Monday, April 29, 2019

Supervision Platform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Supervision Platform - Essay ExampleThus, as a executive program I intend on ensuring that via cooperative efforts between the teachers and other academic staff, each student gets the level best level of emotional satisfaction possible. The aim is not to produce money making machines in the long-run, in fact to create a lot of highly motivated individuals with the potential to change the world for the cave in tomorrow. Thus, the supervisory practices which I aim at adopting constitute a collaborative paradigm where every reader will too be decision maker adding value to the educational practices being employed. Mission line of reasoning as a Supervisor As a supervisor I aim at empowering the teachers as they are directly involved in the personal as well as the professional victimization of a child. According to a research published in the New York Times by Fretty, Friedman and curse (2012), the educational practices adopted by the primary school teachers directly impacts th e professional development of the child, i.e. if the quality of a primary school education is enhanced by 1%, the earning rate of the resultant student withal increases by 1%. This implies that the quality of teachers needs to be enhanced by persistent training and evaluation, as well as by transforming the way strategies are designed. When the teachers will directly be involved in the decision-making process, an innate susceptibility for clean indebtedness will follow, thus I aim at developing a collaborative working environment giving way to creativity and innovation. My Role as a Supervisor As a supervisor, I am bound to take multiple characters which are even subject to be extended in the long run. I consider my professional as well as my moral responsibility to understand the needs and desires of the teachers as well as the students, and to sync these needs with the modern daylight practices to impart quality education. Considering this scenario, it is my sole responsibi lity to transform the teaching patterns by adding new and updated courses to the curriculum to retard the progression of the students to the most advanced levels possible. In addition, I intend on taking up this role to add value to the learnings and creativity of the students by introducing additional courses relevant to arts. The video illustration connecting with the arts A workshop for Middle-Grades Students stresses on the significance of combining arts subjects with sciences to create a sense of innovation in the minds of the students (Education Next). Also, the addition of new courses to the curriculum would naturally demand skills development for the teachers to cope up with the transformation, thus skill development would also become an important role in the process. By initiating discussions with the teachers, it will be my responsibility to create opportunities for the teachers to acquire new skills to equip them with the necessary teaching tools and techniques. In this context, as a supervisor my role wont be limited to the evaluation and monitoring of the current practices, but also initiating new ones whenever the need arise. Evaluations and collaborative practices go hand in hand, being an important role as the supervisor under the systematic procedures. Leadership Orientation The most traditional leadership styles have been the

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