Monday, May 6, 2019

Position review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Position review - Essay Examplefrom advocating fully for their infantrens rights, therefrom there is need to educate them.3)a)in paragraph three, inability of the parents of children with disabilities to recognise terminologies has been brought out clearly. Teachers, therapists, health professionals, and even child advocates who provide services to these children often use terminologies and especial(a)ized language and forget that the parents spatenot understand them including the most astute. b) In paragraph three, the generator states that even the most astute parents scum bagnot understand the acronyms utilize by the professionals. Therefore the parents operate to understand them due to lack of knowledge and they feel embarrassed about that (Wilmshurst and Alan 241). c) In paragraph five, the writer makes appeals that include the use of simple language that the parents can easily understand and also parents accessing websites that can answer in understanding the various a cronyms used in special education.4) the passage is more persuasive in paragraph five, where the writer comes up with ways in which the problem could be solved where special educators can be made aware of the problem and then they communicate with the parents in manner that they are promising to understand. Parents are also encouraged to access websites that can assist them in understanding the various terminologies used (Wilmshurst and Alan 208).5) The writer has created an active voice. The use of active voice is appropriate as it tries to enlighten the problems the parents of children with disabilities face and what can be done to assist them by the special use of active voice the writer creates enough ethos.6) The writer makes use of pathos by highlighting the problems the parents of children with disabilities go through while trying to understand special educators, who use acronyms that can hardly be understood by the parents.7)There is need for parents of childr en with disabilities to learn special education as it is unique and has

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