Monday, May 13, 2019

Dennis Covington's 'Salvation on Sand Mountain' Essay

Dennis Covingtons Salvation on Sand Mountain - Essay ExampleThe purpose was to cover the trial of Glendel Buford Summerford who was charged guilty of murdering his own married woman with a snake. The scenes argon powerful and spectacular. Summerfords own wife isnt aware of how exactly his reach is spelled, if the N is single or is it double. on that point is an old woman referred to as Aunty Daisy by every unity, was pacing up and down the room making predictions. She was predicting that God will send Summerford out of jail. Even creepy-crawly was the presence of some women who would keep pictures of their favorite snakes in their pockets. In the trial that followed, Summerford gets convicted and imprisoned towards the end of chapter two. That was that more or less him after which he wasnt seen as such. What follows is Dennis Covingtons growing obessesion and fascination with handling snakes. He tardily accepted the guarded and suspicious community of Jesus-Onlys. Ironically, Gle nn Summerford was a part of this community as well.There are only two ways in which an alien culture can be dealt with.. Either one patronizes it and dismisses it or becomes romantic and starry eyed about it. Convington had a skill which even anthropologists dont. He started recognizing the snake holders as entities who had their own culture and who should be respected and beneathstood on their own terms. There is reference to drinking strynchnine only when one feels that he is living life the right way. The statement does bring out sense if one believes that God protects those who have a strong relation with him. Snake handlers tend to be very easy targets of ridicule and mockery. However Covington resists the mockery. He doesnt try to make fun of their brusque grammar, their strange interpretation and readings of the bible and their creepy living conditions. However this doesnt mean that he was under the impression that they were noble and persecuted people. They may have been

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