Friday, November 8, 2019

Hitler (Why Little Opposition) essays

Hitler (Why Little Opposition) essays The period of time during the 1930s was a time of poverty and power. It was during this time that a man named Adolf Hitler came to power. But Hitlers power did not come easily. During his rise to power he faced much opposition such as the communists, colonies and other parties; even losing the election to Hindenburg was an obstacle that he faced. Despite these problems, Hitler used Consolidation measures, State Security Agencies, Domestic measures, Propaganda, Foreign Success and even the much hated Treaty of Versailles. The following paragraphs will look at how Hitler used these ideas to minimize the amount of opposition that he faced. One of the reasons of little opposition that Hitler faced was because of the consolidation measures that he put in place. Anti-intellectualism was one of Hitlers main consolation methods. Because of Hitlers personal hatred of Jews, much of his idea including anti-intellectualism was linked to his anti-Jewish beliefs. Through this, Hitler decided that he wanted Jews to be excluded from German academic life. He did this by attacking all sorts of intellectuals from the Jewish community and burning books from the libraries and schools (Book burning as seen above). Furthermore, all books that were to be published from the on had to be approved by the Ministry of Propaganda. This meant that: Any Jewish/Communist material was to be removed from all books. Paintings that were drawn by Jewish artists were removed. Anything that was considered Jewish/Communist was removed, destroyed or replaced with Nazi material. Much of anti-intellectualism was linked with Hitlers beliefs of anti-Jews and communists. Hitlers hatred of Jews could be clearly identified when he told Germanys catholic leaders that Jews were nothing but pernicious enemies of the state and church. (Quote: Source A, Page 78, Line 3). After propaganda of t...

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