Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Per3 Gene and Diurnal Preference Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Per3 Gene and Diurnal Preference - Lab Report Example The forward and reverse primers were chosen for PER3 gene and they were added to the PCR tubes along with crude DNA, polymerase buffer, Taq polymerase and DNTPs.   Forward and reverse primers are chosen based on the sequence of the PER3 gene. The primers must have the unique sequence region of each gene that is not present in any other gene.   The chance for primer – dimer formation is high because of many reasons. The annealing temperature may not be correct or the template may not be proper or the DNA may have contaminants. To prevent the primer – dimer formation, the above points must be taken care off. DNA polymerase buffer helps to increase the dNTPs binding with the DNA template. Taq polymerase enzyme polymerizes double stranded DNA formation. It acts as the catalyst for the amplification reaction.The master mix was prepared according to the instructions. The tubes were then placed in the PCR and the amplification was performed. To check the success of PCR amp lification, the amplified PCR product was run in the agarose gel electrophoresis. 1.2% agarose gel was preared and casted in the casting tray. The electrophoresis box was filled with the electrophoresis running buffer and the DNA products were loaded in the gel with the loading dye. DNA ladder was loaded in the first lane and the samples in the other lanes. The positive control was a readily avalilable one and the negative control was distilled water. The postive control enables us to make sure that the separation of the DNA bands.

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