Sunday, November 3, 2019

Wind Shield Survey Community Assessment of a community in Queens , NY Term Paper

Wind Shield Survey Community Assessment of a community in Queens , NY - Term Paper Example The Wind Shield survey is a health client community that conducts surveys on continuing and comprehensive practices that are preventive, curative and rehabilitative. It also assesses the method in which a series of questions are used to collect data for analysis of specific group or area. The philosophy of care is based on the belief that health cares are directed to individual, family and the communities contribute to the health care of a population as a whole . Community parameters and history of community client The involvement of consumers of health care is encouraged in the development of community activities that contribute to the promotion of education and maintenance of good health. In order to achieve these activities, a comprehensive health programs are required that pay a special attention to social and ecological influences and specific population that is at a risk. As a community client, nurses should focus on environmental features such as physical, cultural, psychosoci al and political features that ensure good health of the population. As a matter of fact, Zuckerman (1998) adds that community client is not restricted to provision of health care to a particular age or diagnostic group but the health nurse is practicing their profession to all people without any biases. A healthy community is one that makes wise use of its resources and is prepared to meet the dangers and threats that may arise as a result of factors encountered when dealing with health problems. This has been the mandate and the aim of the community client over a quite a long time to ensure a mutual relationship between the community and the location . Community client and Windshield Survey assessment According to the ideas presented by Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (2008), they put it that in assessing the performance of Wind Shield survey in New York, a close examination of the original survey data on beneficiary is needed. According to our expectations, the general satisfact ion with the WindShield survey intervention should be high. However, the evidence was found that the endeavor of the WindShield survey to redress the balance between the rich and the poor communities was fairly satisfactory . There was a neglect of the isolated communities possibly due to cost reasons and that the accessibility of the WindShield Survey to beneficiary communities is lower in poor communities. As asserted by Shi and Singh, (2010), these factors significantly reduced the client community satisfaction with Windshield survey. The levels of Windshield survey induced community participation in decision making which also varied with some evidence that participation has an effect on community satisfaction Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (2008).Among the dissatisfaction that the members of the Windshield survey were accused of were self-serving, unresponsive and less than good in whatever they were doing. Assessment of Windshield Survey workers was also done. This was obtain ed through evaluation of the physicians and other professionals caring for the client . With the principles of continuity of care in mind, the nurses’ assessment on condition of care and treatment was done. Also all individuals receiving Medicare were also assessed using the OASIS guidelines. OASIS is an assessment tool developed to measure the outcomes of persons receiving the home health care. After this, assessment of the family was carried out as asserted by Shi

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