Monday, June 17, 2019

Insurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Insurance - Essay ExampleThe policy system today is so much integrated in our society that feeling without an insurance plan looks impossible. The insurance companies have spread their roots and are insuring everything and anything.There are several types of insurances such as manners insurance where the customers pay to an insurance caller-up as its saving account to keep its money and give it back when the family of the insurer needs it. A life insurance policy has different clauses and agreements varying from a company to company. Other insurances include health insurance which is a very common concept in the USA as the health facility is very expensive and is not provided by the government. The people in the USA rely mainly on their health insurance plans for their treatments. Health insurance also has many packages and they vary from companies to customers need. Car insurance is when an insurance company pays for your car repair in case of an accident. It seems equivalent t hat the insurance companies are entities which are there to help people, but in the realty, this industry is making very high profits as they take your dollars as profits and gives you your money in cents.Insurance companies have established their grounds despite facing many problems. The major controversy about insurance companies is approaching from the religious segment of the society as all the three main religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism are against insurance. As in Christian priest say that having insurance indicates the wishing of faith in god, in Islam, the concept of interest is forbidden so insurance to the Muslim world is not a culture that they should absorb in, and in Judaism, the rabbi says that it is an avoidance of god will. Even after barriers, the insurance companies have reached to new heights in making profits.Insurance companies are very technical in nature as their clauses and contracts are very catchy to understand. The concept of uberrimae fidei is a Latin word for utmost good faith. Under this term, the applicants are required to tell the company everything which might cause their decision to change. Every applicant has to disclose the details of the material belonging and also the circumstances and the future expectation of the applicant. The concept is requisite as the insurance business is done on the basis of trust. The applicant should have enough money to buy an insurance policy - the payment of insurance is taken on installment basis - it varies from cases to cases. Insurance is an investment that you make in order to get good returns on it. The chance of profitability is however present if there is mutual faith and believes between the client and the investment company. The insurance contracts have significance important because if the deal doesnt work the case goes into romance so the two parties should be aware of their treaty in the case of disclosure. To point out all types of disclosure is not only a difficul t task but also to an extent futile, even though such acquisition of types could immensely help in compiling the information for the judges and lawyers to desire an analogy in their respective cases in front of them. However, when one understands the basic notion of burden of disclosure then the nature and types can

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