Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Analyze the content of TEN advertisements Research Paper

Analyze the content of TEN advertisements - Research Paper Example The paper "Analyze the content of TEN advertisements" analyzes ten articles. According to the theory, advertisements make people get addicted to unnecessary things and new habits. The second advertisement is that of Ford Mustang 2013. This advertisement lasts nearly 2 minutes and it appeared on television. In the advertisement, the new Ford Mustang 2013 runs down a beautiful street which is full of beautiful people. As the car moves, all people including children watch with admiration. In issues like that of Ford Mustang, one can apply the theory of Interractionism too. According to this theory, (as cited in Herman & Reynolds, 1994, p. 25) the advertisements create a virtual world of modern self. This helps create a new need to buy the new products. In the case of Ford Mustang 2013, the advertisement shows that people watch the new product with admiration. Thus, the viewer develops the feeling that getting that model is a necessary step to get admiration in society. Coca Cola adverti sement is the third one. It appeared on television and it lasts nearly two minutes. The advertisement starts when a young guy inserts a coin in the cola vending machine. The coin initiates a series of events inside the machine in which unnatural creatures fill cola in the bottle in an unnatural place and finally the bottle is handed over to the guy. Evidently the advertisement is capitalizing on the mystery regarding the preparation of coca cola. Admittedly, various rumors regarding the mystery of cola’s preparation can be a weakness. ... However, in the above stated ad of Coca Cola, one can see the art of capitalizing on the so called weakness. 4. Woman’s Horlicks is the third important advertisement. This advertisement is on print media. The advertisement shows a jar in the shape of a woman. The advertisement reads: â€Å"Your husband needs you, your children need you, your family needs you, your neighbors need you, your pets need you, your plants need you.† And the final statement goes: â€Å"And your health needs you.† Thereafter the advertisement contains extensive information about the nutrition content of the supplement. Here, it seems that one should think about the influence of sociological images to understand the importance of this advertisement. In the case of people, always ‘seeing is believing.’ That means through compelling images and statements, it is possible to develop the sociological imagination of people. A woman finds the advertisement of Horlicks something like a wake-up call. 5. The fifth advertisement is that of Nike. It appeared on print media. The advertisement shows a cheetah running at high speed. The cheetah has the trade mark of Nike on its belly. The heading of the advertisement reads: â€Å"What is the secret of this speed?† At the left bottom of the advertisement, it reads: â€Å"Ask the master.† And the right bottom of the advertisement shows the name of Nike and its trademark. The advertisement wants to compare Nike with the fastest animal on earth. In this case, the study by Lutz and Lutz (1977) seems useful. The study proves that interactive picture sequences have the power to enhance subsequent item recognition. When

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