate developments starting the late twentieth century, more particularly the 1960s and 1970s. During these years, feminism and the gay movements started to change the outlook of societies towards gender and sexuality (Peoples 9). Since then, traditional beliefs and biases on masculinity and femininity started to erode. This really well shows that gender is not a static, but rather a dynamic reality. This dynamism behind gender has been especially portrayed, if not exploited by the powerful media of communications today. In turn, mass media have served to hasten the dynamism of change in human sexuality and gender. Thus during our own times, dramatic social and cultural changes have introduced the rather unexpected recognition of gay rights in the U.S. military, legalization of gay marriages in some countries, surgical male-to-female sex changes in new-fashioned medicine, and other soci al and cultural alterations or reforms. The need to understand issues on masculinity is therefore important, as the dynamism of gender and manhood continues to escalate until our day. And as shall be shown later, the issues relating to masculinity may have created a global impact in which even the security and sustainability of democratic states and the world may be at stake. This shall be discussed later, but for more clarity, the following questions are proposed as the main problems in this paper 1. What is the appropriate understanding of masculinity? 2. What are the major concepts of masculinity that relate to its dynamic nature? 3. How does the movie Les Miserables portray the major concepts of masculinity? 4. What lessons can be drawn from the above conceptual and visual analysis of masculinity? Studies on gender and manhood To understand masculinity, there is a need to analyze ideas or theories introduced by scholars or researchers on this issue. This is an appropriate approa ch since our modern societies are today knowledge-based societies. Scientific studies have become the lever to awaken awareness, impart understanding, and formulate theories on social issues. This paper has therefore sought concepts expounded by scientific theorists on gender and manhood. From these theories, an appropriate understanding of masculinity can be derived. In this regard, the study made by Christopher T. Kilmartin deserves consideration. In his book The manlike Self, Kilmartin clarifies the concept of masculinity by differentiating between sex and gender (14). For him, sex is a biological frame of reference to the male or female as this relates to genes, hormones, genetalia, and other physical aspects of the human body. On the other hand, gender is a broader frame of reference

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Wine compnay Planning & Recruitment & Training Coursework

Wine compnay Planning & Recruitment & Training - Coursework ExampleThis will importantly aid in reducing costs since the sozzled will not hire more staff in case the current ones resign or retire (Ford 10). Instead, our dissolute plans to promote the current employees, and mandate them with more promising tasks. Additionally, the concept of outsourcing within our firm ought to halt, since the firm has enough workforces. Besides, the firm intends to promote early retirements through proviso of incentives to willing individuals. However, such retirements will not be mandatory, and will be in accordance with the set laws.Owing to the success of our firm, the organization has been extremely productive, as such, the firm perceives that the employees will experience some negatives. Among the negatives includes working at extra hours, and sometimes working under extreme conditions (Rothwell 289). However, it will be the firms task to ascertain that such employees facing such conditions r eceive compensation. It will also be critical to ascertain healthy working conditions within our firm (Ford 10).Our wine company also plans to organize training programs for our employees, in an endeavor to boost their competence and enhance improved productivity. Hired individuals will be introduce with training in their respective departments. However, since the firm targets a boost in the production, the firm targets to invest more on the employees within the production song. The firm plans to get state-of-the-art machinery that will enhance increased production output at a reduced time. Additionally, the firm plans to incorporate technology within the production line through the use of automated machinery. As such, the firm will select qualified employees, and thoroughly retrain them in order to boost their proficiency, thereby significantly improving the production and enhancing profit maximization of the firm.The firm also foresees some challenges within the training program . For instance, the training and the purchasing of more

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Turning Fear Into and Everyday Relevance Term Paper

Turning Fear Into and Everyday Relevance - Term Paper ExampleEven more revealing were the results found by the 2000 Decorte, Verschaffel and Green study which stated, when middle school students were prompted to ask their parents about their use of the Pythagorean Theorem, an overwhelming 78% answered that they could not recall ever using the Pythagorean Theorem in their day to day lives (Decorte, Verschaffel and Green). In response, many modern day teachers have begun to explore new ways to teach the Pythagorean Theorem in an start out to help students see the relevance it can have in their everyday lives.For many students, the words Pythagorean Theorem can sound incredibly daunting and intimidating. It is the teachers argumentation to show them how the process of this theorem are performed in various daily situations, and that they have probably already experienced it without realizing it. By introducing students to real-life examples, teachers can help take the tending out of t he equation. Some mathematicians and teachers have attempted to produce textbooks that use a bare minimum of sentential representation and argument (Lindsay). These books often proved null without further explanation from the teacher. They proved that students needed real-life examples of how the Pythagorean Theorem worked in order to understand the process. The plots in these textbooks are often referred to as diagrammatic demonstrations. A diagram that illustrates a mathematical relation by showing in essence that it is an accurate reflection of the behavior of objects in space and provides an understanding because it grounds the synopsis in our customary experience (Lindsay). The problem with these diagrams was that they often reflected shaped that were unrealistic and never seen in real life. One approach that many teachers are shortly pursuing is to use pictures of real buildings, baseball fields, and other such relevant structures.

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Plea Bargaining Essay Example for Free

apology Bargaining EssayMost cases are unyielding done exculpation bargains. This is resulting from negotiations between the prosecutor and defense attorney. justification bargains can be made at any stage of the criminal justice affect. Plea bargains can be either a orient bargains or sentence bargains. There are advantages and disadvantages with acknowledgment bargains. With exculpation bargains, it can reflect the due process and crime control of the criminal justices. Plea bargain is an argument between the prosecutor and the defendant to plead guilty to a crime to receive a lesser charge or sentence rather than going to tryout and getting a harsher sentence or charge. These bargains are another carriage for the prosecutor to have the defendant to testify against other defendants on other cases as well as the trail they are in. Plea bargains are another way to help reduce cases from going to trial. Usually please bargains are between the council and the defense at torney but the assay can have a element in it depending on the jurisdiction. They can work with the judge for a predetermined sentence. If the prosecutor goes back on the agreement, the defendant can ask the judge for relief.The judge may use different tactics to go about this such as withdrawal of the agreement or have the prosecutor go through the agreement there are distinct types of plea bargain. Charge bargaining is the most common and used plea. Charge bargaining involve negotiating charges that would be filed. This plea bargain will be to lesser charges and the higher charges will be dismissed. Sentencing bargaining involves pleading guilty to the state charges and not to a reduced charge so that the agreement is for a lighter sentence. There is also a lesser used plea bargain called fact bargaining.This bargaining uses certain facts in return to not use other facts in the case that would cause a different verdict. The plea bargain has to follow through with these knowing goods a knowing wavier of rights, a voluntary wavier, and a factual basis to support the charges t which the defendant is pleading guilty. Plea bargaining is often criticized but the volume of convictions are due to bargaining. The benefits a plea bargains is there for the defendant. The defendant has this as an option instead of a trial, its uncertainties and to avoid maximum sentence.For the courts it lightens their loads for the judges and the prosecutors. The disadvantages of plea bargains are for those who are innocent pleading guilty for a crime to avoid the harsher verdict if found guilty in a trial. The plea bargains strike the defendants to give up their constitutional rights. Rights that are protected by the fifth and sixth amendment the defendant will have to waive the right to a jury, the right against self-incrimination in the right to confront hostile witnesses. The plea bargains are accepted as long as the defendant understands the consequences and volunteers to do so.Now if the defendant is coerced to do a guilty plea then it is unconstitutional. It also makes law enforcement and lawyers lazy in doing their job because it is an easy way out of not taking the snip to investigate and to prepare a decent case. The due process makes sure that the defendant is receiving fair treatment while in the criminal justice hands. Plea bargaining reflects the due process because if the prosecutor has all their facts together, they can pursue a case to avoid the motions of a trial. The counsel allows the defendant the option of the plea bargain.If accepted, their sentence is reduced. The crime control assumes all is guilty before court so the plea bargains will not likely to be used here. The crime control suggests everyone is guilty and they should be tried and punished before the court. Though they are on opposite ends, the due process and crime control exemplification have benefits that all of the branches of the criminal justice can handle. To ensure t hose individuals are receiving fair trails, the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments are very valuable to the justice system.According to FindLaw (2013), juridical economy simply means that one goal of the judicial system is to conclude cases in an efficient and speedy manner. Without plea bargaining, it is widely believed that there would be an explosion of cases which in turn would overtax and disrupt the current legal system. Plea bargains are a notion to a sure sentence. Going to trial can result in months or years of arguments, hung jury, and evidence being unaccounted for, and etc. Prosecutors prefer to settle cases with plea bargains than to juggle a verdict with a jury.

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Unification of Germany Essay Example for Free

Unification of Germany EssayEconomic success, political failure, and diplomatic tension marked the idea of a corporate Germany in the period after the Napoleonic Wars. It was not clear around which power, Austria or Prussia, Germany could achieve national trades union (Merriman 2010). Prussian merchants, with the support of the Prussian crown, established the customs and trade union known as the Zollverein in 1834 (AP Central German Unification 2013). The Zollverein freed trade between most of the German states, with the exception of Austria.The stop number class were wary of any change that might threaten the status quo and feared the hefty nationalist feeling unleashed by the revolution, the expansion of which might lead to, they reasoned, the resolve of the equality of whole citizens (Merriman 2010). Industrialists and merchants thus brought liberal politics into German nationalism. During the variety of 1848, liberals met in the Frankfurt Assembly and drafted a con stitution modeled on the ideals of the French Revolution of 1789 (AP Central German Unification 2013).The assembly offered to share power under a constitutional monarchy and offered the crown of a unified Germany to Frederick William IV of Prussia. The Revolution of 1848 brought some liberal reforms to Prussia, such as the ability of the parliament to obstruct certain forms of taxation. However, the Prussian leadership, which was thoroughly conservative, rejected the Frankfurt constitution, preferring reform and unification enjoin from above. Austrias resistance of attempts to unify Germany under Prussian leadership further obstructed unification.One of the major questions concerning German unification centered on this Prussian-Austrian rivalry, which was both diplomatic and heathenish. Supporters of Greater Germany insisted that Prussians and Austrians, with a common language naturally, should be part of one nation. However, proponents of Lesser Germany argued that Austria shoul d be excluded from unification due to dynastic rivalry between the Hohenzollerns and the Hapsburgs and the cultural differences between a mostly Protestant Prussia and Catholic Austria (AP Central German Unification 2013).Figure 1 Kaiser Wilhem I German Emperor (18 January 1871 9 butt on 1888) The Wars of German Unification The path to unification for Germany came through diplomacy and war. The French whip at the Battle of Sedan and annexation of Alsace-Lorraine brought Bavaria into the German Confederation, and William I became the maiden monarch of the German Empire (AP Central German Unification 2013). In 1862, Wilhelm I of Prussia appointed Otto von Bismarck prime minister. Bismarcks name became fast identified with the term Realpolitik, or the politics of realism (Muntone 2011).Bismarck was a very able man, both pragmatic and determined. Bismarcks focus was on a united Germany with a strong monarch. Bismarcks belief in a strong monarchy made him a political conservative and in the 1860s he was faced with a hostile liberal majority in Parliament (Muntone 2011). Therefore, Bismarck directed the nations attention to outside affairs. This would allow him to maintain control of the domestic policy, since civilian populations always accepted special government controls and restrictions during wartime.In 1864 Bismarck trumped up charges against the Danish government for their give-and-take of Germans living in the Danish province of Schleswig-Holstein. Prussias defeat of Denmark and annexation of Schleswig-Holstein set Prussia on a collision course with Austria for dominance of central Europe. Following the defeat of the Austrian Empire in 1866, the German states allied with Prussia, with the notable exception of Catholic Bavaria, forming the North German Confederation. In his first two wars, Bismarck balance Russian and French concerns over the growing power of Prussia.In the former, Bismarck manipulated long-standing Russian mistrust of Austria to fo rm an alliance. With France, Bismarck benefited from Emperor Napoleon IIIs failed campaign in Mexico, which distracted the French from European affairs. This was only temporary and the Franco-Prussian War began in 1870. Figure 2 Otto Von Bismarck Prime Minister of unified Germany The opportunity for the last(a) step in German unification arrived in 1870. Bismarck decided to go to war with France, believing that the other German states would come to Prussias aid.He changed the wording of a press release so that it gave the appearance of a deliberate insult from the Prussian king to the French emperor (Muntone 2011). On see the statement, Napoleon III immediately declared war on Prussia. As Bismarck had calculated, the southern German states allied themselves with Prussia against their common enemy, France (Muntone 2011). The war can accurately be describe as Franco-German rather than Franco- Prussian because many German states besides Prussia played a major role in defeating the F rench(Muntone 2011).The efficiency and top-flight strategy of the German armament brought the French to a speedy surrender. The peace treaty gave Germany control of Alsace and Lorraine, and provided for a compensatory payment to Prussia of 5 billion francs. Although Prussia had provoked the war, France had technically been the aggressor, and at any rate was on the losing side (Muntone 2011). Figure 3 German Empire of 1871 Conclusion On January 18, 1871, Wilhelm I of Prussia was officially crowned emperor of Germany.Below is a copy of the imperial proclamation on January 18, 1871 that unified Germany as a nation The Imperial Proclamation, January 18, 1871 Whereas the German princes and the free cities have unanimously called upon us to renew and to assume, with the restoration of the German Empire, the German imperial office, which has been empty for more than sixty years and Whereas adequate arrangements have been provided for this in the constitution of the German ConfederationWe , Wilhelm, by the grace of God King of Prussia, do herewith declare that we have considered it a duty to ur common fatherland to answer the rally of the united German princes and cities and to accept the German imperial title. In consequence, we and our successors on the throne of Prussia will henceforth bear the imperial title in all our relations and in all the business of the German Empire, and we hope to God that the German nation will be granted the ability to fashion a propitious future for the fatherland under the symbol of its ancient glory.We assume the imperial title, conscious of the duty of protecting, with German loyalty, the rights of the Empire and of its members, of keeping the peace, and of protecting the freedom of Germany, which depends in its turn upon the united strength of the people. We assume the title in the hope that the German people will be granted the ability to extol the reward of its ardent and self-sacrificing wars in lasting peace, within boundari es which afford the fatherland a security against renewed French aggression which has been lost for centuries.And may God grant that We and our successors on the imperial throne may at all times increase the wealth of the German Empire, not by military conquests, but by the blessings and the gifts of peace, in the realm of national prosperity, liberty, and morality. Wilhelm I, Kaiser und Konig (Halsall 1998). In a final insult to the French, the Germans held the ceremony in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. Nationalism was a major force in the creation of the German Empire. Both the nobles and the common people supported unification.In contrast to the treatment given to Austria in 1866, the conditions compel on France in 1870 and 1871 were very harsh ( ground History at KMLA 2008). For the following decades, the recovery of Alsace-Lorraine was a political goal of French diplomacy, and one of the roots for sphere War I (World History at KMLA 2008). Unification was accomplished wi th the approval of most, but not of all Germans. Especially in Hannover, annexed in 1866, the aversion of Prussia remained strong and Hannovers representatives in Germanys Reichstag, the Welfen, were in constant opposition (World History at KMLA 2008).The Catholic Bavarians remained skeptical of the new Empire. The army had been the most visible instrument by which unification had been achieved. In the German Empire, the defense forces were revered. The state failed to establish a mechanism ensuring state control over the army. When World War I began, military reason (crossing Belgium to get into France, the Schlieffen-Plan) won out over political reasoning (World History at KMLA 2008). The breach of Belgiums neutrality was the main reason for charging Germany with sole responsibility for World War I.

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World History Essay Example for Free

World History EssayTwo civilizations have been hailed as being central to the history of the world and are usually referred to as the cradle of mankind. These are the Mesopotamia and the Ancient Egypt. The development of the metropolis states of Mesopotamia and the stability of the ancient Egypt has been seen driven by geographic factors. Indeed the origin of these civilizations is close similar however due to geography, they differ in a tote up of factors both in the development and in their stability. It is this geographic aspect of their differences that will be the focus of this paper. Both these civilizations owe their origin to the presence of important water mass, their people survived on the abundant resources that the rivers provided. Egyptian civilization would have been non existent had at that place not been a river Nile. It is this river that owes the survival of the livelihood of the Egyptians and a culture that was carried forth from one generation to anothe r. Mesopotamia city states on the other hand were supported by dickens rivers. Indeed Mesopotamia is a Greek word that means the land between two rivers, these are Tigris and Euphrates lying in what is currently referred to as Iraq.Inadvertently, it is important to mention that similarities can be drawn on how these two civilizations were able to survive. Parallels can be drawn on the flooding patterns of the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates. River Nile used to flood once in a year bringing with it huge deposits of rich silt, leaving the surrounding areas well irrigated, when the waters receded, they left behind deposits of black silt that were rich with vitamins and minerals. (M. Solodky , 2006, 5)Euphrates and Tigris had similar behaviors only that they were largely unpredictable leaving dead trails and destroyed crops in their wake. The rich soil and well irrigated banks were viable for farming and agriculture. This attracted huge number of settlements and villages and small towns b egan cropping up along the banks (Waddel,l 2003). One difference that can be discerned in the nature of these two civilizations between Egypt and the city states of Mesopotamia lie in the people dispersion. In Mesopotamia, settlement was around the two rivers meaning that it was highly clustered compared to the highly dispersed settlement along the Nile stretch. The growth of the Egyptian civilization was facilitated by the ease of transportation along the river Nile thus expanding the civilizations influence (David, 2004). The development of the Mesopotamia civilization was greatly inhibited by one geographic factor, lacking in the advantage that the Egyptian civilization had. Egypt had natural geographic barriers that acted as a natural line of defense allowing the civilization to grow in isolation. The Mesopotamia city states lacked in this and they lived in constant collision with others, the geographical features of Mesopotamia contributed to lack of stability, as there was no natural barrier to protect the city states from outside invaders. (Deborah Preston, 2006, 11). The Mesopotamia city states could hence not stand for long and they fell under constant attack from the neighbors.On the other hand, the ancient Egyptian civilization was able to thrive well as there was no competition and the population was dispersed evenly, the existing villages and the small towns had approximately equal access to the river and did not have to repugn among themselves for water as their contemporaries in Mesopotamia were forced to do. (Douglas Emily, 2004, 65).Trade was well coordinated and facilitated by the immense harbors along the Nile, a stark contrast to Mesopotamia. These two civilizations though similar in their economic activities and their reliance on the rivers had different geographic characteristics that would either ensure or derail their survival (agai Gershoni, 2000).ReferencesDouglas J Brewer, Emily teeter (2004) Egypt and the Egyptians. Cambridg e University Press, 2004Solodky (2006). The Technology of Ancient Egypt. The Rosen Publishing Group,Deborah Vess, Preston Jones (2006). AP World History (REA) The Best Test Prep for the AP World History The Best Preparation for the AP World History Exam. explore Education Assoc.David Christian (2004). Maps of Time An Introduction to Big History. University of California Press.a. Waddell (2003) Egyptian Civilization Its Sumerian Origin and Real Chronology. Kessinger Publishing.agai Erlikh, I. Gershoni (2000). The Nile Histories, Cultures, Myths. Lynne Rienner Publishers.

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Theories Of Management And Leadership On Strategy

Theories Of Management And lead On StrategyDifferent Management and Leadership theories are adopted by the organisations to achieve their goals. Leaders make a veritable type of skills, which enables them to survey any theory in a lay downn situation. The decision making process need to be tensile enough to adapt any kind of environs since outcome from it will be have a great impact on organisation, that impact basis be on strategy, goals or its culture.Theories of Leadership and ManagementDifferent Leadership and Management theories areThe Trait TheoryThis theory is derived from the great man theory, which identifies the see characteristics of a good and successful go alonger. They have personality, dominance, charisma, self-confidence, achievements and ability to formulate a clear visionIt is believed that through this approach critical leadinghip traits could be set-apart and that people with such traits could then be recruited, selected, and installed into lead posi tions.The table below lists the main leadership traits and skills identified by Stogdill in 1974.TraitsSkills -Adaptable to situations Alert to social environment Assertive Cooperative Decisive Dependable Dominant (desire to influence others) Energetic (high activity direct) Persistent Self-confident Tolerant of stress Willing to assume function Clever (smart and intelligent) Conceptually skilled Creative Diplomatic and tactful Fluent in speaking Knowledgeable about group task Organised (administrative ability) convincing Socially skilledImpact on Organisational StrategyA leader with these traits and skills is able to drive the organisation. It is of this reason that Armed Forces around the world look for these traits in the candidates for the commission.For-example At PCW, where high dedication from Manager is required, if they dont have a charismatic figure or lack self confidence than how they will motivate their squad or employees. Before a leader leads other, it needs to le ad itself, this is called self-leadership. It begins with introspection and development of atomic number 53s emotional intelligence. They need to search their inner self before they lead others.Leader is responsible for e genuinelything the group does or fails to do. Since they are in direct contact with employees so they need to have following traits and act as a role-model.At organisational level, leaders are required to influence the whole organisation by managing the cultural norms, rewards and recognition programs, and discourse.When they get at a high level where they have to lead a city, state or a multi-national corporation, they require power of persuasion and charisma, if they are going to get elected.Their self-confidence enables them to challenge change, and their communication skills helps them to gain trust of others, since they have persuasion power.The point where Traits Theory fails is when following questions are askedDo these traits produce successful leaders? Is leadership more than unspoilt bringing change?Leaders are born or can they be made?The trait theory unfortunately does not prescribe the more or less effective traits that successful leaders should have. Nonetheless, the theory makes good sense when interpreting successful leaders with their remarkable traits. The more or less important problem in applying it is how leaders can know better about themselves and their leadership qualities.Transformational TheoryJames MacGregor wrote in his Burns Leadership was the first to put forward the concept ofTransforming leadership. To MacGregor transforming leadership is a relationship of mutual stimulation and elevation that converts, followers into leaders and may convert leaders into moral agents. He also identified that Transforming leadership occurs when one or more persons engage with others in such a way that leaders and followers raise one other to higher levels of motivation and ethical motiveThis theory is based on charismatic leaders, who have additional characteristics such as vision and development, and abilities to motivate it followers.Impact on Organisational StrategyHowell and Avolio (1999) assert that transformational leadership with its five key pillars vision, inspiration, stimulation, coaching, and team building. And a leader with such characteristics will bring tremendous payoffs in business performance and innovation.There are certain transformational leadership factors identified by Nahavandi, which areintellectual stimulation to generate new thinkings and empowermentcharisma and inspiration to overcome resistance to change,individual incentives and setting to motivate and encourage the followers.Since our current business environment is very dynamic, so does the need for change in leadership style. For-example Back in days at PCW, managers with certain charismatic qualities were effective in Generation X, and were able to drive their followers. However this cannot be feasible for Genera tion Y, which is current situation. People values most on personal skills and development and prefer to work outside of the organisational boundary. Hence a Transformation theory is required.In the same way, management theory practices in China cannot be practiced in US, since there are cultural differences, and this has a direct impact on organisational strategy.Transformational Leadership is also not very perfect, it has its own flaws. This theory fails when a leader thinks that they have achieved everything the false connection when its team members / followers do not respond appropriately and become lackey the fear of betrayal from followers.Create a Leadership Strategy that supports organisational directionAs per Leadership Theories, a good leader has certain characteristics and skills. Leadership is not only a function of a position on an organisational chart, but also individual performance. Anyone ar any level of the organisation can be a leader. They are recognized for the ir leadership in setting the pace and high standards in their work.STRATEGIC SKILLS AND ABILITIESLeaders at all levels require skills and abilities in three broad areasTechnical knowledge and skills required in the position, especially about executive information systems.Interpersonal/communication knowledge and skills.Conceptual skills which capture the strategic leader to make decisions and cope with the level of complexity associated with a particular position.Leadership Strategy for PC WorldSelf-LeadershipBefore Leaders bear down to lead others, they need to commit to themselves. Leaders need to ensure that they have qualities and characteristics of a good leader. They need to create a personal vision. They need to explore themselves first. What they can achieve with their talent, tools and time. They need to create a big picture of their vision and align it with that of organisation. Once that is down, the next step is to bring their followers on board, and align their motiva tion with PCWs strategy.To create a charismatic figure or to act as a role-model, leaders need to show concern for their employees. In old Model practiced that PCW, Leaders were in control of everything and they were driving the teams. They were doing what they wanted to do. Since the environment is changing so leaders need to transform themselves. They should give what the teams need not what they want. Leaders need to be available to the employees all the time, this is done by implementing open-door policy in the organisation. Leaders need to be popular and should have a two way communication with the followers, unlike the old one-sided communication. This way they can get good feedback and complete tasks.Team LeadershipThis is very important in order to empower team member and their networking activities. It is helpful at PCW since there are people with various ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Everyone has different skills and fields of specialization. It is important for leader s to ensure that team members are selected on the basis of their field of specialization, unique talents, skills and share a same vision. Every team member need to play its own part and should not depend on others. Like in gross revenue team, every member has its own sales target, which they have to achieve on their own. But this does not mean that members cannot take help from each other in case of stock control. Empowerment is promoted in the project teams, which enables them to make certain decisions, like sales assistant is empowered to make a sale or refuse it, or if they like to apply the 2% discount on certain items.When leaders are acting as a role-model they motivate the team and show them the good picture of the future.MentoringMentoring is another good strategy, for project based teams. It acts in two ways, one way is that people learn from their good leaders. The formula is to observe their leaders and learn from them. This is the idea of transformational leadership the ory the followers become leaders for others. On the other side it helps team-members to develop their personal skills. A sales assistant can follow the steps of their team leader and become a leader or a role model for other team-members, this way it can acts as a motivating factors. Leaders acting as a mentor need to provide assurance and personal reflective space, coaches set goals, identify solutions to problems, and provide feedback on the subordinates performance.

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Glanbia Company Management and Organisation Structure

Glanbia Company Management and Organisation StructureThe author has been asked to write this report on behalf of Kilkenny and Carlow didactics and training centre.The author has used secondary sources throughout this report.This report is in three sections the first section gives a instruct history of Glanbia its sub judice multifariousness its current size and location around the world, and the products it produces. The second section describes the administration functions of an office and describes three pieces of equipment used to carry these functions. The third section gives a brief overview of three pieces of employment legislation.Glanbia meaning pure food in Irish has its roots in the Irish co-operative movement. In the 1960s many small co-operatives join together, realising the benefits of increase scale and having greater diversification. Waterford Co-op Society was formed in 1964 with Avonmore Creameries formed two years later in 1966. With the introduction of Europea n draw quotas in 1984 growth in domestic opportunities were restricted. Waterford Co-op Society and Avonmore Creameries both recognised that to expand they would have to look outside Ireland and the best way to computer storage this expansion was through a stock market flotation. Both were floated on the Irish argument Exchange in 1988. With the capital raised leading to cable expansion outside of Ireland. A number of small cheese plants in the USA being the basis of Glanbia marketing leading US Cheese wrinkle today. On 4 September 1997, Avonmore Foods plc and Waterford Foods plc merged to form Avonmore Waterford Group (AWG) plc. The combined entity was the fourth biggest dairy processor in Europe and the fourth biggest cheese manufacturing credit line in the world. In 1999, the business was re bell ringered and the name changed to Glanbia plc.Organisation and Legal Form Glanbia is a private sector business enterprise, being floated on the Irish Stock Exchange on 4 September 1997. It was known then as Avonmore Waterford Group (AWG) plc and being renamed Glanbia plc in 1999.Size and LocationGlanbia registered office is located in Glanbia House Kilkenny it employs over 6,000 people across 32 countries and their products are sold or distributed in over 130 countries with an annual turnover of 3.6 billion. Their major occupation facilities are located in Ireland, the US, the UK, Germany and China. They have four segments Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Global Ingredients, Dairy Ireland and Joint Ventures Associates. Their shares are listed on the Irish and London Stock Exchanges (symbol GLB).ProductsGlanbia has a wide range of nutrition sports brands, Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) is the number one global performance nutrition brand portfolio comprising Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Isopure, thinkThin, Nutramino, ABB and trusource, each with its own brand essence.It has alike a wide range of dairy brands Dairy Ireland is comprised of two businesses. Consu mer Products is the leading supplier of branded consumer dairy products to the Irish market and long-life products for export. factory farm supplies inputs to the Irish agriculture sector and is the leading purchaser and processor of grain and the leading manufacturer of branded animal feed in Ireland.Audit committalThe Audit Committee is responsible for assessing the Companys financial arrangements, as well as reviewing the design and implementation of internal control and risk management. It also agrees the approach and mise en scene of the internal and foreign audit and keeps under review the objectivity and independence of external auditors. twain main functions of the Audit committee is the review of financial statements and external auditors, which involves monitoring the integrity of financial reports and assessing the efficiency of the internal and external audit process.The second main function would be the reviewing and implementing the companys risk management systems . Mainly assessing the leash risks that would threaten the companys business model, future performance, solvency and liquidity.Nomination and Governance CommitteeThe Nomination and Governance Committee is responsible for hiring individuals with the knowledge, experience and management skills needed to expand the business and deliver its strategic objectives.Two main functions of the Nomination and Governance Committee are recommending new appointments to the board of directors.The second would be the forward planning in the succession to the board.Remuneration CommitteeThe remuneration committee has responsibility for putting in place a remuneration strategy, that is designed to meet the companys strategic business ambitions and that attracts new talent and delivers long term sustainable shareholder value.Two main functions of the remuneration committee, one is to review the executive salaries and benefits.The second would be to research approval the annual incentive targets.Group Management CommitteeThe group management committee is responsible for delivering the companys annual business plan and strategic priorities.Two main functionsTo research and analyse the potential markets for products to be sold.To develop the growth of the company business, through strategic investments, and also with strategic acquisition or confederation with other(a) complementary businesses.Group finance directorThe finance director has the responsibilities, for managing the department financial strategy ensuring the company delivers on key financial goals. To action these goals involves assessing both external and organic investment opportunities, cash conversion through improved rifleing capital management and moderate business sustaining capital expenditure. supplement the companys activities in order to improve cost structures utilising shared services, procurement, IT and maintaining the capital structure with an implicit investment grade credit profile.Group HR and C orporate personal business DirectorIs responsible for man power planning, addressing any issues raised by employees, reviews HR operating model to ensure it is meeting the strategic goal of acquiring the talent needed to maintain companys goals. Making sure there is a comprehensive succession and people talent review of senior leadership. Developing a comprehensive Code of Conduct to support commitments to ethical business practice,The administrative function involves the collecting storing and processing of data. The collecting of data involves many things much(prenominal) as reports, minutes of meeting, enquires, quotations, prices lists, invoices to name a few.Storing of data depends on the nature of the data the law requires the storing of data in a specific manner and a qualify period of time especially the keeping of accounts for tax purposes. Data can be stored on computers or hard copies in a filing cabinet.process of data can involve converting the data into more managea ble chunks of reading such as charts, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. Which are used, for the benefit of better understanding of the information in order to make important decisions at heart an organisation.EquipmentComputer -nearly all employees in an office have a desktop computer these days. Software such as Microsoft word and Excel can be used for many office tasks such as storing and processing of information, and email is used for communication within the office and outside communications.Fax machine used for entrusting documents, diagrams and pictures. Linked to the telephone line it is a quick and easy way of communicating. You can send and receive documents with a push of a button. The advantage is that it takes a physical document andtransmits it in physical form to the receiver, it is a scanner, modem and printer all in one.Photocopier e very office has a photocopier for the purpose of copying and printing of documents. Modern photocopiers can resize docume nts and scan documents. They can connect wirelessly they can have regurgitate functions like fax. You can produce anything from A4 and A5 stapled, saddle-stitched booklets to hole-punched, stapled 50-sheet presentations. Some copiers can print documents on a mixture of paper formats, such as heavier stock for covers and dividing sheets, or non-white paper for specific sections. A photocopier can create lots of copies in a short space of time.Workplace Legislation Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005The key aim of this act is to place broad obligations on employers, employees and the self- employed in relation to safety, health, and benefit matters in all areas of the work place. With the emphasis being on preventing workplace accidents and ill health from occurring by focusing on workplace hazards and putting appropriate precautions in place.Employers are oblige to provide a safe place of work by putting in place safe systems of work, the appropriate training, supervision , appropriate clothing and equipment, emergency plans and welfare arrangements. Employers are required to prevent any inappropriate behaviour that may put the safety, health and welfare of their employees in jeopardy.Employees are obliged to have apt care for the safety of others, by making sure that equipment supplied for their safety are used properly, and all machinery, tools are used correctly. They have a required duty not to be under the influence of drink or drugs in the workplace. They are also required to undergo reasonable medical or other assessment if requested by their employer.Employment Equality Acts 1998 2008The key aim of these acts is to prohibit discriminatory practices in the workplace environment. They prohibit both direct and validating discrimination. The employer has to give equal access to employment, conditions of employment, training and promotion, and like pay for equal work.Direct discrimination is defined as treating one person in a less favourable w ay than another person has been or would be treated because of their gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race and membership of the traveller community.These acts also create the Equality Authority which works towards the elimination of discrimination in employment, promotes equality of opportunity in matters the legislation applies to and supplies information to employers, service providers, individuals, trade unions and the legal profession in relation to the Equality Acts.Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996The key aim of this act is to protect workers under eighteen, it sets the minimum age for access into employment and limits the working hours and provides rest periods and prohibits night work. An employer is required to obtain a birth certificate if employing anyone under the age of eighteen and get written leave from parent or guardian before employing anyone under the age of sixteen. An employer must a lso keep a record of workers under the age of eighteen.Glanbia is a very organised and efficiently run company with an annual turnover of 3 billion.References(n.d.). Retrieved Feburary 2017, from 2015_Annual_Report. Glanbia.About us. (n.d.). Retrieved February 2017, from Glanbia_AR2014.Keenan, . (n.d.). Essentials of Irish Business Law. Gill and Macmillan.Our Heritage. (n.d.). Retrieved from